The Fit Tower™ Changes How You Can Use Your Stretch Bands


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In this pic, Jai,Jenn and Julie demonstrate how to use the Fit Tower to anchor your stretch band for tricep kickbacks.

The new Fit Tower™ advanced DVDs will use the barre and frame of the Fit Tower™ to anchor your stretch band making it possible to do exercises that you couldn't do before and adding new variations on familiar exercises like kickbacks.

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These look fun! Hope she includes dips on the tower as well.....she does those in the workouts that came with the tower and those are a lot of
fun as well !
Yes, you'll see plenty of dips in the new Advanced Fit Tower™ DVDs. The adjustable barre is great for dips since you can find the perfect barre height for your body.
Great, you're right, you can adjust to your ability &/or range of motion. Will Cathe be giving suggestions on which
Hole to use?

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