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    Video Clip From Step Boss IMAX 4

    Here is the IMAX 4 Video Clip From Cathe's New STEP BOSS Workouts! If You're Planning On Pre-Ordering Step Boss You’re Running Out of Time! Here’s How to Avoid Missing Out!!! Pre-Order Cathe's STEP BOSS Workout DVDs now at This high energy, solid low impact workout keeps...
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    IMAX 4 Features Fourteen Premixes

    *Become a STEP BOSS and Fall in Love With Fitness Again! Learn more at Basic Premixes Main Workout + Extended Chair Stretch – 57:36 Main Workout + Bonus Abs #2 – 54:34 Main Workout + Bonus Abs #2 + Extended Chair Stretch – 67:34 Timesaver Premixes Timesaver #1: First...
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    Jenn A., Cathe and Jenn D. was taken during the filming of STEP BOSS IMAX 4

    This pic of Jenn A., Cathe and Jenn D. was taken during the filming of STEP BOSS IMAX 4. This is the shortest of the STEP BOSS regular workouts coming in at about 45 minutes. IMAX 4 is our fourth IMAX video and like the previous IMAX workouts you will do several mini combos each followed by a...
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    IMAX 4 Group Shot and Outfits

    This group shot was taken just before the filming of STEP BOSS IMAX 4. From left to right: Jenn D, Jenn A, Cathe Jai, and Lisa. Cathe: tank/pants - Nike sneakers - Nike Jai: tank – Eastbay pants- Nike sneakers - Nike Jenn A: tank – Eastbay pants - Athleta sneakers - Nike Jenn D...
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    STEP BOSS – IMAX 4 Low Impact

    I IMAX 4 will follow the same basic format of the past IMAX workouts, with the added bonus of this one being entirely low impact! You'll start each round with a 32 count step combo which we will repeat six times. You don't have to be a master stepper to follow these mini combos, however, it’s...