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    STS Muscle & Recovery Supersets

    Cathe, Jenn, and Brenda doing incline lying tricep dumbbell extensions in STS Muscle & Recovery. This is one of three total body workouts featured in this 15 DVD set.
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    STS Giant Sets Keeps Things Moving!

    STS Phase 1 will challenge you even further with an advanced Giant Sets technique. In STS Giant Sets you'll perform 10 exercises back-to-back with very little rest. No muscle groups are untouched in each sweat-packed round. The metabolic demand on your body will continue to increase as we move...
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    Have You've Ever Wondered Where PHA Training Originated?

    STEP BOSS PHA 3 is our third video using the PHA training method, but have you've ever wondered where PHA training originated? PHA training dates back to the 1960s when Mr. Universe, Bob Gajda, popularized it. To this day, serious bodybuilders use it when they want to shake up their routine...
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    STEP BOSS – IMAX 4 Low Impact

    I IMAX 4 will follow the same basic format of the past IMAX workouts, with the added bonus of this one being entirely low impact! You'll start each round with a 32 count step combo which we will repeat six times. You don't have to be a master stepper to follow these mini combos, however, it’s...
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    First Pic From the STEP BOSS - STEP SYNC Workout

    This picture was taken while filming the STEP SYNC workout! From left to right you can see Jenn A, Cathe, Jenn D, Lisa and Jai having some fun during the warm-up of the routine. Jenn D. is the newest face in this crowd. Jenn has been a Cathlete for many years and you may also recognize her from...
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    STEP BOSS - The Story Begins

    Now that the STEP BOSS workouts have finished being filmed we’re excited to begin telling you the story about these three new Cathe step workouts that also include over 60 minutes of additional STEP BOSS bonus routines. ARE YOU READY? This first pic shows Cathe and the crew from a distance in...
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    The New Cathe Dot Com Editing Suite

    We've previously told you about the new equipment we purchased for filming our videos, but we've also added a brand new "super fast" post production suite here at our facility to help us turn around our video productions more quickly and to handle the new 4k video footage. Back when we first...
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    Cathe & Jenn in Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp & Legs & Glutes

    We're at 100% full throttle today starting with our weekly Cathe Live broadcast this morning while at the same time starting the editing of the Fit Split series. This time nearly all of the post production work is being done at our facility. This should help to reduce the amount time it takes to...
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    Get Ready To Go Behind the Scenes of the Filming of the New Fit Split Workouts

    Get ready to go behind the scenes of the filming of Cathe's new Fit Split series. Our Fit Split updates will start slowly this week ,but will pick up speed as our time and schedule permit. As usual, it will take several weeks to tell the whole story, so make sure to keep checking our...
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    The Fit Tower™ Changes How You Can Use Your Stretch Bands

    In this pic, Jai,Jenn and Julie demonstrate how to use the Fit Tower to anchor your stretch band for tricep kickbacks. The new Fit Tower™ advanced DVDs will use the barre and frame of the Fit Tower™ to anchor your stretch band making it possible to do exercises that you couldn't do before and...
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    Fit Tower Incline Push-Ups

    Did you know incline push ups are easier than standard ground level push-ups? The Fit Tower allows you to do incline push-ups at different height levels. The higher you place the "barre" the easier it is to do an incline push-up. Since the barre is adjustable on the FiT Tower you can do incline...
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    Go Behind The Scenes of the Filming of Cathe's New Advanced Fit Tower™ Workouts!

    Get ready to "Go Behind the Scenes" of the Filming of Cathe's New Advanced Fit Tower™ Workouts series in our forums (Cathe's Newest and Upcoming Workouts Forum), Pinterest and on our Facebook Page. We will begin posting more pictures from the filming of the new videos later this week. So keep...
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    Behind The Scenes of Strong & Sweaty

    Go Behind The Scenes of the Filming of Strong and Sweaty Starting October 8th!!! Get ready to go behind the scenes of the filming of Cathe's new Strong and Sweaty series starting in the evening on Oct 8th. Our Strong & Sweaty updates will start slowly, but will pick up speed as our time and...
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    ICE Behind the Scenes - Studio

    This is a picture of our filming studio in full production mode during the filming of the ICE series. We built our own studio 11 years ago so we could take the quality of our video productions to the next level. As you can see from this picture it takes a lot of people to film a Cathe video...
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    Amanda is the Modifier in ICE Boot Camp

    Amanda is the modifier in ICE Boot Camp.When necessary she will show you a low impact or easier version of an exercise. *If you would like to learn more about Cathe's ICE workouts, or to take advantage of our pre-sale, just click on the following link:
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    Ice Video Set

    Welcome to the start of "Behind the Scenes" of our new ICE workout series. This is a picture of the ICE video set featuring a view of the LA Skyline during the day. This view is created by hanging two giant photographs, about the size of a house, behind the video set. Now we just need Cathe and...