Lisa, Cathe and Jai in STEP BOSS PHA 3


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Did you know that PHA workouts are also good for fat loss? The demanding nature of this type of workout forces your body to burn more calories and body fat than standard strength training. So, if you’re trying to get strong, but also shed some body fat, PHA offers both benefits.

Another advantage of PHA training is you’re limiting lactic acid build-up and fatigue. When you build up lactic acid in your upper body and the muscles fatigue, you switch to the lower body where the muscles have had enough recovery time to generate force again.

With PHA, your upper body recovers while your lower body works and vice versa. In that sense, it’s a time expedient way to work out too.

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I personally put it in on a total body weight training day. Where I don't like to work the same muscle groups two days in a row, I fit it in one of two ways:
  1. cardio workout the day before PHA and a rest day the day after (or vise versa)
  2. cardio workout the day before and the day after PHA training (i.e. bookend PHA with cardio)
I sometimes do core training either the day before or the day after PHA as a tag on after a cardio routine.
I'm wondering if there's a lot of step moves in the PHA 3 workout. I didn't order the series because I can't do step...I am not well coordinated. lol:). However, I do love PHA and am considering ordering the PHA 3 only if it doesn't have a lot of step moves. I wanted to wait until the video clips were released, but by then the prices would have increased. This is very stressful because I've never missed ordering any of Cathe's new releases.:(


ncqueenbee, go for it! I like you am not so coordinated but I like the challenge of trying to learn something that I am not very good at. When cathe's kickboxing DVDs first came out, I did not order them because I was afraid I would not be able to do them. I tried one, and really love these types of work outs. I still struggle with some of the step workouts but I really like the feeling when I catch on to one of the moves I was not able to do before.
Try the Step PHA 3;)


ncqueenbee, I believe Step PHA 3 is the only workout in this series that doesn't use step choreography. I think you would be OK with this one.

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