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Hi Everyone,

We have some good news to report this morning. The STEP BOSS DVD production is scheduled to be completed early this morning and will be loaded onto a truck in California later today to begin the cross-country journey to our facility here in New Jersey. As of the last report, the replicator is planning on using FedEx Freight for the shipment, which probably means the STEP BOSS DVDs will begin their journey by truck and then be transferred to a freight train for the majority of the trip.

Because freight shipments are not guaranteed and for numerous other reasons, including bad weather, it's hard to predict exactly when our shipment will arrive here in New Jersey. Our estimated ship date of December 17th still looks good, but we could end up shipping a few days before or a few days after this date. We will update you again on Friday, December 13th on where the truck/train is.

IMPORTANT: If you have moved since you pre-ordered make sure to contact our customer service at [email protected] with your new address. You have to contact us to do this. Changing your address online will only affect future orders, not your pre-sale order, so make sure to contact us before December 12th. After this date, all orders will be locked and no further changes will be allowed.

We will make the Cathe Downloads you purchased available probably the day after the DVDs begin shipping. The STEP BOSS User's guide will be made available soon after we release the STEP BOSS videos to Cathe OnDemand (not sure when this exactly will be yet). We can not do it sooner than this as the User's Guide needs to have the links to all of the streaming videos.

✅ Lastly, If You're Planning On Pre-Ordering Step Boss You’re Running Out of Time! All Pre-Sale Prices End December 13th. After this date you will have to pay the normal retail price to order STEP BOSS. Pre-Order Cathe's STEP BOSS Workout DVDs now at
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