Help with Hard Strikes

I really appreciate the intensity of this workout, but I have never done kick boxing before... I found the workout to be very frustrating as Cathe doesn't explain any of the moves, where to place your feet, arms, hips, etc. Is there a place where she describes the moves in detail? I have lots of other workout DVDs where the instructor is explicit about form, etc. which makes the workout much more enjoyable and accessible. It's a fair amount of money to spend and not receive detailed instruction throughout the DVDs.
Hard Strikes was also my first Cathe KB one. (I enjoy it!) I found I got it on the second time, but yeah, I know what you mean with having the cardio intensity lessened quite a bit by having to learn moves/positions etc. I am the same way with any step, even what some folks feel is "easy" step. lol. With KB, first when anything ventured to the side I was entirely lost! I ended up getting KickMax after and I find her KB moves are explained in this one with more detail. There are a fair amount of kickbox moves tutorials online or less intensity videos to practice with and then build on that. FitnessBlender has excellent videos, Jessica Smith does too (hers is a little different). Nobody does the core conditioning like Cathe however!

The important thing is to have fun with it, keep your neck & shoulders relaxed, soften the knees and to try and keep your feet and toes 'spread' on the ground.
Hope it helps at least a little. It is generally rated mid intermediate to advanced so it's won't all fall together on the first try or two.
Don't forget all the heavy bag premixes that can be done without it! :)
I really understand where you are coming from here, because Hard Strikes was also my first boxing workout video and I felt a bit lost and confused at first. Eventually, I began to enjoy it and then purchased the famous Kick, Punch, and Crunch workout, which has excellent instructions for both punches and kicks in the intro. Not sure if there is a way to view these pointers without purchasing the workout, but I feel sure that viewing those instructions would be very helpful for you as well.
Got this one for Christmas...Love it! Feel like I get a great upper body workout with my weighted gloves and doing the bonus tabata.

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