Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for SEPTEMBER 2021

I did CDorner minute Tabata Step which uses a dumbbell, she uses , I used . The dumbbell portion is not long. I wasted so much time looking for a workout to do that would not aggravate my shoulder and had no boxing in it. I was looking forward to the new dance workout and then Chris decided to do it later and take a needed recovery day. This was minutes, heart rate 142/177, 3,268 steps. This workout was 20/10 tabata rounds on the step. She does say you can not use dumbbells. The dumbbell section was plank rows alternating and then standing and put the dumbbell on a shelf. Alternative was just plank rows. I did not reach up with the dumbbell/ I just did a turn and curl. Each round was repeated times moves and final round was changed from the sit on the step up and out to a thrust and back alternate was just squat and I did step up and kicks alternated with seated knee pulls which I did.
I also did Boss Bands Total Body Timesaver Core Focus, minutes, calories, heart rate 99/125,70 calories 552 steps. I like the stretch on this with the bands, but wish the stretches were held longer.
Total Time was 60 minutes, 277 calories, 3320 steps. I had to keep watching the yard for workers. They have to get in my back yard for work they are doing. I think they are getting lines buried and stuff to start building houses behind us. So far they have the street and sidewalks in. Soon it won't be the vacant road everyone likes to use for their runs and walks. I have to keep my dog in when they keep coming up out here.
I also did the usual upper back foam rolling and Dr Jo upper back stretches for a knot. I did not count these as part of the workout though.

Roselyn, I think getting some sort of workout in and maybe plenty of rest is important with the stress of what you are going through worrying about you mother.

Doreen, I understand with the metabolic workouts. They help get some of everything in in a shorter amount of time. I am sure if you do some other weight work once in awhile that you can maintain for quite awhile.

Debbie, I good luck at PT today. I do not like those days where I have to get up so early. I have two coming up next week. One is about an hour drive to the one's house that is hosting our 9 am ladies game day. I always try to arrive a little early as parking in front of peoples houses is such a pain. I try to leave the driveways for those who need a bit of assistance getting out of cars and into the house. Although most have been shut in with the virus and we lost one. Hope you go home with more relief. I love it when I wake up and no pain anywhere.

Jolie, that is great that you were able to get a walk in today and are feeling better. I will always say God Bless America. It does not mean we have to not be patriotic. It has cooled slightly here to upper 80's sometimes, but mostly low 90's. I don't notice it till I go outside. I love my energy efficient new home. I actually get cold sometimes and we keep the air set pretty high. When I stay in most of the day I am almost in shock when I step outside.

Belinda, nice work on SBF thighs and I bet it was nice taking a walk at Great Falls this morning with your husband.
Cam - Can you share a link to R/C fitness? I always enjoy checking out new trainers.

I'm still at a loss as to what to do for workouts anymore. I finally picked at Dumbell HIIT on GHUTV this morning and ended up really enjoying it. But I just find I can't stick with a program and I mostly pick metabolic workouts which is probably not growing/maintaining any muscle strength....
Doreen, I am embarrassed to say that I can't figure out how to paste it. I went to the video and clicked on share and copied, but not sure how to paste it. I am on a Samsung tablet. So if you can guide me, I will copy it. I love cardio and weight workouts too. I feel like I am getting it all in. Have you tried Tracy Steen? Shes pretty fun. She does a lot of metabolic workouts. She releases videos Mon, Tues, Wed.

Speaking of cardio & weights, I did Strong & Sweaty Boot Camp after work. One of my Cathe go-to's. It's so beautiful here this week. I also, took my lab for a walk. Just a gorgeous night.

Diane, I liked the looks of CDorner lower body from a couple days ago. Was it good? Sometimes she's a little to chatty during weight workouts. Shes so talented but I wish she would get on with the workout.

Good night. Hope everyone has a good Friday! Tomorrow is cardio day.
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Good morning.

Caroline G. FULLY LOADED Full Body Workout - Dumbbells | EPIC III Day 9 is done.

Debbie - hope your PT appointment went well yesterday. I need to schedule my MRI for my arm/shoulder/bicep today.

Roselyn - praying for your mom. How is she doing today?

Jolie - hope the meds kick in soon. EPIC III is very slow and controlled. I really like it. So far I haven't hurt myself, lol.

Doreen - with all the choices it makes it hard to find the right workout. You just have to pick one and see how it goes. I found a great instructor the other day. I will try to post her link later. Maybe that will help you.

Diane - great job as usually on your workouts.

Today is our last day in DC, we will drive home tonight. DD will fly in late tonight. We don't want to leave the dog home alone for too long. He still is a puppy.

BTW, I will checking out animal shelters here in DC. Found one that I like, not sure if I get it. I always had big dogs, this one is a tiny one.

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This morning I just did 20 minutes of CDorner's #143 which is a step workout I did last week and then did her 18 minutes Neck and Shoulder stretch. So nothing to write home about.

Yesterday's PT appointment went really well. I can't believe it has taken me this long to go to a PT person. Cindy mostly worked on the knots I have (and some I didn't know I had) along my neck and the top of my left shoulder. It is sore today so that is why I didn't do much in the way of working out. I made three more appointments with her so I'm good for the next three weeks. After she worked on the knots she put ultrasound heat on it. Wow did that feel good. It is sore today, though, which I figured it would be. She really dug in there at times. I could feel the fascia loosen up in some places. Just hope it stays that way. She said in the coming weeks she will give me some exercises to keep the area loose and strong. I really like her and not sure I said this before, but she went to school with a couple of my in-laws. So I feel good that she is not a "stranger".

Jolie - Great job with your workout and I'm glad you are feeling better. I used to take Vitamin C every 2 hours when I had an infection like you have. It really helped, you might was to try it. God Bless America for sure!! :)

Diane - I wanted to do that Tabata Step with Weights that you did but after I read your review, I'm not so sure. I'll have to watch it and see what I think. There are so many of her workouts I want to do, I can't believe how many she puts out constantly. Doesn't she ever get tired? I think she posts like three workouts a day. That's too bad they are putting houses behind you. Every piece of land in my area is covered with houses, it's incredible. Where do all these people come from? I'm afraid to ask. LOL!

Cam - Great job with your workouts! You are kicking butt!

Belinda - I definitely have to check out those Caroline workouts. I really need to sit and do that this weekend. They look good. Great job with your workout this morning!! So you already found a dog you want? How cool!! I hope you can get him!

Roselyn - How is your mom doing? Hope she is getting better. Hugs to you.

Doreen - Good to see you back!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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My mom is not getting better all her labs are good but she is not there mentally The CT they did showed no stroke so they did an eeg yesterday to look at all her brain waves so hoping today we have more answers she has not eaten at all the past 2 1/2 days. I just cannot believe this is happening
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Roselyn, I hope your mother gets well soon. Is she unconscious? Does she know what is going on? All you can do is be there for her and keep her thoughts positive. I will continue to pray for her and a speedy recovery.

Today I went for it and did a workout I haven't done in a long time, I did Tony Horton's One on One Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps MC2, Muscle Confusion and boy was it great. These workouts were done after P90X in his home gym with a camera man, it is his own personal workouts that he does himself at home. I had to modify a few exercises because I could not do them the way he did it but the modification was hard just the same. It was 5 supersets and 3 rounds of each on before moving on to the next exercise. Each set was to failure but no bad form, you have to stop before your form is jeopardized. Workout was 58 minutes and I burned 301 calories. I will be feeling this tomorrow. FYI, I feel down in my bedroom yesterday, I tripped over the dirty cloths pile I was going to take down stairs and I pulled a glute and hamstring. Great!!!!

Seated Overhead Press- 15's x 13, x 12, x 10
Seated Alternating Arnold Press- 12's x 13, x 12, x 10

Shoulder Flies 6 ways- 5's x 6, x 7, x 6 Wow
Rear Delt Flies, Pinkies to the sky- 5's x 17, x 16, x 14
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Some how my post posted before I was done. Here is the rest of it.

Seated Bicep Curls- 15's 13, x 13, x 12
Kickbacks- 8's x 20, x 18, x 15

Seated Static Curls 8 reps on each side alternating- 10's x 3 rounds, x 3, x 3
Lying Triceps Ext- 12's x 15, x 14, x 13

Hammer Curls- 12's x17, x 14, x 13
Cable Triceps Pull Downs- 30# x 20, x 16, x 14

Finisher- Bicep Curls- 10's x 32

Wow! This is a slow and controlled workout and I loved it. It is all about form and muscle confusion and boy am I going to feel this workout tomorrow. I have about 10 of these workouts so I am excited to go through them again.

Debbie, nice job on the workout even though you were so from your PT yesterday. I had some fascia snap in my right shoulder this morning, I have had it for years and am constantly working on it. I will try the Vitamin C with the UTI next time. I am now great but it got out of hand very quickly this time.

Belinda, did you say you are getting a dog? I hope you get it! great job on your workout this morning.

Diane, today it is going to be in the high 70's today, I welcome the cooler weather. Nice workout yesterday. I am happy that you like your new smart house, it sounds amazing to have all of that technology to keep your house efficient.

Cam, I hope you have a great workout today.

Make it a great Friday.
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Today I did CDorner Cardio Dance Workout #120 I guess she had added different music to it from JLO called Lets Get Loud I did not see that one. It was Latin music and fun anyway. She does it with no shoes as she is on her old mat flooring. I remember in another workout that she mentioned not wearing shoes for dance on the mats as she would get caught on them. I do that all of the time. This was 52 minutes, heart rate 138/175, 5,255 steps. I also did Cathe's Pedal Power premix doing section 1,2, and 5,13 minutes, heart rate 111/149, 3.36 miles(I got this from the spin bike read out on miles) Average 16.3 mph (Garmin figured that out with mileage and time) 50 calories(spin bike gave me over double that lol. I don't think I have used the spin bike since I got the Garmin. I set it for indoor bike. It tried to pick up a secondary device that I could get for the spin bike. Also I got 145 steps on the bike:p Never works for steps!
I finished with CDorner Neck and Back stretch routine, 29 minutes, 33 calories. Total time was 94 minutes, 363 calories, 5,400 steps.

Cam, I really liked the lower body I did a couple of days ago, except I skipped the floor work, as mentioned. I just did not want to put too much strain on my shoulder. I think she uses a dumbbell and the loop band on the floor as well. I cannot remember how chatty she was on that one. I know one of them I recently did, it hit me she was not chatting, for quite a bit of it, but she did talk a bit after I noticed. I don't really mind at all except when I have something down and she stops to back track and show the move in a slow pace so they can get it. That throws me off and I hate wasting my time. Also when she tells stories on the stretches and mobility, I have favorites, but I hear the roller skate dream story , the sock story and that sort of thing over and over again. I need a fresh conversation I guess. She puts out a lot of mobility which I really like to do.
Great job on Strong and Sweaty Bootcamp. It has been a long time since I have done that one. What color is your lab? Mine is an year old black lab. She loves to lie in the workout room while I work out. It was quite a bit of work getting around her sprawled out in front of me with the dance moves. I was afraid I would kick her.

Belinda, nice work today with Epic III. I need to choose a doctor in my office for primary care. I think I have one picked as suggested by my doctor that I had. I probably should get that appointment scheduled as it is a year in November since my last one and I want done before the end of the year. I was looking and I guess Medicare does not cover holistic doctors and that sort of thing. Too bad. I wish they were not all so pro give something for the symptoms rather than figure out causes and ways to keep it from going on to something else. I guess the main reason to go is labs and well check and someone to dispense medicine if needed. I would like to have a smaller dog if we ever get another one. My husband loves large dogs. Gertie is 80 pounds and so sweet though. I know when you get a dog you will love it a lot. Good luck.

Debbie, it sounds like you got a good physical therapist. Mine found some knots and one right at the lower right of my shoulder blade that she would really press hard on and work on. It was sore afterward. I think the Tabata was fine, I took note that it is just step for the first minutes so I can use it as just a quick step if I wanted too. It was not hard to change up those moves at the end. She says you can do it without the weights. I probably should not have used those 10's though. My lats and shoulder really hurt with even with my modifiers. I had a bad night of sleep, and wake over and over. I think that Chris does get tired. I think she pushes herself to make people with requests happy. Every once in awhile she takes a break and puts up previously filmed workouts. It seems she is doing it more than usual. And I thought when she had the shoulder issue, she was still doing shoulder work, but seeing a PT.

Roselyn, I will keep praying for your mother.

Jolie, nice work with the One on One workout. I have several of them. I forget about them most of the time. I have one that is yoga that is not long and I really like "Patience is a hummingbird" where you can see a hummingbird outside his workout space window where he is doing the yoga. Not an aggressive yoga, just a nice one without tons of up dogs and down dogs. Sorry that you tripped over the laundry and hurt yourself. Sounds like something I would do. Can't get a break.
Cam - I think after you have hit copy then go to where you want to past and press and hold on the screen until the paste option popps up.

Yesterday was fun but I am tired!! I did 13 miles on the mountain bike trails which was about 2 1/2 hours. My legs were dead at the end of that ride so I was glad the last stretch was mostly downhill!!

Then we Kayaked and my husband fished for another 3 hours with a short stop for lunch. We went all the way to the very furthest finger of the lake while the wind was at our back. Then we had to come all the way back into the wind but we kept pulling over into side bays to do some fishing. I don't fish- I just float along.
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Today I went for a 5.5 mile walk outside in the hills, 1 hour 44 minutes and burned 1,004 calories. This walk was the hardest one that I have done thus far. I followed some mountain bikers up a hill and wow the trail was in the hills above the ocean and the view was spectacular. The majority of my walk was on paved concrete, I hate walking in the dirt on a trail because I always have to stop and get the dirt out of my shoes. My app on my phone said I went up 93 flights of stairs so my legs should be sore tomorrow.

Doreen, your day yesterday sounds fantastic!!! I would be dead. I used to kayak with my kids when they were younger but had to stop because it hurts my low back so bad.

I am off to watch Nevada Wolfpack take on Kansas State football. I guess I will be watching football all day. :)
Today I did CDorner Fun & Fast Advanced Step Aerobics that she did this morning, music was Brittany vs JT, 64 minutes, heart rate 136/171, 332 calories, 4,915 steps. I also did CDorner Mobility Flow ( I think it is from a month ago where she wears a purple Nike top) 29 minutes, heart rate 78/100, 44 calories, 49 steps. Total time was 93 minutes, 376 calories, 4,964 steps.

Doreen, that sounds like lots of fun, and you got a workout out of having fun.

Jolie, great walk today. I would have been taking pictures of the view when I got up to the top. You got a huge calories burn. We just finished watching the Oklahoma /Nebraska game I don't pay much attention , but my husband likes to tease as I am from Nebraska LOL.
This morning I did Tracy Steen 50 min Shakey Total Body Strength. This is my 2nd time doing this one. She really thoroughly works each muscle group. Shakey it is. She does a few 8 rep patterns per muscle group. Very similar to Cathe of slow up/ slow down/singles and pulsing for a few sets. I like my weight work to hit all the muscles equally. She's good about that.

Doreen, I will try doing that and see if I succeed withthe copying. Sounds like a fun day you had.

Jolie, holy crap! You should sleep good tonight. I would love an ocean view. Where do you live?

Diane, I really like CDorner's step workouts, step & strength and her steady state cardio. She is so talented. I think she would have a lot more subscribers if she reeled in the chit chat and goofiness a little. But she does it all. She's a good cuer too.

Yesterday I walked. It is so beautiful here in the midwest. We gotta enjoy it while we can.
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Hi everyone,

No workout today. DH and I went to a few animal shelters. The progress is different than it was 17 years ago. We filled out a few applications, now we have to wait and see. It's not a first come first served. They go by which dogs fit with you at the shelters. If these don't workout. DH and I will go to adoption events like Pet stores rather going through the shelter.

Great job everyone.
This morning I did Michelle Dozois's Cardio Interval Burn Remix. I haven't done that one in over a year and I was wiped after. I forgot that there is actually a modifier and how much of this you can make low impact. Not ready to do too much bouncing yet. But, it felt good to do a solid cardio. My body isn't used to it. I don't have an apple watch or fit bit, but I would have liked to see how many calories I burned. It felt like a 1000.
Today is a rest day. We had our monthly family lunch get together. The guys moved the Tread climber for us into the master so I have more room in my workout space and then they put together a new chair that turns into a bed that we bought. Us women all discussed two of my granddaughter's upcoming wedding plans. We had a nice visit. Wedding costs and getting things done costs has gone through the roof even since my other granddaughter was married 4 years ago. Tomorrow I hope to get up early enough to get in something short before I take my dog to her new vet for a well visit. Tuesday there will likely be no workout as I have to leave early for my ladies group day. Long drive there.

Belinda, that is interesting that there is a wait and trying to fit you with the pet you get. Have you tried looking online for a dog? There was a woman with a laundry basket sitting in front of Walmart trying to give away kittens when I went Thursday. I guess getting them them from a legit place, you know they do not have health issues and have had shots etc..

Cam, those workouts sound like really good ones. I have never done Michelle Dozios. I have looked at them and talked to others who love them, but never tried one. I am learning to modify more and more. I used to think I had to do at least what the instructor was doing or sometimes I upped it. I live in Oklahoma and it has been so beautiful outside. We went outside this evening and my husband took a picture of me looking like I had the moon in my hand. LOL I was sitting at the table looking out and made comment at how big and beautiful it was.
Good morning,

SBF Cardio Bare 4 is done. I will do Caroline G. workout later this afternoon.

DH and I are looking at a dog, maybe Forster it?

Have a great day and workout. I will be back later to catch up on personals.
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Had a pretty busy weekend. Saturday me and my brother cut my mom's grass and then cleaned out her front and back gutters. They have the gutter guards on them and both front and back had large birds nests in them. How on earth did they even get in them? We ended up taking the stupid guards down because obviously they do not help at all. Its definitely easier to clean them out without those stupid things on them. What a waste of money. My DH has to do her two side ones because they are really high and my brother and I are afraid of really high places. I am a little better with heights than my brother is, but I still don't like being up as high as those gutters are. They also have the guards on them and I can see two nests in the one hanging over her driveway and the other one has a tree growing out of it! Ridiculous.

This morning I did RAW 4 Day Split Chest and Back and had a really good workout. I really like these 4 Day splits from Kelly.

This was 1 minute per exercise going slow and controlled.

Lat Pulldown
: 10's (this was easier than last time)
Reverse Pec Deck or Scap Squeeze: 10's (this also was easier)
Lawn Mower: 20#/25#

Moderated Pullover/Close Grip Press
: 12's
W Bench Press: 12's (up a little from last week)
Dummbbell Flies: 15's

This was about 25 minutes

Then they do a Boxing Finisher so I did that as well. This was 14 minutes and I used my 1# sand weights.

I am feeling pretty good lately but my left tricep still aches on occasion. I'm trying a new chair at work and the top is pushing my upper back forward which I hate and it makes my upper back ache, but I notice my left arm isn't hurting. Why such a problem with these damn chairs? I will try to get used to this one, it definitely makes me sit up straighter, but if my upper back keeps aching like this I'll have to go back to my old chair. Yikes, why is this so hard? Maybe it's just a matter of getting used to it.

Roselyn - Hope your mom is better, give us an update when you can. Hugs and prayers.

Nice job with your workouts everyone!! Gotta get back to work!!!

ETA: I forgot to tell you all, there is something dead in my workout room. OMG did it smell bad in there, it was all I could do to get my workout done. I need to look in the closet when I get home and see if a mouse is in there and died. It isn't unheard of since we live near woods but my cat usually catches them. Gross!!!!
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I am back from the vet. This morning I did CDorner Intermediate Step #147, 34 minutes, 207 calories, 3,315 steps. I followed this with her 10 minute post step workout stretch, 17 calories. That was all I had time for. I got interruptions with the doorbell as the electric people were needing in my yard and they were digging up behind the back fence getting ready for building houses. I guess we have all of the boxes in our back yard and they had to dig up and move our rock in the planter to put a line in and then put the rock all back. Gertie couldn't go outside which was inconvenient.

Belinda, nice work this morning on SB Cardio Barre. I had a friend that used to foster dogs and some ended up being her forever dogs.

Debbie, I always wondered how those gutter screens would work out as it always seemed you would get dirt and sludge in there anyway and it would be a hassle. Crazy that birds got inside to make nests. We had an old house with levels for a few years and we paid some young guys to come and hang Christmas lights and do work that needed done on the upper level. We got a huge extension ladder and even they were a bit apprehensive climbing up there. I remember my parents house that was an older farm house that occasionally got mice that died in the wall. The odor was awful. That is where the bait traps are good options if you start having mice come in. I hope that you can find where it is at. I guess you shouldn't have to worry too much since you have cants though.
Nice workout today. I don't think I could do that one though. I have been reading on what to avoid and what is good to do with rotator cuff injuries, which I am pretty sure that the doctor is probably right.
I think if the chair is uncomfortable it is not a good thing. You should not have to adjust to the chair. I do better with not back on my chair most of the time I sit on the edge of a barstool and keep my shoulders down and back and stay as straight as possible. Although sometimes I get tired of holding myself up. If I get tired I put my little pillow behind my my mid bike to lean back and have a break. I wish there was an easy solution for sitting.

Cam, I looked up the ACDF surgery. Wow, that must have been painful post surgery. I can't imagine them moving things out of the way from the neck area to get to the spinal area to do the work.
Today I started with a TM walk uphill, 5.5 incline, 3.3 speed and traveled 2.2 miles in 40 minutes. Next I did an oldie but a goodie, Cathe's Pure Strength Back and Biceps and had an excellent workout. I loved this so much and I probably haven't done it in 10 years!!! Why? This is basically 3 sets of 4 exercises and you do not use heavy weights because there are really very little rests. I will be feeling it tomorrow. I am now going out and buying a set of P90X from a gal in my town for $10 and I am going to try that workout again. I like the kick boxing workout, it is basic and really focuses on form, which I love. I had this workout but gave it away years ago. I am finding that I love the old style of working out better than all of the metabolic workouts, I just seem to get hurt and really have no muscle tone.

Belinda, I hope you get a dog to foster or to adopt! Great job on the workout this morning and this afternoon.

Debbie, looks like a great workout you did today. I hated my chairs at work and I bought expensive ones too. I found that task chairs worked the best for me because you sit very upright and there is lumbar support. I hope you find whatever is dead in your gym room :(

Cam, I live in San Clemente in Southern CA. Great job on the workouts this weekend.

Roselyn, I hope your mother is doing better, prayers for her and you!

Diane Sue, way to go with the step workout today! I hate getting interruptions when I am working out!!!

BBL to read the other posts for the day.
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