Stacking Crunches in STEP BOSS Bonus Abs


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This is a pic of Jenn A., Cathe, and Jenn D. doing stacking crunches during one of the bonus ab sections in STEP BOSS.

We’ve used the original health club step in our videos for over 30 years, but until now the step risers have only been used to elevate your step or hold your stability ball. But in this STEP BOSS bonus ab routine, your step risers will take center stage and will become the main piece of equipment you use throughout this ab workout.

In stacking crunches you will start with four risers in front of your feet. You will grab one riser every time you do a crunch and place each one on top of the other just behind your head. Then repeat taking each riser as you do a sit up and stacking them at the front of your feet.

The riser adds a little extra resistance to this exercise and makes a sit up not only more challenging but also more fun to do.

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Wow, this ab exercise looks awesome and fun !
So exciting to have another prop to use to work abs, and another fun thing to use the risers for !
Aqua girl, I will be trying this out this afternoon, will let you know where my risers end up Lol !!

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