Get Ready To Go Behind the Scenes of the Filming of the New Fit Split Workouts


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Get ready to go behind the scenes of the filming of Cathe's new Fit Split series. Our Fit Split updates will start slowly this week ,but will pick up speed as our time and schedule permit. As usual, it will take several weeks to tell the whole story, so make sure to keep checking our newsletter, Facebook Page, new video forum, Pinterest site and our website for updates.

We will begin our behind the scenes tour with pictures and descriptions and conclude weeks later in late fall with actual video clips from each video. As each day goes by we will fill in more and more details right up to the day the videos ship!

*You can pre-order Cathe's new Fit Split series or learn more at: Act Now! Current Pre-Sale prices are for a limited time only!
I find it fascinating to see the behind the scenes two-walled room. I wonder how Cathe and the cast do not get distracted with all the movement that must be going on. Heck, I get distracted in my four-walled room when I get a glance of myself in the mirror. I wonder if those lights make it extremely hot.
Gobias, it's a filming studio and designed specifically so. Meaning the area where you see the computers and all is pitch black. Cathe & crew probably don't see the "behind the scene staff " due to the bright lights.

If you ever have a chance to go to Cathe's Glassboro NJ Roadtrip, you will know exactly what I am talking about because all our dining, shopping & gatherings takes place in her filming studio which is inside the Four Seasons Health Club.
It's pretty awesome and the walls are sound proof as well.

Even on the roadtrips when Cathe has us participate in the "15 seconds of fame" in her studio, you don't even focus on the Cathletes watching filming, snapping photos. It's hard to get distracted LOL!

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