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IMAX 4 will follow the same basic format of the past IMAX workouts, with the added bonus of this one being entirely low impact! You'll start each round with a 32 count step combo which we will repeat six times.

You don't have to be a master stepper to follow these mini combos, however, it’s best if you are familiar with my choreography steps from other videos (ie: peg leg pivot, in-out-in repeater, reverse 6 count mambo) for the easiest learning curve. Each mini combo will be followed by a low impact high-intensity blast segment which then transitions into a short resting phase. This pattern will be repeated throughout the workout.

The advanced nature of the workout comes from a combination of mastering the mini combos along with the intensity of the low impact blasts followed by very little rest. *This DVD will include an ab bonus and a stretch bonus.

*Become a STEP BOSS and Fall in Love With Fitness Again! Learn more at
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A blender fanatic (me) has a small request, when you chapter this one, please
Chapter the mini combos separate from the blasts (like IMAX 3 and Cardio Party
Calorie Crush) if possible...makes it fun to just blend together the mini combos
Without the blasts ...thanks!
Really looking forward to IMAX4, love the format as well !
The first IMAX was my introduction to interval training and I remember thinking this format is gold ! Cathe as always the best and ahead of all the rest !!!

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