STEP BOSS Online User's Guide

Thanks for this .... I used it to create my January rotation ... will be doing a modified version of the SB and LITE, subbing in some ICE and Strong & Sweaty for more variety. So Looking forward to incorporating these new workouts this January!

Cathe, I think these Step workouts are just great! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and creativity with us home exercise enthusiasts.
Thank you Cathe and staff for this super useful guide! So helpful to have a spot to record my weight choices and see change over time. Also love having in black and white the progression of moves so I can transition from one move to the next as smoothly as possible.

LOVE the Step Boss/Hardcore rotation! :cool::)Brilliant. Thanks again!
Oh my goodness! Can't wait to start the Step Lovers Rotation! I think I will start tomorrow! I may have to sub some lower impact routines, but we'll see how it goes! Love that it uses ALL the PHA;s, too!

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