Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for SEPTEMBER 2021


Good morning,

No walk this morning, it's raining nonstop. I did do SBF LB barre.

I am up early to run some errands.

I will be back later.
I think I'm back to walking on my treadmill and stretching for a while. Geez, when will this end?

Anyways, I walked for 20 minutes and burned 131 calories. Walked 1.05 miles.

I also did CDorner's #17 Morning Mobility and Stretch workout. I was hoping it was upper body but it was all lower body. I asked Chris if she could do one specifically for the shoulder blade and triceps area and she said she certainly will do one. Can't wait! I love her, she always answers the posts I put on her youtube channel, I don't know where she has time to answer every single thing that is out there but she does. Even though this was a lower body stretch, I feel good today, my legs needed a good stretch.

Diane - We can't win, I tell you. I have all kinds of knots again. I worked on them last night with my body buddy and got some relief but I still feel one back there. I iced it as well and that helped a lot. I need to keep icing it, it's just impossible to do at work. That's what I mean with the FB, to have to stop a workout to get the stupid thing to work better is ridiculous. I actually don't think the FB has anything to do with my pain but I really don't want to wear it anymore. I'm tired of feeling like a slave to that thing and it's actually nice not worrying about how many steps I'm at during the day. I just hope I don't gain any weight. I just wish I knew how many calories I was burning although my FB was never right with that information either. How was the 80's step workout, was it fun? My VHX with Kelly's Raw workouts are set up like your Firestick. It has all the workouts together with the newest ones first, then she has categories like Muscle Building, Cardio, Cardio and Weights, etc. It's easy to find things there. The Roku one doesn't seem to be like that. I'll stick with the VHX one until it stops working I guess. It is nice to know I can get her workouts on Roku if I need to.

Belinda - Do you use a smartwatch like the Apple Watch or the Fitbit? You never say what your calorie burns are so I was just wondering. Hope you get some good news soon about your shoulder issue. I'm sorry you are going through so much stuff, you are a strong woman to deal with it so well!

Jolie - The massage thing my husband got me a couple years ago, which I use religiously still, has the infrared lights on the balls that massage my back. Hasn't helped in the least. Well, it does give me relief but it doesn't make this go away totally. I have a knot in my left upper should blade right now that I can feel and I worked on that thing last night with my Body Buddy and pressed REALLY hard on it and it's still there. W - T - F? So frustrating. Maybe I should try accupuncture? Hope you get relief with the humidty. We are finally seen our dew points drop, it's nice outside right now. :)

Roselyn - I love hummingbirds. We get them every now and again. I haven't seen any this year yet.

Take care everyone, have a great day!
I am going to come back in later to put in my workout.
Just wanted to tell Debbie that my CoffeyFit app on my tablet, roku, and fire tv all have the workouts placed in the same order and the sections that are cardio, strength etc.. When I went and looked last night I noticed even though I could turn the app on I had not logged into it yet. So I used the log in on it and it unlocked everything. At first I was trying to do activate and could not find activate according to Kelly's website and when I went back to mess with it I noticed I could just log in with my email and password. Sorry, you are back to dealing with the knots and pain. I am still working on the shoulders and neck. If I let up pain comes right back. I had to reorder some of my supplements since I have not had them for the last week.

Belinda, nice work this morning on sbf. They were saying it was going to cool off and we will get some rain next week. I went outside yesterday and got some weeding and yard work done while I can.
My workout today was CDorner Low Imapact Cardio all low impact and standing, 40 minutes, heart rate 154/177, 266 calories, 3,778 steps. I then did CDorner Full hour Thigh and Butt Circuit with dumbbells and bands, stopping at 41 minutes, heart rate 114/139, 155 calories, 629 steps. I finished with CDorner 20 minute mobility workout, 22 minutes, 42 calories, heart rate 81/100. Total time was 1 hour 49 minutes, 4,407 steps, 463 calories. Chris had some problems with buffering at first, then turned off her timer and it quit buffering. She thinks it is youtube. After she turned off the timer you tube gave her a signal of a problem.
CDorner Thigh and Butt was done with each round doing 45 seconds work
rnd 1
goblet squat Chris 30# db, me 20#
forward lunge alternating 15# dbs
deadlift 20# dbs (I think Chris 30#)
floor leg curl with dumbbell between feet 8# option move is to do bridges I did the curl
repeat 2 more times
rnd 2
reverse lunge alternating 15# dumbbells
side to side lunge 20# Chris me 15# dumbbell
1 leg reverse lunge all right 15# dumbbell
side to side lunge 15# dumbbell
1 leg reverse lunge all left 15# dbs
rnd 3 bands and dumbbell
side step twice step in squat
squat hold
bridge with band bridge with band and 20# dumbbell (Chris uses 30#)
repeat 2 more times
rnd 4
more strength work starting with a forward lean lunge, crossback move. I did not do this.

Debbie, I did not have acupuncture before, but they did dry needling at the PT. It did not help me, but maybe acupuncture would help. Tommy Copper has infrared devices, but I checked and the price was over 200 dollars which is a lot to pay if it does not work. They might have a guarantee on it. I have their shoulder posture shirt, but it mostly makes me feel uncomfortable. I am sure it helps posture, but the copper etc, does not help the pain and that shirt was fifty dollars after a discount code.
Checking in late today, I got really busy today and forgot :( Today I went for a fantastic walk outside, it was overcast and cool! Walk time was 1 hour 38 minutes and I traveled 4.8 miles up and down hills and I burned 845 calories. I got new shoes a few weeks back and they kill me now, I have a bunion starting so I am taking them back for something else. I swear, I cant find shoes to fit my long and skinny feet. Even Brooks, New Balance and Saucony don't work anymore and they were always my favorite shoes.

Debbie, sorry to hear that you are in such pain again, I swear this just has to be so frustrating for you. I would try acupuncture if I were you, it cant hurt. Nice job on the TM walk and the stretch, I am sure you really needed it.

Belinda, I found this Chiro on Instagram that addresses Auto Immune disorders and boy is it interesting. The thing that caught my eye was his post saying "Excess Estrogen is one of the biggest triggers we see in our Hahimoto's and Auto Immune patient population". We become Estrogen dominant later in life and that is why we see so much Cancer in middle age people. For one thing, Soy is the killer bean and makes you Estrogen Dominant. So is a whole bunch of other things we eat and or drink that are natural so who would think right! The mans name is Josh Redd, DC, MS, DAIIM and his Instagram name is drjoshredd. Look into this, it might help you out. I would go look at his info it is very informative. Great job on the workout today!

Diane, great workout today! If I did a 1 hour workout of just thighs and butt I would not be able to move the next day! Check out the post I sent to Belinda. Very interesting stuff.
Debbie - thank you! I am so sorry you in so much pain again. I was hoping you on your way feeling better. If it's not one thing it's another. Feel better my friend! Yes, I have a Apple Watch which I love. I don't burn a ton of calories when I workout. I also keep my workouts light, no high impact and very light weights. Today I burned 164 cal with BW standing leg exercises. My cal burn isn't that high these day's. I do close all my rings every day.

Jolie - thank you I will check it out. I don't eat a lot of soy. Great job yesterday.

Diane - it's been raining hard here. No way I could go for a walk. Some areas had tornados. We also having high winds.

Good night.
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I am feeling better today but I did reach out to a PT place close to where I work to see if I can go in and see what is going on with this. Sick of it. The place is called "Let's Get Physical Therapy" and I am waiting to hear back from them. I just want to feel normal again.

Today I walked on my treadmill for 33 minutes, burned 216 calories and went 1.76 miles.

Then I did CDorner Upper Body & Neck Stretch. It says it was streamed one month ago and it is 20 minutes long. The actual Youtube says 28 minutes but it said "workout starting shortly" and went on for like 4 minutes, then Chris is on there talking a bit. This one is really good but it is live and she's laughing and talking to everyone constantly. It is really hard to relax when she does that. But it was a good stretch workout.

Diane - I will check out the Roku app on my TV again, I need to check it out when I have time to just sit and look through it. Glad to hear it is categorized like the VHX one is. There has to be a way to fix our muscle/nerve problems and make them go away. I cannot stand thinking I have to deal with this forever. There has to be something causing it. Hoping to find out when I go to PT. We'll see, my hopes aren't really high about it. The device I have that massages my back has infrared in it. It hasn't helped much. It does, it relieves it, but then it comes right back. Frustrating. I know you can relate.

Jolie - I am having the same problem with shoes and my bunions. My Brooks do well until they are worn for a few months, then they hurt. I have two pairs of comfortable ones right now, hope they last. Nice job on your walk yesterday, glad it was cooler. It is really cool here now, 59 degress this morning. Fall is here. I stay away from soy, every time I eat anything with soy in it my boobs start to hurt really bad. It is an evil food.

Belinda - I don't eat any soy, it has way too much estrogen in it for my body. That's why I don't like Tofu, I think that is a type of soy. Great job with your walk today!

Have a great day everyone!!
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Getting ready to go do my workout. I was up late last night and woke up late. Doing lots of research. I went over lots of articles from the holistic vet I am pretty sure I will switch to. He uses photonic light therapy. Red light therapy. He was a skeptic at first and learned about it from an Australian veterinarian. He studied it and uses it for animals for many different things and it works. He shows pictures of some things being healed. Anyway, it seems you have to make sure you get the real thing as some are just red lights or very low level. Doing research one would need around 830mn at least. Also, a good device is not cheap. The vet also likes to prescribe minerals to dogs along with their food and probiotics. He gave a link to some liquid minerals that he carries in his office that is really for humans, but looking at it you add a tablespoon to water or a drink each day. Another thing the vet suggests is a good water filtration system for pets drinking water. Refrigerator filters etc. do not get rid of all of the toxic stuff that can get through. Not sure we would do that, but it makes one wonder. When we get water quality reports from the city, they often have notes that it is mostly safe unless health issues.

Jolie, I am about ready for new shoes. My arthritis in my feet is changing and I think I am going to need even more room in the forefoot. I hate trying to find shoes. At home I wear Crocs sandals and Chocos sandals or go barefoot. I hate shoes to be honest, but I have to wear them when I go out. Good luck finding the right shoes. I made the cucumber salad and it was really good. Thankyou for posting the recipe ingredients. I have read that about soy products. I get emails from someone that has dealt with hoshimotos and histamine intolerance also comes into play. I avoid soy products. They throw soy into so many packaged products. You even have to watch chicken. I used to buy chicken from Schwann's and the non breaded nuggets had soy added to them. I really take care to choose organic products as much as possible that are not processed.

Debbie, I hope the PT can help you. I have been trying the stretch that you posted the video of. It sort of reminded me that I had asked my PT how I can stretch that area in the delt area where it hurts and she had me sit on a chair, bend over and reach across to the opposite chair leg and lean away to get the stretch and hold it. Most stretches she had me holding for 30 seconds. I got pretty good at the counting in my head after using a timer for so long.

Belinda, nice work getting the walk in before PT. Hope it goes well for you. I hope we do not get severe storms.
Today is a rest day. I am going to workout hard the next 3 days so I have to give my body a rest beforehand. FYI, Tofu is soy, it is just processed. Brazil is the largest soy producer in the world, and I am not sure if it is still illegal but since the last time I checked, it is illegal to consume any type of soy in that country. Why? They understand how bad it is for you, they know it causes tons of health problems and it causes Cancer. Funny, that the largest producer of soy outlaws it to their own citizens. Think about that!!! I almost cry when I am Starbucks and I listen to all of these ladies ordering a soy latte. They are so miss informed and will have so many problems down the line with their health. Why do you think that in the 1970's when soy or tofu became popular, breast and ovarian cancer started to rise in women? In the Nutrition Industry, it is known as The Killer Bean. It is used and pushed so hard because it is the least expensive protein on the planet so companies make a ton of money by pushing it on the consumer. So sad...

Debbie, way to go on getting a PT appointment in the future, this will uncover a lot and maybe take away the guessing of what is causing your pain. Nice walk and stretch today.

Diane Sue, I wear flip flops every day or just wear running shoes that I do not workout in. I notice when you workout in your shoes they wear down very fast so I have two pairs just for walking around in and they stay supportive and in good shape. I have never tried Crocs, they look like they would be comfy. I give my dog Probiotics, minerals, Milk Thistle, vitamin C, CoQ10, Collagen and much more every day. He is doing so well and he is almost 15 years old. My vet cant believe how good of shape he is in at his age. I am also using the Infrared light on his ACL and it is helping a lot. Also, I only give my dog distilled water or reverse osmosis and that keeps the toxins away. Too much pharmacuetical drugs are flushed down the toilets and they are in the tap water even after the purification is complete. I hope you feel good today and have the energy you need since you went to be late last night.

Belinda, nice getting a walk in today and good luck at PT too!

BBL to read the posts for the day.
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Belinda, have you ever read any of Suzanne Summers books? They are super informative and if you have not, you should read them. She is another person the Government hates because she understands how bad they and doctors do not have our best interests at heart. Doctors just don't know that they just don't know.
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Jolie - no, I never read any of Suzanne Summers books. I will check her out once I get a break.

Diane - we had a lot of wind storms and it never stopped raining. Woke up this morning freezing, it was in the 50's.

Debbie - FOK recommends eating soy in moderations. I understand why you can't eat soy. I eat it in moderations. Hopefully the PT can figure out soon. Mine told me today I need to schedule for an MRI.
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Today I did CDorner Cardio Core first round as she does the 12 rounds 3 times and I did not want to do it again. This was 21 minutes, actually 17 minutes+4 minutes as I started over because I had turned my Garmin off to switch from the Samsung TV that seems to have a problem playing youtube as the time and screen were not right again, to the computer. I needed to do it in the carpeted room to use gliding discs. This was heart rate 127/159, 110 calories, 727 steps. I then did Kelly Coffey Box Fit workout #1 dvd which is the boxing workout, 34 minutes, 222 calories, heart rate 150/181, 3,403 steps. Total time was 55 minutes, calories burned 332, 4,130 steps. My heart rate really got up there on the bonus round on Box Fit. I always have liked this one. Workout #2 is weights. I wore 1# gloves for the boxing. Kelly does do other moves along with the boxing.
Moves for Cardio Core
inch worm
jack, jack cross
glides thrust back (like squat thrust but with discs)
skate, step cross back, knee up
glider mountain climbers
holding a disc turn 2 knee pulls
glider move that I cannot read my notes on :p
cross jack knee knee up 3 legged dog knee in and back up followed by kneeling on right knee left leg extended to the side tap hand down left side and right side
repeat both moves on left side right extended
repeat all 2 more times

Jolie, you sound like you have all of the stuff going for your dog that this vet has listed. I don't know about the water. I would have to buy a lot as my dog drinks a lot of water. She always has. I have just always got it from my refrigerator figuring since I kept the filter changed it would be fine. My husband and I use bottled water all of the time and I use refrigerator filtered for cooking. He mentions drugs that are still in the tap water. He says if you have well water you are safer. That is what my daughter that has all of the acreage has. I do use refrigerator water for my coffee though. I guess I should be buying the gallon jugs. I heard on the news that a couple of FDA employees quit because the Biden administration is pushing mandatory boosters when they have not had time to thoroughly research it.
I checked out Suzanne Summers books years ago from the library. I haven't checked her stuff out in a long time.

Belinda, maybe an mri will show something that can be taken care of and you will feel better. I don't know as it helped me, other than to know their is arthritis in there.
I made an appointment at "Let's Get Physical Therapy" for Thursday. Looking forward to going, I hope they can tell me something but my hopes aren't too high. But maybe they can get me on my way to permanent recovery.

I walked on my treadmill again this morning for about 30 minutes then I did CDorner's 18 Minute Neck & Shoulder Stretch. I really like this one and it isn't live so she's not laughing and chatting with everyone. I also love the music in this one and wish I could find out who sings ones of the songs that is in it.

Diane - What is wrong with your dog?? What does he need therapy for? Sad when our furry friends aren't feeling well. That stretch from the video I sent hasn't helped me a bit. In fact, it seems worse. I can't win. Is Kelly's Box Fit on her RAW Channel under those DVD's she has listed? I might try it when I feel like I can. Sounds like Fun.

Jolie - I believe that about soy and I can't believe how many products have it. I just went to reorder my Hemp Protein Powder from Bob's Mills and in the Ingredient list is says it comes from a factory with nuts, soy and dairy. So cross contamination for sure. I ended up ordering a more pure one and this warning wasn't on their ingredient list. Ridiculous!

Belinda - I think it's smart of you to have an MRI. It will tell you exactly what is going on with your shoulder. Good luck! I'll be interested to see what they find.

Roselyn - Nice job with your cardio yesterday. Hope you see this thread.

Have a great day and a very great Labor Day weekend! I will probably take a three day rest from working out. See you on Tuesday but will be reading what you all are doing throughout the weekend.

I am in DC. DD washer/dryer hopefully is coming today. They came once without the hose they said they be back in 45 minutes. That was this morning. We wanted to go to the National zoo. I doubt we make it.BBL
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Today I went for a 4.3 mile walk, 1 hour 21 minutes and burned 789 calories. I was so tired walking today, my legs need a rest. I am going to visit my parents in Big Bear tomorrow so I will have a rest day, a well needed rest day. I will try to do Cathe's Gym Style Chest and Triceps workout on Sunday. I hope you all have a great weekend with your friends and family. My husband is working all weekend, like always, that is why I am going to visit my parents. I always have to spend every holiday by myself because my parents do not live close, my oldest son is off to college and my husband works all of the time. Oh well, I am getting used to it, it has been like this for about 10 years. I think I am going to get a part time job once my dog gets a little better just to get some socializing in and some extra fun money.

Debbie, nice walk and stretch today. Have a great 3 days off!

Belinda, Good luck with the MRI, I hope they find what is bothering you and finally get to the bottom of it.

Diane Sue, great workouts today! I want to look at Kelly's boxing dvds this weekend, I might by some online.

Have a wonderful day, off to the vet with my dog for his ACL injury check up. I dont think there is much they can do for him going forward due to his age.
Today I did CDorner Step (Boy Bands) 62 minutes, 275 calories, heart rate 123/160, 4,496 steps. I also did her foam rolling hips and upper back. I wanted to do the Boss bands total body today, but i was woke up many times last night with leg pain, neck pain and my elbow. When I got up the bottom of my foot hurt. I guess the arthritis is acting up. Hopefully tomorrow I can do some strength work.

Debbie, Chris mentioned on one of her mobility workouts that she had to purchase some of the music she uses for the stretches and mobility on one of them that I liked. I know what you mean as there was some songs that I kept thinking I would like to have. I like that neck and shoulder stretch. My dog is okay. I feed her well and am careful with her. It is just that she is the age my other lab mixed died and has slowed down a bit. She is exhausted when she comes home after staying with my grandson and family and playing with their pup Kermit. She spends several days just sleeping. It is either that or she is moping. my vet that I have used for years is quite far if we have an emergency. Plus they are expanding and moving. There is only two in the town close by and they are both holistic vets which I am fine with. He grew up on a farm and takes care of small animals as well as horses and cows.

Jolie, sorry your holidays are by yourself or going to stay at your parents. I would imagine weekends and holidays are times when your husband gets more sales. I have had years where I was alone when my husband was out of country and sometimes it as too silent. Fortunately had grandchildren then that would come and hang with me. Now they are adults though with their own lives. I think Thansgiving will be another date other than Thanksgiving this year in order to get family here. Enjoy your time with your family.
Belinda, I am surprised they did not inform your daughter that she would need a hose for the washing machine. It really is silly that you have provide dryer and washer installation stuff. Amazon let me know what I needed and so did Best Buy on our last washer and dryer purchases.
I swear I just typed a response to Belinda and it is not there.

Belinda, I hope they get back with the hose. It is ridiculous that we have to get those items separately. Amazon and Best Buy both let me know what was needed before they brought out our washer and dryer. Maybe you will still get to go to the zoo today.

No washer/dryer came today either. We waited another day, that's been going on since Thursday. Now the regional manager saying it will come on Wednesday. We shall see!

We did managed to get a walk in this morning. Almost had a feeling they wouldn't show up.

Diane - isn't ridiculous! We are pissed. Last week we waisted a day, the washer/dryer was damaged. Thursday the driver came, but forgot to bring the hose. They took the washer/dryer with them, we never saw them again. Then they told us it would be delivered Friday, the company that was suppose to deliver the washer/dryer got fired. Then the regional manager was looking for a driver and deliver it today Saturday. He still looking for a driver, we waited all day long. It's a joke! The washer/dryer is suppose to get delivered next week Wednesday. At this point, we have zero hope! We are pissed. We never made it to the zoo, as we were waiting for someone to deliver the washer/dryer. The zoo is 45 min from DD's house. We are not happy with this at all. Waisted time waiting for nothing.

Jolie - thank you! Me too. What borders me is not so much the pain, not getting my left arm behind my back.

Debbie - thank you! I will let you know about the MRI. The pain has to come from somewhere. Did you get an appointment with the PT? I hope he/she can help you.

Diane - I have arthritis in my neck. I need to know what's causing the pain. I still can't but my left arm behind my back. I am in so much pain when I do that move. Not normal!

Good night.
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Today I did Boss Bands Total Body skipping the chest and superman move which bothers my back with the bands. This was 53 minutes, 142 calories, heart rate 97/134. I also went to lighter bands on some of the heavy work. I did not feel like cardio today. I am not feeling well and wasn't yesterday afternoon either. I have napped most of the day. I also did CDorner Deep Stretch, 32 minutes, heart rate 77/92, 49 calories. This one is a good one for holding stretches and not quite so much activity as the mobility is. Total time was 85 minutes, 191 calories, 1142 steps. I think the problem is my arthritis. I woke again this morning sore and completely drained feeing. My Garmin keeps giving me very low points on my body battery, although sleep has been around 7 hours (not sound sleep though) Sp02 is okay, everything looks good, just no energy and it has that right. I keep checking to see if I have a temp, but I do not. Body battery showed me at 13 points out of a 100 which is not good. Usually I am 50-80.

Belinda, that is ridiculous about the washer and dryer. We got a washer once that was damaged and my husband called Lowes and complained because it had a dent in the front. They took off the delivery cost and 100 dollars and we kept it. Everyone seems to have troubles having enough help. They need to quit giving people money to sit at home so they get back to being productive citizens. I don't know what to think about things these days. What a disappointment not getting the washer and dryer and getting to go on with your plans for the day. I feel for you with the neck pain. I gather reading a lot is caused from tight traps. That is one thing I did get from the mri is the lack of space for synovial fluid and arthritis. Not a pleasant mri to say the least. They kept me trapped in one position with a hard device for 45 minutes and it hurt something awful. I have had mri's before and never had them be painful like that was. I have been concentrating on stretching upper back and neck, and using the foam roller upper back and hip from CDorner almost every day and it helps a lot. The only thing I got from the arthritis doctor is that he could give an epidural in my neck. I am putting that off as long as possible.

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