1. Tracee Larson

    What Program to Start

    I'm new to Cathe and her programs. I would love some advice on what program(s) to follow. I am having trouble finding any type of schedule or workout calendar for any of the programs and I don't know really where to start. I used to workout to ChaLEAN Extreme and LOVED it. So I love weight...
  2. Beth Herman-Davis

    Help with Hard Strikes

    I really appreciate the intensity of this workout, but I have never done kick boxing before... I found the workout to be very frustrating as Cathe doesn't explain any of the moves, where to place your feet, arms, hips, etc. Is there a place where she describes the moves in detail? I have lots of...
  3. lisacohen

    Help with what workouts for ongoing knee pain?

    Hi there, I've been exercising with Cathe workouts for 20 years but about 18 months ago I injured my knee (doing a warmup side-to-side lunge of all things in one of the 4DS workouts). I've had MRIs and x-rays and everything looks fine. I switched from my HiiT, high impact, and step training to...