STEP BOSS Masters Are Being Sent To The Replicator Tomorrow!


Staff member

We want to let everyone who pre-ordered STEP BOSS know that we have finished proofing and making our final corrections of all the STEP BOSS DVDs today. This means we should be able to send all of the masters to the replicator tomorrow.

Once the replicator receives the masters and artwork from us, they will make what are called "check discs". The check discs will then be sent to us for one last final approval and if we approve them the production run will be scheduled.

As far as STEP BOSS video clips go, we're not sure if we will have time to finish them this week, but we should have them ready sometime next week.

Lastly, if you're planning on pre-ordering STEP BOSS make sure to do it ASAP as all pre-sale prices will completely end soon.

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