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    Hamstring injury

    Krista, it is good to follow your physician directives to ease the healing process. It will take some time but its better not to get hurt further. Good Luck!!
  2. Hannah Faulkner has the Fit Tower

    Ordered my Fit Tower today and will be arriving soon. Excited to set it up and get started....
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    Where is Cedie?

    Cedie you are missed :(
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    Can you give me some suggestions?

    Smash HIIT, Carrie Rezabek Dorr's dance workouts and Chalene Johnson's PiYo Workout
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    Posting an on demand video in workout manager

    I don't think you can edit that
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    SOS slim the Legs Kettlebell or Edge Booty Extreme 2?

    Depends upon the shape of legs, both approaches are unique on their own. Kettle bells is more preferable to me Good Luck in what you choose..
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    Getting Our Licks In!

    Today is my cardio day and did some research work. LOL The new workouts are challenging to me and I'm thinking of it as day of rest. Have a great day everyone! Hannah
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    -Daily CHECK-IN Wed May 17, 2017

    Wow!! amazing stamina Pilates for 80 minutes, i did Patrick's this morning. The weather is better today so i am biking a bit. Good Luck to all :)
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    Cathe' toughest workout???

    I find Butts and Guts!! among toughest of Cathe's
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    Buff Badgers - Month of May

    May Firm & Burn Challenge, excellent title. I am also working on chest wishing success to all
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    Today i have done ab workout. I agree its getting warmer with each passing day...
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    On Demand – If Cathe Didn’t Exist

    Can't imagine to achieve it without Cathe. Might be doing gyming, cycling and using multiple apps.
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    Krinkles in Knees

    Have you tried cycling it might help with the Krinkles?
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    Started the morning with Cathe's workout...kicking and power optimization by Susan are also good