The New Cathe Dot Com Editing Suite


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We've previously told you about the new equipment we purchased for filming our videos, but we've also added a brand new "super fast" post production suite here at our facility to help us turn around our video productions more quickly and to handle the new 4k video footage.
Back when we first started making DVDs we used to complain about the size of the files and wondered how we could store the "massive" 30 gigabytes of information. By comparison the new LITE series will require 50,000 gigabytes of storage and all of these files have to be backed up in triplicate. Hence we needed to add a new system that could handle the massive file sizes both in terms of storage and speed.

Our new edit suit features the most powerful and fastest Mac Apple makes as well as other add-ons that give us the ability to edit even 4k files quickly. We're actually editing for the first time today and so far, so good!

*You can pre-order Cathe's new Intermediate LITE workouts or learn more at: Act Now! Current Pre-Sale Prices Will End Soon!
Sorry if this has already been asked, but I was wondering if the new equipment also allows duplication there or if you still have to ship to the west coast and wait for the truck to get back? This new equipment looks wonderful!
Hi exercise-lover, no, professional duplication machines cost between 1 and 2 million dollars and need various support pieces of equipment and specially trained operators. This is not something that would ever make sense for us to do as these machines need to run 24/7/365 to turn a profit. This is something that we will always out source.

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