Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for SEPTEMBER 2021

Today I needed to go to the grocery store so I just did a short workout to get some movement in. I did CDorner Step, Box and stretch, Step box and 5 minutes of the kickboxing, 25 minutes, 159 calories, heart rate 147/175, 2,711 steps. I followed with CDorner 10 minute after step workout, 12 minutes, 19 calories, heart rate 80/101, 115 steps. 37 minutes total time, 178 calories, 2,826 steps. I pulled up a yoga workout I had saw for arthritis, but when it started it looked like some yoga guru guy and he was talking through a woman doing moves with India type music and I just turned it back off. I just don't get into the old spiritual type yoga with meditations and that sort of thing. Chris, Kelly, and Cathe are fine for me. It is so weird that I have this place on my left shoulder blade and up into my neck where I have nerve damage starts itching like crazy and you can see nothing. It is driving me crazy. My guess is maybe something is healing again?

Debbie, I always liked that outdoor cardio workout. It was fun, and it ended with just Kelly and one of the others still working till the others came back to stretch. I was indoors with air, so it was not hard to keep going :p Really I wondered about them doing jacks and jumps on pavement. At least they stayed on their feet. I hope the PT went well today and you got some insight when they checked out things like range of motion and what you are dealing with. I remember we did not get a lot done on day one. The stretch on that 20,20,20 workout was a good cover everything in a short amount of time stretch. I thought the step was longer, but really she talks some at the start and the warm up and step was 20 minutes. I always start moving while she is talking. I am being careful with the strength work. I thought I was going to try the inner thigh ab workout with the dumbbell and pilates ball this morning, but it is going to be posted tomorrow. I have done that workout several times when she lowers the music because she cant play Lionel Ritchie. Today my shoulder was aching from me loading my shopping cart with heavy items like water packs, gatorade packs, gallons of water, watermelon etc.. It was so heavy I was having a hard time maneuvering it. I decided not to buy dog food and came home and ordered from Chewy. Plus Walmart had chained off part of the parking lot and I had to push that car to the back of the parking lot.

Watching Greg Gutfield tonight as he is showing his interview with Trump in excerpts This means I will be up late again tonight trying to clean, but now wanting to miss the next one.

Belinda, nice work getting in SBF upper before PT today. Well I guess at least they started the machine I guess. I would send it back too. It is ridiculous that places are not able to get their product supplies back up and help.

Jolie, push ups are something I am really having a hard time with. I can do them on my knees if it is only a few reps and that is on days I am not in pain. I used to do so well with them. I used to feel so proud of myself with pull ups and I have not done actual hanging pull ups in probably 3 years now.
My husband quit watching the NFL after the not standing. He keeps up with college though and I had to renew another year of the OU channel so he can keep up with the games. It was also nice to have when we were able to watch my granddaughters graduation from Law school. We even were able to pause and take pictures right off of the tv and got some good shots that my daughter and son in law did not get. They were limited on who could go. I wear my I stand for freedom t shirt all of the time. I got it from Nineline clothing. I discovered them through Kelly Coffey as she has worn American flag themed tanks from there in her workouts. Yes, God Bless America is where I stand too and America is all about freedom and I am willing to fight to keep that freedom. I sure hop Larry Elder wins.
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My PT appointment was excellent. I really liked the therapist and found out that she went to school with my husbands younger brother and sister. She is so nice, and the first session went great. So the first half hour she had me to flexibility things to see how my flexibility is. Everything there is perfect except it is obvious that my left side is tighter. After she asked me a bunch of questions she said the problem was a pinched nerve in the side of my neck. She had me lie down on my back and she did some pressing under my skull and then traveled down my neck and left shoulder. She could definitely feel a difference in my right and left side. She freed up some fascia and I felt it when it let loose. When she started under my armpit it hurt really bad. She had to stop what she was doing and did something different which didn't hurt as much. I felt great afterwards, she said I probably won't need many visits so I was happy to hear that but I will be going back next Thursday. She didn't give me any exercises to do at home ad said I can lift weights if I keep it light and only go up to like 10 or 12# dumbbells. Our goal is to get me to be able to lift 15-20# dumbbells again without hurting. She said if it wasn't for me being so active and doing mobility workouts I would be in incredible pain and wouldn't have any use of my left arm. I believe it. Right now after sitting at work I am feeling it in my tricep again. I wish that would go away and I hope it will after a few more visits with her. The knot in my upper back is gone. So all in all I am very happy with the outcome.

I am looking for another job since dumbass Biden is mandating the almighty shot for educators and everyone else. I sure hope the Supreme Court stops this mandate, I honestly don't see how he can do this as we still have a constitution. This scares me, what is going on with our country? It seems no one cares anymore and there are no laws anymore. I just hope I can find something quick. My husband said I can quit but I don't want to not have a job. That doesn't look good on any resume. I haven't heard anything about us getting the shot yet, but I'm sure it's coming. So pissed.

Today I just walked on my treadmill for about 21 minutes, burned 135 calories, went 1.10 miles. I also did CDorners Feel good Flow & Relax mobility workout which I didn't care too much for. The beginning was good but then she did some yoga and I still can't hold myself in a plank for too long. She also does bear crawls and yogi squats. No thanks.

Diane - That workout I did yesterday with Kelly and crew outside do mountain climbers which is crazy on Cement. I just did squats and other things during that drill. I want to do that 20/20/20 workout, hopefully next week.

Jolie - I agree with you, slow and heavy is the best way to go with weights. I need to start that again when I can after I get 100% better. Loved those workouts. Great job with your workout. Read above, I laid out my appointment from yesterrday. It went great.

Roselyn - Great job with your workout and treadmill!!

Belinda - Hope you are having a great day!

It's FRIDAY! Happy weekend everyone!!!
Hi everyone,

Today I walked 3 miles and did Caroline G. EPICIII D4 TB Complex.

I am in DC for a week. My son and DIL are here on business for a few day's. My son his his wife work for my DD's company. My DD flew all her employees for a team building. She has some great events planned for her team. Sunday DD and DIL are flying to another conference. DH and I will stay and watch DD's dog until DD comes back Friday. My DD has her own yoga room. I did packed heavier weights and bands so I can keep up with EPIC and SBF.

Diane - they wanted to deliver another washer/dryer tomorrow. We have too many events planned. I will go to the once that are outside. I have to be very carful.

Debbie - that is so sad you have to look for another job. I hate the direction everything is going.

I will catch up later on more personals. I am going to see my son.
Today I did CDorner 60 minute step aerobics and strength, 66 minutes, used 5 and 10# dumbbells, heart rate 130/164, 315 calories, 3,189 steps. The weight work is done at a lower pace. I also did Jessica Smith Yoga neck and shoulders and part of chest and back, 29 minutes, heart rate 84/114, 62 calories. I forgot to check the steps on the yoga. Total time was 95 minutes, 377 calories.
I liked the Step Aerobics and Strength. It altered a step segment of around 6 minutes with a weight segment that was repeated two times except the final one.I don'e know for sure what Chris and Vet Joe used for weight.
Round 1
reverse lunge 3 pulses 10# dbs alternating
off end of step squat off step narrow wide knee up 1 db 10#
Round 2
dead row 103 DBS
wide squat hammer curl 10# dbs
arnold press or twisting curl 10# dbs I did not do arnold press
Round 3
cursty off end of step or floor1 arm front raise alternating
1 leg balance on step or floor lateral leg raise overhead triceps extension or option to just do triceps extensions
round 4
side bend 1 arm lateral raise option to do just side bends which I did with 10# dumbbell
no repeat on this one
cardio stretch

Debbie, I guess I do not remember a cardio outdoor on pavement with push ups. Maybe I just forgot or have not done that one. I remember the one in the park. I sort of remember one in a parking lot, but it doesn't stand out in memory. Was that one of the last two mobility workouts? It sounds like the one where my knee caught and stuck when I was done and tried to turn to get up off of the floor. I have had a couple lately that I was not real happy with. I liked the warm up and starting moves and then it got to way too much on my hands and knees and one spent an extremely lot of time on 90/90 and yogi squat. There was also a bear crawl push up plank thing I did not care for.
I am glad the PT was productive. I hope it all works out for you quickly. So how do you help a pinched nerve. Get rid of inflammation and tightness?
I hope the supreme court overrules Biden's mandates. The thing is, the more those types of things are forced on people. The more they are going to push back. I am tired of it and it is keeping our economy down. Pushes costs up.

Belinda, nice work getting the workout done. That is great that the washer and dryer are going to be delivered. It sounds like a busy week. Stay safe and yes outside is best.
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I went for a long walk this morning and did SBF TB.

I am getting ready for the DD's event.

Diane - we don't have time to get a delivery today. Great job today.

Have a great day and workout.
Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Box and Drills, 30 minutes, heart rate 144/175, 184 calories, 2,161 steps. I was having problems with youtube working this morning so I was not able to do the hips and abs with the pilates ball and dumbbell that I wanted to do. So, I did Coffey Fit Raw 4 day split hips, glutes, abs wearing 2 1/2 lb ankle weights, 32 minutes, 8/115 heart rate, 71 calories(this was all on the floor), 188 steps.
I finished with CDorner foam rolling upper back and part of the hips portion along with Coffey Fit Raw stretch finisher that is about 8 minutes, so total for rolling and stretch was 25 minutes, 36 calories, 17 steps, heart rate 70/83. Total time was 88 minutes, 281 calories, 2,366 steps. I did the CDorner foam rolling off of my tablet as Youtube played on my tablet, just not the two workout room tv's with Roku and Apple TV. I really don't get it. I checked for updates and linked it again to my cell account. I did not really need to see the workout with CDorner foam rolling. Just used it for a guideline to make sure I held a position long enough. I have done it a lot.

Belinda, I hope you had a nice time at your daughter's event. Nice job getting the walk workout in today. Sorry you don't have time for a delivery today. Hopefully she gets it soon.
Would you Ladies mind if I joined your check-in? I enjoy talking workouts! I'm 57 and have been working out to videos since I was pregnant with my 2nd, about 1997. Cathe was one of my first videos I purchased when I discovered Collage. I think it was called Power Max? Cathe, Gin Miller, Kathy Smith, Karen Voigt and Tae Bo were my go-to's for workouts back in the day. Never a Firmie, though. Now, for dvds, I do mostly Cathe and KCM. I do a lot of YT. My faves are Tracy Steen, Penny Barnshaw and CDorner.

This morning I did ICE Bootcamp with Blizzard Blasts. My 2nd time doing this and really liked it.
Good morning,

We had a blast yesterday at DD's event. It was a beautiful day to be outside and catch up with her employees which I haven't seen since covid started.

Camp64 - Hi and welcome! I am 58 and been working out with Cathe for a long time. I am doing Caroline G on EPIC III on YT. Her pace is a little slow then Cathe for my arm/neck injury I been having for months. Really enjoy her workouts.

Diane - my son and his wife both work for my DD's company, are only here for a few day's. I will not except delivery until he leaves. My DD and DIL will fly out to a conference in Nashville Monday morning. DS took a few day's off work, so we plan on walking at the Mall and the National zoo. Lot's of outdoor activities. DH and I will stay in DC until DD comes back Friday.

I will be back later.
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No workout today. It is my rest day. My shoulders are feeling yesterdays workout this morning. Probably the boxing and all of the on my hands stuff yesterday. The raw Boxing and drills is drills using the step and boxing between and short though. I went to church this morning and the road was blocked from here I was to the church so I ended up having to back track and by the time I got there I was late I hate road work surprises.

Cam64, welcome to the group. Cathe's first one for me was Power Max as well :) If you look at my workouts I do a lot of Coffey Fit Raw Channel and CDorner. Always Cathe. I have loads of workouts though. I have not tried a Penny Bradshaw yet. Someday I may. The Ice workouts are good ones. I have used them a lot. Nice work today.

Belinda, it sounds like you are having a wonderful time and nice that you will be able to do outside activities walking at the zoo and mall with your son. I understand why you will wait on the delivery. Hope they are good with that when it comes time to deliver.
Thanks for the welcome! I tried a new YT instructor today. I did Fit kay kay 90's Cardio Party HiiT. She had some unique moves and a couple intervals were, hell no, and I did my own thing for those. I stream my own music, so I had my own cardio party. Overall, fit the bill for today.

Bayerngirl, I did a few Caroline workouts when she first hit the scene, but then I was having my neck problems and was unable to lift heavy. 5 1/2 months ago I had a cervical fusion of my c5,6,7. I am slowly working my way back and maybe I will eventually try Caroline's Epic, but honestly, I don't know if I think she's my thing. She is kinda overkill for me right now. I still have numbness in my left index and middle finger and my tricep is really affected. I can only do 5 reps of tricep presses with a 5 lb dumbbell. Shoulder and chest muscles on my left side are also compromised, but my doc assures me that my nerve will heal but could take a year+. Everyday, I hope this will be the day and my my feeling returns, but nope. I see the glass half full instead of half empty and am pleased at my progess, thus far. It feels great to lift and do cardio with no pain.
I did legs today

My mom is in the hospital, I was in er friday from 630pm to 230am and she was still in er and did not get a a bed in hospital until 9 saturday a.m She has been very confused and it ended up being low B/P and dehydration, so her bp dropped I guess and she did not feel good so she was not eating or drinking and then she was so confused from dehydration she forgot to eat. She is much better today but still in hospital
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Roselyn, prayers for your mother. I am glad she is better.

Cam 64, what is cervical fusion? I have problems with my neck and had an mri and their is limited space and whatever they called forminal stenosis in C5,C6, and C7. I have rheumatoid arthritis so it has limited what I used to be able to do. I hope things get better for you.
This week I am going to concentrate on lifting and see how I do. I want to see how I feel by the time I go to my PT appointment on Thursday. This morning I did RAW 4 Day Split Chest and Back and really enjoyed it. Some of the exercises were weird and I was a bit worried about doing them, but I have to get over this fear of injuring myself. I can't help by wonder if that is why I keep injuring myself? I will workout safely, though.

This was 1 minute per exercise going slow and controlled. Perfect for what I want to do. And I have to say, I am so glad I'm not wearing my FB anymore. I realized recently that I was so obsessed with getting 10k steps in a day that I didn't want to lift much. I can't get 10k a day when I just do a lifting workout. I think the stress of not worrying about steps is helping a lot. Not sure that makes sense but it does to me.

Lat Pulldown
: 10's (this was done standing and was really hard to do. Should have probably used 8's)
Reverse Pec Deck or Scap Squeeze: 10's (this was also hard)
Lawn Mower: 12#/15#

Moderated Pullover/Close Grip Press
: 12's
W Bench Press: 10's (this was weird and hard for me, sort of worried doing it but I did ok)
Dummbbell Flies: 15's

This was about 25 minutes

Then they do a Boxing Finisher so I did that as well. This was 14 minutes and I used my 1# sand weights.

Diane - Yes, that mobility workout I tried to do was a recent one and the one where she has you do the bear crawl and yogi squats. I didn't do any of that. What is the purpose of being able to do a bear crawl? Seriously. Same with yogi squats, I don't get what benefits it gives you. I wasn't impressed with that workout. I guess with the nerve issue you have to get the fascia freed up around it. That is what she did last week and it does feel better - even now. I just hope my tricep starts to feel better because it still feels the same. Maybe after a few more sessions. I iced it quite a bit this weekend and that seems to be helping to. Other than that, I don't know how I will prevent this from happening again? I need to ask her these questions. I also hope our Supreme Court overrules his mandate. They better do something for us!

Jolie - I agree with you, slow and heavy is the way to go. This craziness of Cathe's live workouts just aren't for me anymore. I will do what you are doing and try getting some slower lifting workouts in and see how I do. Great job on your workout last week!!

Belinda - I'm hoping one of our supreme court judges blocks Bidens' mandate plan. I seriously don't know how that is constituationally right for him to do? I'm praying every day that someone in that office wakes up and helps bring some normalacy back.

Cam64 - Welcome!! I am 55 years old and have been battling some nerve and muscle issues but things seem to be getting better. I'm hoping to start being able to lift again soon without injuries!! We'll see. I also enjoy step, boxing and my treadmill. Looking forward to seeing your workouts!

Roselyn - My mom has done that as well with the dehydration. They are not thirsty so they don't think they need to drink water. My mom seems to know better now. Glad to hear your mom is doing better.

Have a great day everyone!!
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Good morning,

I did Carline G. FUNDAMENTAL Back, Biceps and Core Workout - Dumbbells | EPIC III Day 6 is done.

Debbie - I really hope you can keep your job and don't have to look for something else. I read in Germany they are pushing the vaccine like they do here. A doctor in Germany will no longer see people without being vaccinated. He took an oath. Crazy time we live in.

Roselyn - glad your mom is doing better. How scary!

Cam64 - I like Carline workouts they are slow and controlled. We are lucky, so many great instructors on YT. Cathe besides Slow and Heavy is too fast for my arm/shoulder right know. I see a PT once a week for the last few month. I am getting ready to get an MRI and get to the button of this. I can't lift heavy right now either. At least, I get something, right. I hope can lift weights soon.

Diane. and Jolie - have a great workout.

I will try to be back later.
Sorry I have been MIA the last few days, I had my parents visiting so I just didnt have time to get on and post. Friday was a rest day, Saturday I went for a 5 mile walk outside and burned 844 calories. Sunday was another rest day because I got up early and did my moms hair before they went home. I always color and cut it for her because no one knows how to do it right, we like an Audrey Hepburn type pixie cut. Also, I cooked them a lot of meals and froze them so they would have their favorite foods to eat at anytime, they just have to pull them out of the freezer. Anyway, Today I went for a 4.4 mile walk in the hills, time was 1 hour 28 minutes and I burned 839 calories. My heart rate was 134/176 and I really felt the incline of the hills today. It is finally starting to get cooler so my walk today was so much easier.

Debbie, way to go on getting to the bottom of pain issue, the nerve pain makes sense. I always go the the Chiro when I have nerve pain and get an adjustment so relieve the pressure pushing on the nerve. Also, try taking Alpha Lipoic Acid supplement, it is great for nerve pain as well as Passion Flower, Tumeric root, White Willow Bark and Skullcap. I know that you will be feeling much better soon. Nice job on the workout and I am glad you are not wearing your fitbit, I only use mine for my workouts. I dont worry about the steps or the calorie burn when I lift and now I am not getting hurt. Slow and heavy is the way to go. You might want to try Caroline Girvan workouts some time, they are that format. Sorry about your job situation, that sucks!!! I cannot imagine this mandate going through nationally but I can see it in the school systems because the teachers unions are very liberal and they are the ones that are pushing the President to push the mandate.

Belinda, nice job on the workouts all weekend, you are killing it. Also, nice workout today, I am going to do some of her workouts soon. Wow, that washer and dryer issue must be frustrating!!!

Cam, welcome to the group!

Diane Sue, I love your picture you look great in that T-shirt! I will be back later to read your post so I can see what you did for your workout today.

Roselyn, So sorry about your mom, prayers coming your way!

Doreen, where are you???

I hope everyone has a great day, boy Fall is in the air and I love it!!! Tomorrow will be a weight workout but I am not sure which one yet.
I got to bed late last night and slept 15 minutes and work up :mad: I tried and tried, remembered I did not use my allergy medicine and did not want to get up. Finally after 2 am I got up and took the allergy med and a melatonin and went back to bed. It still took a long time to fall asleep. It seemed I could not hush all of the stuff going through my head and to do lists. So, workout was late and I am just now getting around to eating something and it is almost 3 in the afternoon! I did CDorner Advanced Step fast # 146, 57 minutes, heart rate 139/172, 4,491 steps, 318 calories. I then did CDorner Hips and upper back just back portion foam rolling and Feel Good flow and relax mobility workout stopping at the yogi squats(this is the one I had just done when my knee stuck afterward) Total time for both was 33 minutes, 51 calories, 47 steps. Total time was 90 minutes, 369 calories, 4,538 steps. I would lose my step here and there as the silly mind was still rambling through cardio. I quit taking the ashwagandha, and it really does help with anxiety as well as other things. It is a good supplement, just may not be good for auto immune as it can increase the immune system attacking the body. This last supplement was really strong though and had about 3 times as much as I normally used and also had other things in it. But, when I quit that flare up let up.

Debbie, nice work today on the 4 Day Split workouts. Funny thing is I never expect to get 10,000 steps and really do not worry much about it. I don't know who thought up the magic 10,000 steps number anyway. As far as yogi squats is concerned, it is supposed to open up the hips and help digestion. Easier to do happy baby to me. I can do them, but she added some uncomfortable moves in there. I am always slower on the 90/90 move. I liked the first part of it though. I did the bear crawl move today though. I forget which of those workouts is which. Sometimes I remember to go back later and put ones I like in my watch list. When she ended the right side of the foam roller today, I started to get up and felt a really sore almost right in my arm pit so I stayed there for a bit till it loosened and moved a bit. It feels better on that side now. I do like seeing heart rate and calories burned. We just have to know strength work is not a high calorie burner.
I asked questions at PT, but never got real helpful answers. It was just left that I would keep up with what they had set for me and gradually increase my strength back up and now 2 years later it is the same thing. Quite frustrating. I hope that you get some helpful answers. I hope these mandate things do not go everywhere. It is not right anyway.

Belinda, nice work with the Caroline Givens workout today. I have heard that about a couple of doctors here saying they were going to refuse patients that were not vaccinated. I Think it has happened here in our country, but always someone fighting it.

Jolie great job on the walks and calorie burns. That was a wonderful gesture cooking up food for you parents to take home to have. I am sure they really appreciated it. Thanks on the t-shirt. The hat is too big as it is my husbands hat.
Good morning,

Yesterday DS, DH, Cooper and I walked over 4 miles on a trail in Arlington. Today I Caroline G. RESILIENT LEG DAY WORKOUT - Lower Body Complexes - Dumbbells | EPIC III Day 7 is done. That one was a tough one. We are getting ready to go to the zoo today. Today is the last day my son is here.

Diane - I think eventually everyone has to get vaccinated. It's probably the only way you can live a free live and go anywhere regardless of all the breakthroughs.

Jolie - to make thing worst, DD's AC went out. I didn't sleep last night. Had all the windows, couldn't sleep with all the noises in the city.

Have a great day and workout.
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Feeling pretty good lately, still have a knot I'm dealing with but hoping that will go away after a few more PT appointments. It's weird but I'm not even sore from yesterday's workout. I'm glad about that.

This morning I did CDorner's #147 - 30 Minute Intermediate Step Aerobics (such unique names) and had fun with it, it was easy to do and my HR really got up there. Workout was 33 minutes.

Then I walked on my treadmill for 15 minutes and burned 89 calories and went .78 miles.

I was actually a sweaty mess when I got done.

Diane - I forgot to tell you, I really like your updated picture! That is awesome. I should update mine, I'm certainly not young anymore like my picture shows and my hair is past my shoulders now. LOL! If I can get a good pic of myself I might update it. You look really good, though!! Sorry you are having sleep issues, that must be horrible. That was my problem with the FB, though, I was always so obsessed with getting 10k steps a day, and I usually did. But I got away from lifting (before my upper back issue) because I didn't want to miss out on steps. However, I do not plan on starting to lift heavy again. I'd be happy getting up to 20's for some exercises and that is it. I do miss seeing the information while doing a workout but not as much as I thought I would. I guess you get used to anything when you want to.

Belinda - I hope I can keep my job as well, nothing is paying what I'm making here at any of the jobs I've applied for or looked at. My cousin just sent me a text today urging me to get vaccinated. She said she is so worried about me. I haven't even had the sniffles, though, and am always really careful in public places. I wear my mask everywhere. I hate this, wish it would just go away!

Jolie - Thank you for the supplement info, I will look into it. I plan on trying some of Caroline's workouts, I need to sit down and watch a few and then decide what to do. She sounds perfect. I see the mandate going through the school systems as well, however, all our schools are fighting the mask mandate so I don't see how anyone will mandate the vaccine here. We'll see. I might be safe because I don't work directly with kids unless I have an event going. Most of the time I'm in my office by myself. Glad you had a great weekend with your parents! What do you think the outcome of today's election will be? I hope Elders wins.

Have a great day everyone!
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Debbie - as soon as I can I will get vaccinated.All those covid deaths are scaring me. I don't agree how it's being pushed on people. Covid will not go away for a long time The numbers are very high. I am immune compromised with all the meds I have to take for RP I can't get vaccinated. Everyone I know got the shot and doing just fine. Not saaying everyone will either. I did talked to my Rheumatologist about it, he thinks I should get the shot. Everyone of my doctors got the shot. I honestly don't think they would take it willingly if they thought it was harm them. Well I was suppose to get vaccinated last week, had to get back on higher doses of MTX and steroids which I am still on. Once I feel better I will get the shot. Everyone in my family got the shot. I do have to get off the meds for 2 weeks in oder to develop antibodies. I already been told I needed 3 shots. I really hope you can keep your job.
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Let me start off by saying, I will NOT be getting the vaccine, you will have to put me in jail before I do it. It is our Constitutional right not to get it and there is NO long term studies so good luck to anyone that gets it, your future might not be as bright as you had hoped for. I do not care if anyone gets it or not, I have gotten some very interesting info lately and it is darn right scary. Of course you will not here it on the news because they do not want you to know the truth. Almost all of the people with Covid right now have had the vaccine and the people that have NOT do not have Covid. Think about that for a minute. This comes down to population control, via Bill Gates and Dr. Dumb Ass and I will not participate in such a low life Dictatorship methodology. I am a free thinker who takes control of my own life and makes the decisions for myself. Big Government does not have your best interest at heart, it is a power hungry money making propaganda machine and that is it. Funny, once Trump left office, the numbers have gone through the roof! Why? Open borders!!! Illegal Immigrants do not have to have the vaccine only law abiding citizens. Really!!! As long as our idiot President allows for open boarders, this situation will not get better. It is all about votes! Sorry, I had to rant because I am seriously disgusted.

Today I cannot workout, I have a Urinary Track Infection so bad I am so uncomfortable and sick. I have a phone appointment with my doctor at 10:30 am to get an antibiotic, I cannot function today and I was up all night in pain. I rarely get these but when I do I get them bad!!!!

Remember the girl I told you about that got the vaccine and was on life support, she is getting out of the hospital and needs to be on a pace maker for the rest of her life. Yeah, get the vaccine. A totally healthy young lady now on a pace maker. the media will not let the population know about the stories of people where it is a detriment instead of a success story. It is not about seeing people get the vaccine and nothing happens to them, it is about the long term consequences it will have on you down the line that is really the problem. I am not going to be one of those people and I am not going to be told what to do by some idiot politician. Nope and please do what is right for you, no judgement here, I am just ranting and raving about myself and my own family. To each as own is my motto. Until I walk a mile in your shoes I will never judge except I do judge the government and their over reach antics.

Debbie, kickin butt with the workouts!!!! I am so happy for you, your body is adjusting well to the PT and no FB. Way to go! We do not have to worry about steps if our diets are on point, which I know yours is, so do not worry about steps anymore. I always have to remind myself that muscle burns fat. I haven't counted my steps in about 3 years and I am better for it. I do love to walk because it burns fat but I never look at the steps. I know how long I have to walk to keep my weight in check. I bet you will not have to get the vaccine at the school, unless the teachers Union demands it but you live in a state that is pretty pro active about personal rights. It will have to go to the Supreme Court to make it a mandate and only if it wins. I doubt it. However, the military is mandating it and so many people are quitting the Armed Forces which is sad since our country will be under attack sooner or later by the Taliban.

Belinda, Nice job on the workout and sorry about the poor sleep, I had a rough night myself.

Diane Sue, great workout yesterday! I hope you slept better last night. Getting poor sleep just ruins the day.

What happened to Doreen?

Roselyn, I hope you have a great workout today.

Make it a great day.
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