Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for SEPTEMBER 2021

Today I diid CDorner Quick 30 minute step intermediate, 34 minutes, 222 calories, 151/174, 2,798 steps. I liked this one. It was not hard to follow, but still challenging enough to not get bored. I followed it with the Sweaty Hiit Mobility loosen up and flow, 32 minutes, 60 calories, heart rate 84.108, 111 steps. She does this one with a timer for the group of moves that you flow through. I liked it although there is one round with some bear, but you are not holding it for long, it flows through to up dog and down dog moves. Also a yogi squat, but again you hold the squat for a shorter amount of time and step back or hop back plank up dog and yogi squat to stand. I think I got that right. She does a lying relax thing at the end and when she laid down I grabbed my foam roller and did upper back and she does a short stretch for for upper body before you are finished. I wouldn't call it hiit though. Funny how they use that word and tabatas for workout types that do not have anything to do with what that originally meant. Oh, and total time was 66 minutes, 2,909 steps, 282 calories. I had to get out for a quick run to the store before some chairs are delivered.

Belinda, nice work today. Enjoy your last day with your son. I know you will hate to see him go. I am sorry the air went out. I hope that can be fixed quickly. I just think forcing the vaccine is ridiculous and I am still skeptical. I heard a doctor on tv explain that the vaccine is working toward 1 spike protein. Those that get the virus again after being vaccinated may be the cause of variants and they may have to come up with another vaccine or something like that. I do not want this stuff to keep going on forever and I think even if everyone was vaccinated, they are letting all of these immigrants in without checking or vaccinating and it will just keep going anyway. I am not planning on getting it myself. To be honest, I think most doctors pretty much have to get the vaccine to keep working. Not necessarily because they want to. I am so sorry that you have to have the fear of whether the vaccine is the right choice and I totally understand in you case that there is not much choice. You cannot keep having the flare ups and ear infections and end up getting the covid virus. I wish they did instill constant fear and manipulating numbers though. They omit things on most major news media when they try to count numbers. Plus we do have huge percentage of already vaccinated not counting those that already have immunity from having the virus. That leaves a small percentage that has not had the virus or been vaccinated. I want you to feel good about the choice. I really do. I am sorry.
I am sure they check you out often for vitamin deficiencies with those meds. I was reading John Hopkins Arthritis Center list of most commo vitamin and mineral deficiencies in their patients many are due to to the med given and some due to the immune system. I picked up some selenium and vitamin e today as I see the foods, particularly for selenium are lacking in my diet and the Vital Proteins multi I have been taking only has a little in it. Also weird that ginger lowers RA activity score. I understand you feeling it is probably best to get the vaccine.

Debbie, I can never completely get rid of those knots and keep them gone. I will work and work on it and it feels good and then go back to normal workouts and they come right back. It is so annoying. I still find if I keep up with that upper back foam rolling part of one of Chris workouts it keeps the knots and pain down. I spent more time on that one spot I discovered yesterday this morning. I guess that we did the same workout this morning. I checked some of it out yesterday, but saved it for today so I could add it to the mobility workout, since I knew I would be in a hurry. I am always my own critic of how I look. My husband set the flag background and sent me the picture. He likes that picture of me in the shirt. I was looking at nine line clothing when we were in a restaurant and he told me to go ahead and get it. I wear it a lot. I try selfies and delete them all of the time LOL I am sure you look great. The last avatar I had here was taken about 4 years ago. I actually did take that one myself. I was sick of looking at the old one. If you do not enjoy having the fitness watch I would leave it off. Fitbit did make me angry a lot. I have even taken it and threw it across the room and smacked it a few times. So far not so with my Garmin, but some readings I am sure are merely guidelines. You can click and see how they figure things out. I told my husband the other day that my watch said I slept a little over 8 hours which was correct, and it said my body battery was fully charged. I had good sleep according to it. But, I knew better because I was really tired. In fact I sat in the chair and took a long nap. Also the SpO2 is not always right. I can't be as some mornings I wake up and it is in the 80's. I think reading it is probably because I was laying on that arm. I check it when I get up and it goes up to 98 or 99. I never paid attention before I had covid and my daughter told me if it went below 90 I should go to the hospital.

Jolie, I hear you here. You know, no one is forced to get flu shots. We have had some very bad strains that killed people. Generally with covid it is those with other problems that die. I am so sorry for that girl. I have heard other stories on Fox and saw interviews of some of the people that had terrible reactions to the vaccine. I pray there is not consequences down the line to the vaccine since they rushed it through and then actually gave it approval in that short of time. And the lies and excuses just keep going. My daughter had the moderna vaccine and is okay, but she still worries about her daughter getting it for nursing school and which is the safest. There is a fear there and I totally hear you on what all is going on and covered up. I try to not let it all make me mad as I end up going to bed mad and waking up mad. Seriously! Closing and forcing businesses and workers to do there bidding is just wrong. This is why there is shortages and people without work. Although I see ads everywhere for workers, I can onyl guess most found they liked sitting at home and found a way to do it or they keep getting money for doing nothing. A lot of police officers went ahead and retired. Can't blame them either. Forcing the military to get vaccinated and doing what they did in Afghanistan would be a good reason to get out as soon as possible. At least we have those that are risking getting planes and going in to try to save people. We need a good strong military. The whole world has turned into a mess and the communist countries are glorying in it.
I hope that your get to feeling better. How is the election going today? Hoping for Larry Elder.
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My mom still in hospital, she is not eating and she still seems disoriented. The neurological tests were fine no stroke. She does not initiate conversations. So they are trying to figure this out I am so sad. My dad will be gone a year in 2 weeks, I cannot lose her. She was active, trying to sew (she has macular) listening to books watches her shows. I don't get it so send prayers
It has been a busy couple days. Hopefully tomorrow I will get a good workout in.

Roselyn, I feel for what you're going through. My mom is in assisted living, 86 and very alert person. She just got out of the hospital a week ago for the second time in a month with a UTI, pneumonia and covid. She's vaccinated and if she weren't vaccinated I think she would have died. I really thought this last time was it. She's the bionic woman. So, don't give up, its amazing how they can make a miraculous recovery. She has survived cancer, 2 broken legs from falls, open heart surgery and numerous infections. Sometimes things seem worse than they are. I will say a little prayer for her tonight.

WD, my neck was a mess. I had splondlyosis, bone spurs and degenerative disks. My nerves were compressed. I had ACDF surgery about 5 mo. ago. You can Google it and learn more. No regrets,, though it takes a full year to recover, I am healing quickly and feel good. I get a little achey at times, but my doc said that I would have random aches and pains for a good 6 months. I have a titanium plate and am amazed at my neck mobility. Have you tried dry needling? That sure helped me a lot. Physical therapy helped keep the pain at bay until I needed surgery.
Cam, I will have to look the ACDF surgery up. I had dry needling when I did physical therapy. I did not notice a difference. Physical therapy was only so so for me. I went for quite awhile, 3 days a week and worked on the exercises and stretches every day as well. That is awesome that you neck mobility is so much better. I work on mine every day. Your mother sounds like she has done amazingly well with so many things happening to her.
Today I did RAW 4 Day Split Bi's and Tri's and had an excellent workout. It was followed with a Heavy Bag Finisher which I did as well. I am feeling pretty good lately except the knot in my shoulder. I am going to ask my PT tomorrow if she can try and work it out. Not sure if she does that type of thing, but she loosened up the fascia in my neck and that is feeling extremely better. I'm looking forward to going again. Never thought I'd say that in a million years!

This workout was 1 minute for each exercise but I think Kelly stopped Noelle earlier than that on some of them. This was a grueling workout.

Supinated Curls
: 12's/15's
W Curl to Rotate to Front: 12's/10's (this was hard for me)
Hammer Curls: 12's/15's (slow 4 counts up and down)
Bicep burnout w/Tube - Alternate Curls

Overhead Extension
: 15#
Kickbacks: 8's
Kickbacks w/Tubing
(burnout set)

Tough workout, I'm curious to see how my triceps do later on today. I also did the RAW Heavy Bag Finisher and loved this as well. Kelly is an excellent workout instructor. I really need to email her and tell her how much I love her workouts.

I don't know how the rest of you feel, but I think I am going to stop talking about the vaccine. I just think it is a sore subject to each individual person depending on what they believe. I don't want to hurt feelings with this discussion and I really treasure the friendships we have made on this thread. Anyways, I'm good with whatever anyone wants to do with their own bodies. I will worship mine like the bible tells us to. :)

Belinda - Just one last post about the vaccine: I hear that if educators don't want to take the vaccine they can get tested weekly. I will do that but I don't even want to do that. LOL! I just want all this to be over. Hopefully it will be soon. How fun to go to a zoo! We haven't been anywhere this year. I'm glad you went and had a great time and got some good steps in!

Jolie - I hope your UT goes away soon, those suck. I usually take 2000 mg of vitamin C every 2 hours until it's gone. Even at night when I wake up to pee I take one. It helps a tremendous deal. I agree with you on the vaccine, believe me, and it sounds like education here is giving us a choice to vaccinate or take the stupid test every week. I'll opt for the test. Say it isn't so about Newsom. How is that even possible?

Roselyn - I am praying for your mom. That is truly concerning. I sure hope she is ok soon. My mom is 84 and still very healthy. They keep telling her she will live until she's 100. She keeps saying she doesn't want to live that long. LOL. I don't get that train of thought, but then again, I'm not 84! Take care, prayers out to you and your mom.

Diane - I liked that quick step workout yesterday, it was fun. For some reason yoga is irritating stuff for me. Maybe in a couple weeks I can go back to doing planks and stuff like that. I'm feeling better every day. I hate any selfie I take of myself too, I look stupid. We have a photographer here at work that takes pictures for my events and other things happening here nd even she can't get my picture to look good. LOL! I know it's just me, I hate the way I look in pictures.

Where is Doreen?

Have a great workout everyone!!
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Hello - Well- today is the deadline for the business returns so I'm feeling really releaved that is over!! I didn't realize how long its been since I posted - just scrolling through!

I did BoxFit - Box and Pump mix this morning. The puppy was being a pain - wanting to go out multiple times and getting into the garbage in the basement bathroom. He's got extra energy these days because he cut his foot about a week ago and to let it heal we have to cut back on his walks and keep a sock on it! Its really a pain to change his bandage and sock because he fights it so!

I'm so excited- my husband and I are going to the Catamount Resivours Friday to kayak and bike and fish - hoping for good weather!!
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Today I did CDorner 60 minute lower body from today, but skipped all of the floor work. I did not want to put pressure on my shoulder getting down on the floor. THis was 44 minutes for me, 135 calories, heart rate 104/185, 1,228 steps. I liked what I did, but stuck with 15# dumbbells for all of it. Chris used some 20s and even 30's once. I then did CDorner Lower Body 15 minute stretch, 24 calories. I also did the foam roller upper back that I have been doing a lot, but not with the video, I was watching some bits of other vids for rotator cuff injuries and I saved a couple of Youtube vids of Dr Joe that Chris has mentioned for neck and one for rotator cuff. They are 20 minutes. Total time 59 minutes, 159 calories.
Lower body used dumbbells and the fabric bands. I used the medium one.
Band on wall squat with 1 dumbbll 15# and a calf raise/knee out while on the wall
band and 15# lateral leg raise 2 reps/ suat/half squat
all right then all left
no weight just band step out twice to one side and back in squat all right all left
low walk forward and back with band on
banded deadlift and leg lift behind 15# dumbbells
get rid of band
15# dbs deadlift and squat
1 dumbbell 15# curtsy /passeknee turn in and out all right side then all left
3 pulse squats 1 db and band
1 db 15# reverse lunge cross back/knee up all right then all left
regular deadlifts 15# dbs
reverse lunge hold/squat hold alternating
she moves to floor work here
ends with dead lift/ sumo squat 4 rounds of 30 seconds each move

I agree on the vaccines. It has become or has been a political issue even when trump was in office and the dems were against it. It just goes on. Hopefully soon this will get over. We all do what we think is best for ourselves.

Debbie, I just don't think my physical therapy place helped me. I was disappointed. I am glad that they are helping you and you are looking forward to what they can do for you. I spent time last night and this morning trying to come up with some other clues for an injured rotator cuff and tears. Actually I still have range of motion. The doctor said I did not have the same strength as in the left though. It hurt a lot all night and I think just the resting on the hands and yoga moves hurt it. So, I did some research and yes they say avoid down dog and those vinyasa moves. Or at least lighten up on how many you do rather than lots of it repetitively. Also as I though overhead moves. I also watched someone at a gym explaining on angles and how people perform things like bench press and some of the machine moves just doing angles of the bench or placement and put pressure on the front of the rotator cuff rather than chest or where it should be. The one thing is suggested to strengthen the lower traps and area that support the shoulder. That is an area that leads to knots. I think that is why that roller workout is helping as Chris starts in the mid back and works up. Then I read reaching up when it is hurting is not good. I use a step ladder to get to my 3rd cabinet shelf and have to stand on my toes to get dishes off the second and closet rods are all standing on my toes. Our house was designed for tall people. I bet the pictures of you when they take pictures at your school events are great. I understand though.

Belinda, nice work today on the Epic shoulders, chest, and triceps this morning.

Doreen, I was wondering where you were. Glad to see you are back posting again. It is so hard to keep something like socks and bandages on a dog. We had one dog that I had to put the cone on because she wouldn't leave bandages on. I finally took her to the vet and had a torn dew claw cauterized and what a relief. She was frustrated ash she could not get the cone into the door of her crate. Your trip with your husband sounds fun. My granddaughter is getting married in May and her fiance is from Parker, Co and his family is still there. He loves it and all of the outdoor activities.

Jolie, I hope you are feeling better today and got some sleep. I didn't get much last night myself. I shut off the tv when they called the election. I just don't get people I guess. Why would you want to put up with all of the mess he has done. Newsome never addressed any of those issues either.
Checking in late today, had to go back to urgent care, the antibiotics that I got for my UTI gave me extreme hives so I had to get a different one. Yesterday no workout, I was in the worst pain I have had in a long time. Today I did a lite and easy upper body workout, Cathe's ICE series Chiseled Upper Body and it was not a hard workout at all, the heaviest weight you pick up is 10#. I added on a bunch of extra exercises for each body part because I felt like I did not even workout. I am feeling better now so tomorrow I am hoping to be back to normal, I have a walk in the hills planned.

I will read all of the posts from yesterday and today tomorrow when I check back in.

Have a wonderful evening.
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I did R/C Fitness 1 hour Total Body Conditioning. It was a pretty good workout and gave my muscles a challenge. The execution wasn't the greatest, but I like these 2 gals. They need to get a little more comfortable with the camera and get a flow, but I subscribed. Can't be too picky with free workouts. They played some great rock music, instead of the electronic crap that's always used.

Hope everyone is feeling good and will have a great tomorrow!
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Jolie, sorry that you had a reaction to the antibiotics and had to go back to urgent care again. Those Ice workouts are great for a lighter workout. Glad you were able to get a workout in.

Cam, nice work today with R/C Fitness. Great music makes workouts a lot more fun to do.
Cam - Can you share a link to R/C fitness? I always enjoy checking out new trainers.

I'm still at a loss as to what to do for workouts anymore. I finally picked at Dumbell HIIT on GHUTV this morning and ended up really enjoying it. But I just find I can't stick with a program and I mostly pick metabolic workouts which is probably not growing/maintaining any muscle strength....
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No workout this morning, I had to be to work at the butt crack of dawn. I have another PT appointment this afternoon. Looking foward to it. I have a knot and I'm going to ask her if she can work it out. That is all I feel right now as everything else feels pretty good.

Have a great day everyone!!
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I agree with Debbie and Belinda, lets not discuss anything that has to do with this stupid virus, I am sick of it and I am over it. I never want anyone on this thread to feel bullied by me and my opinion, hell everyone has the right to their own opinion on any issue and what is right for them and their own family in regards to health, politics or whatever. Never think that when I am saying something I mean it against anyone of you ladies, you are my friends and I am just getting things that bother me off my chest. We have all been brought up differently, under different circumstances and that is what makes us who we are. So we should embrace what makes us different, because it would be so boring if we were all the same and thought the same. I told my husband last night that I am not going to discuss it because that makes the issue relevant and to me it is not. So, My lips are sealed regarding the vaccine and Covid. Lets go back to a workout forum and talk about family only and keep politics out of it! You will still get a God Bless America out of me here and there because I am a Patriot! :)

Todays workout was a 4.5 mile walk outside, 1 hour 24 minutes and I burned 874 calories. I am finally feeling better so that makes me happy. My heart rate was 142/180. These hills around here are killer! I looked at my FB app and it says that over half of my walk is in the Peak Red workout zone, just for walking, that is why I put it down as a cardio workout.

Debbie, good luck with your PT appointment today. I hope she can help with that shoulder issue, I know she can. My chiro always works on me for awhile braking up that stuff because that is the issue for me most of the time.

Roselyn, prayers for your MOM!!!! I think it is good that you are working out because it will help with the stress.

Doreen, welcome back girl! Have fun over the weekend with your husband and hopefully you have great weather.

Belinda, I hope you have a great workout today and great job on the Epic workout! I want to go back to her workouts soon, they are nice and slow and controlled which is my favorite. Also, we will see muscle definition with these workouts too!

Cam, nice workout yesterday.

Is it getting cooler where you all live, it is here but just a little... I am ready for football weather!!!
Hi everyone,

I did SBF Inner Thighs this morning. DH and I hiked the trails at Great Falls this morning.

Have a great day everyone.
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