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Tracee Larson

New Member
I'm new to Cathe and her programs. I would love some advice on what program(s) to follow. I am having trouble finding any type of schedule or workout calendar for any of the programs and I don't know really where to start.

I used to workout to ChaLEAN Extreme and LOVED it. So I love weight lifting. I also used to enjoy step aerobics that was taught by a local instructor. I have a gym membership buy equipment is limited and want to do stuff from home. I have a step ordered and also own the Bow Flex Select Tech weights. I do NOT want high intensity workouts or plyo where there is a ton of jumping around.

Any help or advice on how to figure out what program to follow, a schedule or user guide, etc. is much appreciated.
Hi Tracee! If you need help with rotations I suggest using Cathe's Workout Manager (at the top of the cathe.com home page) - all of Cathe's monthly rotations are there along with rotations created by followers. You can go through them and see if one works for you! As for programs... I'm a huge fan of XTrain and ICE. I'm like you in that I'm not big on pylo/high intensity but the cardio DVDs in those two series can be modified and there are premixes.

For pure weight lifting these are my favorites:

Gym Style Back, Shoulders & Biceps
Gym Style Chest & Triceps
Muscle Max
High Reps
STS Total Body
Intensity - Pyramid
Muscle Endurance
XTrain - Chest, Back & Shoulders
XTrain - Bi's & Tri's
Ripped with HiiT - Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
Ripped with HiiT - Back, Shoulders & Biceps

Hope this helps!
Hi Tracee, I am not Cathe but here are a couple of suggestions to add to the great weight training programs Kathydaffy listed above:

These following 4 programs have low impact step AND weight training within their workouts. If you want a 3 day per week rotation you could just select from one of these each time you work out (every 2nd day for example) and get a total body workout each time you workout.
Athletic Training (from Cathe's Low Impact Series)
Step, Jump and Pump
Low Impact Circuit
Basic Step and Body Fusion

If you wish to workout more frequently (5-6 days per week for example) you could do weight training 3 days per week (using the videos kathydaffy noted above, ensuring you hit each body part at least once per week) and then do one of these low impact step workouts on the other 2-3 days per week.
Low Max
Low Impact Challenge (from Cathe's Low Impact Series)

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