STEP BOSS - The Story Begins


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Now that the STEP BOSS workouts have finished being filmed we’re excited to begin telling you the story about these three new Cathe step workouts that also include over 60 minutes of additional STEP BOSS bonus routines. ARE YOU READY?

This first pic shows Cathe and the crew from a distance in our filming studio on the STEP BOSS video set getting ready to film the new workouts. Though this is where our story will begin, Cathe and the STEP BOSS crew spent over one month rehearsing the new workouts before this big day and Cathe spent over 6 month’s designing and tweaking the new step routines.

Since this pic is a wide shot of our STEP BOSS video set it’s hard to see any details, but you can probably see that we went with an outdoor daylight look again, but this time we’ve made the video set look like it’s in the mountains surrounded by trees. Don’t worry, we will zoom-in for a closer look in the pics that will follow.
As we continue to go behind the scenes of the filming of STEP BOSS we hope that our story inspires those of you that have never tried a step workout to do so. Step can truly add a huge fun factor to your fitness routine.

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