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    Stacking Crunches in STEP BOSS Bonus Abs

    This is a pic of Jenn A., Cathe, and Jenn D. doing stacking crunches during one of the bonus ab sections in STEP BOSS. We’ve used the original health club step in our videos for over 30 years, but until now the step risers have only been used to elevate your step or hold your stability ball...
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    This is a Pic of Jenn D., Jai and Lisa in STEP BOSS - STEP SYNC

    Even if You’ve Never Done a Step Video, You Can Learn How to Become a Step Boss and Fall in Love With Fitness Again! Learn more at
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    Jai Enjoying the Choreography During the Filming of STEP BOSS - STEP SYNC

    This is a pic of Jai enjoying the choreography during the filming of STEP BOSS - STEP SYNC. In workouts like STEP SYNC you need to learn and master the choreography, but that’s part of the fun! If you’re willing to embrace the challenge and take the time to learn something new you can add a...
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    Have You've Ever Wondered Where PHA Training Originated?

    STEP BOSS PHA 3 is our third video using the PHA training method, but have you've ever wondered where PHA training originated? PHA training dates back to the 1960s when Mr. Universe, Bob Gajda, popularized it. To this day, serious bodybuilders use it when they want to shake up their routine...
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    Jenn A., Cathe and Jenn D. was taken during the filming of STEP BOSS IMAX 4

    This pic of Jenn A., Cathe and Jenn D. was taken during the filming of STEP BOSS IMAX 4. This is the shortest of the STEP BOSS regular workouts coming in at about 45 minutes. IMAX 4 is our fourth IMAX video and like the previous IMAX workouts you will do several mini combos each followed by a...
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    Lisa, Cathe and Jai in STEP BOSS PHA 3

    Did you know that PHA workouts are also good for fat loss? The demanding nature of this type of workout forces your body to burn more calories and body fat than standard strength training. So, if you’re trying to get strong, but also shed some body fat, PHA offers both benefits. Another...
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    IMAX 4 Group Shot and Outfits

    This group shot was taken just before the filming of STEP BOSS IMAX 4. From left to right: Jenn D, Jenn A, Cathe Jai, and Lisa. Cathe: tank/pants - Nike sneakers - Nike Jai: tank – Eastbay pants- Nike sneakers - Nike Jenn A: tank – Eastbay pants - Athleta sneakers - Nike Jenn D...
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    About STEP SYNC

    This pic of Jenn A, Cathe and Jenn D was taken during the filming of STEP SYNC. This all step workout is about 56 minutes in length If you love step choreography this is the DVD for you! This workout routine will be entirely choreographed from beginning to end! We will build and execute...
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    STEP BOSS – IMAX 4 Low Impact

    I IMAX 4 will follow the same basic format of the past IMAX workouts, with the added bonus of this one being entirely low impact! You'll start each round with a 32 count step combo which we will repeat six times. You don't have to be a master stepper to follow these mini combos, however, it’s...
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    STEP BOSS PHA 3 Rear Slide Lunges

    This picture, taken from PHA 3 Step, shows Cathe and crew doing rear slide lunges. This movement utilizes the step platform as well as a dumbbell and sliding device to give greater range of motion and a balance challenge to each lunge! This fast-paced workout contains many different functional...
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    Lisa, Cathe & Jai in STEP BOSS- PHA 3 Step

    This pic was taken during the filming of the STEP BOSS PHA 3 Step workout. PHA 3 Step is a time efficient workout alternating upper and lower body strength exercises, many of which are more functional movements, with very little rest between each segment. The combination of these elements...
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    STEP SYNC Group Shot and Outfits

    This group shot was taken just before the filming of STEP BOSS STEP SYNC. From left to right: Jenn D, Jenn A, Cathe, Jai, and Lisa. STEP SYNC Outfits: Cathe: tank/pants - Athleta sneakers - Nike Jai: tank/pants/bra - Athleta sneakers - Nike Jenn A: tank/pants/bra - Athleta sneakers -...
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    First Pic From the STEP BOSS - STEP SYNC Workout

    This picture was taken while filming the STEP SYNC workout! From left to right you can see Jenn A, Cathe, Jenn D, Lisa and Jai having some fun during the warm-up of the routine. Jenn D. is the newest face in this crowd. Jenn has been a Cathlete for many years and you may also recognize her from...
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    STEP BOSS - The Story Begins

    Now that the STEP BOSS workouts have finished being filmed we’re excited to begin telling you the story about these three new Cathe step workouts that also include over 60 minutes of additional STEP BOSS bonus routines. ARE YOU READY? This first pic shows Cathe and the crew from a distance in...
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    Get Ready to "Go Behind the Scenes" of the Filming of Cathe's New "STEP BOSS" Workouts

    Starting this Wednesday we will begin telling the story about the new "STEP BOSS" workouts in our Forums, Facebook, Instagram and on Pinterest. Each week, you will learn a little bit more about STEP BOSS and why even if you’ve never done a step video, you too can learn how to become a STEP BOSS...
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    Click Here to Pre-Order Step Boss Now Estimated to ship Late Fall 2019 Are youuuuu readyyyy?? The time has come for me to announce my newest series- STEP BOSS! This series is designed for the advanced exerciser and is comprised of three-step DVDs that will challenge your muscles and cardio...
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