IMAX 4 Group Shot and Outfits


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This group shot was taken just before the filming of STEP BOSS IMAX 4. From left to right: Jenn D, Jenn A, Cathe Jai, and Lisa.

Cathe: tank/pants - Nike

sneakers - Nike

Jai: tank – Eastbay

pants- Nike

sneakers - Nike

Jenn A: tank – Eastbay

pants - Athleta

sneakers - Nike

Jenn D: tank/capris - Nike

sneakers - Nike

Lisa: tank - Nike

pants - Athleta

sneakers - Nike

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Thank You Cathe for showing where you and the “gang” get the workout clothes. I went to Athleta website. I am always on watch for tank tops! I love Cathe’s tank tops! Being plus size it is hard to find them, but Athleta does have some for us Plus Size! Even though the are not exactly like Cathe’s, they look like they are in the same ballpark! Thank you Cathe for showing me Athleta! I will be buying from them shortly! Jen Den


Could you please let us know which style of Nike they are wearing? There is a million different variations of sneaker style and it has been a long time since I have purchased "step" sneakers. Thanks Debbie


Hi Pippi
I am about 5'9 too and an extra large exercise ball has made a huge difference for many exercises especially hamstring roll ins, and incline bicep hammer curls etc.
They are just so much more comfortable and effective, I find :);)

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