Are You Ready For Step Boss Launch Week?


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Our staff has been working since Friday on printing labels, attaching them to padded shipping envelopes, double-checking orders for mistakes, and doing all the prep-work necessary to ship all the pre-sale orders in record time. This will reduce the amount of time to ship pre-sale orders by 80% once the DVDs arrive at our facility.

The STEP BOSS DVDs arrived at a FedEx Freight facility yesterday (Saturday) that's about 30 miles from here. The DVDs are scheduled to be delivered to us tomorrow and as long as this happens we will ship all pre-sale STEP BOSS DVDs the following day on Tuesday, December 17th. Downloads will be made available on December 18th and we will provide information about how to get your downloads here on Facebook, our discussion forums, website and in special Newsletter that we will send out to those of you that subscribe.

The STEP BOSS User's Guide will be made available shortly after we release STEP BOSS on our Cathe OnDemand network either later this week or more than likely some time next week.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get ready to release STEP BOSS.

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:D:D:DYeeeHaaa!!! So excited I will have these for the Christmas break!! Thanks Cathe and Team for all the hard work. Always appreciated!!
I agree with Lannette, what a wonderful Christmas first to me:)
Right, but OnDemand is not technically a download, it’s streaming. Didn’t know if dvd and download customers got preference before OnDemand.
(Is there an ETA on when it will be available OnDemand?)

Hi Abveyera, we hope to have STEP BOSS on Cathe OnDemand soon, but adding new workouts to Cathe OnDemand is about 100 times more difficult and time-consuming than creating download files. Because of the Workout Blender, we have about 50,000 data entries and things that we have to do before the STEP BOSS video, Workout Blender and premixes will work correctly. We've been working on this for over two weeks and hope to finish soon, but it's impossible to say exactly when this will be.

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