First Pic From the STEP BOSS - STEP SYNC Workout


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This picture was taken while filming the STEP SYNC workout! From left to right you can see Jenn A, Cathe, Jenn D, Lisa and Jai having some fun during the warm-up of the routine.

Jenn D. is the newest face in this crowd. Jenn has been a Cathlete for many years and you may also recognize her from our Cycle Max and Cycle Sweat DVDs.

Behind the cast you can get a beautiful daylight view of the mountains and forest of our bright new backdrop.

STEP SYNC is an advanced choreography, all step DVD that is challenging, but also SO MUCH FUN! It may take you a couple tries to grasp all of the footwork, but that’s part of the fun of becoming a STEP BOSS!

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I am so excited! I love step and so glad to have new choreography to master. I know it frustrates some folks, but for me, it keeps my brain completely engaged and the time flies by. I mean, I see the value of drills and power moves like we have in boot camp and interval workouts, but I just love learning a pattern and putting it all together.

Oh, and the backdrop is just gorgeous. :)

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