1. forum_admin

    STEP BOSS Online User's Guide

    The Free online user's guide with 4 workout rotations, workout cards, and Quick Start Guide can now be downloaded by clicking on this link:
  2. forum_admin

    Cathe Rotations Are Now Available On Roku

    We have now added "Monthly Rotations" to our Cathe OnDemand Roku Chanel, including the new August 2019 rotation. Next, we plan on adding our monthly rotations to Fire and Fire TV. ✅Learn more about Cathe OnDemand at
  3. firmbeliever

    New Cathe Rotation Compendium

    I posted this on Facebook under the Cathletes (Cathe Friedrich Fans) page, but I realize not everyone is on Facebook, so I thought I would post here as well. This Compendium is one of 4 that I have created. Some of you may know of it, others may not. For those that don't know about it, I have...
  4. Tracee Larson

    What Program to Start

    I'm new to Cathe and her programs. I would love some advice on what program(s) to follow. I am having trouble finding any type of schedule or workout calendar for any of the programs and I don't know really where to start. I used to workout to ChaLEAN Extreme and LOVED it. So I love weight...
  5. forum_admin

    ICE Rotations Now In the Workout Manager

    We have now posted all 6 ICE rotations in the Workout Manager. Let us know of any mistakes you find so we can correct them.
  6. forum_admin

    About the ICE Rotations

    The online ICE User's Guide will come with six rotations. The first three rotations are designed to help an intermediate exerciser progress over a 90 day period from an intermediate exerciser to an advanced exerciser. Level, 1,2 and 3 rotations are all 30 days in length each: 1. Level 1 -...