Step Boss Project Update - 11- 11-19


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Later today we expect to finish the authoring and final phase of the STEP BOSS project. We will still have to spend several days proofing, testing and fixing any errors and problems we find, but we should be able to send off the masters to the replicator early next week.

Once the replicator receives the masters and artwork from us, they will make what are called "check discs". The check discs will then be sent to us for one last final approval and if we approve them the production run will be scheduled.

In our next updates we will tell you which bonus workouts will be on each disc and we will also tell you about the premixes we have selected for you this time. We also are looking forward to soon sharing the STEP BOSS video clips with you, but we have to first focus all of our time on proofing and correcting any issues we find this week.

Make sure to keep checking our social media sites for more updates!

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