Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for SEPTEMBER 2021

Celebrated my Daughter's 30th birthday last night!! 30!! How cn that be I am only 29 :) Time sure does fly my dad will be gone a year this month:(

Worked chest/tris today
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I walked this morning and did yesterday's SBF TB workout.

Roselyn - happy birthday to your DD. My DD is turning 36 October. Time sure does fly. Sorry about your dad's will be gone this month is coming up ((HUGS)))

Diane - isn't it ridiculous. I have a feeling it will not show up on Wednesday either. We ordered the washer/dryer combo at Costco. Regardless of what they shouldn't waist our time by make us wait. I never had an MRI done on my neck/shoulder. Have no idea what to expect. I need to look into Chris stretch/mobility workouts.

Good night.
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Good morning,

3 mile walk outside plus Caroline G. EPIC III Leg is done.

I will catch up with personals later.
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Saturday I ended up just staying home and not going to my parents because the traffic was horrific and it just didn't make sense to spend all day in the car for a lunch. They will be coming here to my house next weekend instead. Saturday I did Cathe's Gym Style Chest and Triceps and boy oh boy am I sore today!!! Sunday was my 2nd rest day for the week. Today I went for a 5 mile walk in the hills, time was 1 hour 38 minutes and I burned 950 calories, the last 1/4 mile uphill back to my house was so tuff I wasn't sure if I would make it home LOL!

I have not eaten well at all this weekend, too much BBQ food and wine. Oh well, I will start back at it tomorrow.

Belinda, great job getting your walk in today. I cant believe that you have a daughter that is 36 years old!! My oldest is turning 21 next month.

Roselyn, happy birthday to your daughter! Wow, I cant believe that a year has gone by since your dad has past. Sorry and I hope your family gets through it ok.

Have a wonderful Labor Day!
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I was struggling this morning, but got in some cardio and mobility work in. I chose a shorter cardio from CDorner. I started with a recent cardio for 10 minutes and decided I did not want to learn different choreography and stopped and did Step #143 easy Intermediate, 35 minutes, heart rate 135/177, easy both together was45 minutes , 251 calories, 3,819 steps. I then did mobility hips and shoulders #6, heart rate 85/10, 28 minutes, 54 calories, 69 steps. Total time was 73 minutes, 305 calories, 3,888 steps. Joints are still hurting. No weight work for now. I have read that strength training can help, but somehow I have never found that to be the case for me.

Roselyn, my son is 47 and it just seems unbelievable. Nice work on leg day today.

Belinda, fingers crossed the washer and dryer show up like it is supposed to. Costco must have lousy choices for delivery contractors. Chris has some good mobility workouts. Some are a bit much for me though and I have to change up moves, but I often return to my favorites. The hips, shoulders and neck was an older one and I skipped the yogi squat segment and adjusted push ups that were part of a move. She didn't spend long on neck which was at the end though. There are several though that are neck and shoulder stretches and mobility that I really like though. She has a few that have cardio in the name that are pretty active if you want more of a stretch.
When I mentioned to my doctor my worry about the mri after last time, he said they could give me something to relax, but I need someone to take me home which I do not have. Maybe next time wont be as bad as I won't be doing neck at the same time. Nice that you got your workout in today.

Jolie, great calorie burn and intense hill climb back home. Sounds like you might have needed the rest day after the weight workout. I don't blame you for not wanting to battle traffic to go to your parents for lunch. Nice that they are coming to your house next weekend.
Hope you all had a wondering holiday weekend! Mine was great and very relaxing. The weather could not have been better.

This morning I did CDorner's #143 - 30 Minute Intermediate Step Aerobics Workout and loved it. This one was fun, easy to follow and I broke a good sweat with it. Workout ended up being about 33 minutes and I burned 215 calories I'm guessing.

I'm sorry but I don't have time for personals. Great job with your workouts this weekend, I was very active but did not work out. Have a great day!!!
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Today I had a great workout, I stayed in the gym because it is hot and sunny and I did not want to walk outside in the sun. I started with an uphill walk on the TM, 40 minutes, traveled 2.2 miles and my pace was 3.2 and my incline was 5.0. Next I got on my elliptical and ran on Interval mode for 11 minutes and traveled 1.3 miles. After cardio, I did Cathe's Gym Style Shoulders and Biceps only, I did not have enough time to do the Back portion of the workout. I had a great workout in all and burned 668 calories. My Biceps are pumped!!! I did not sleep well last night, I have some hot flashes again and that makes me very mad. It will be 5 years of this crap and I am sick of it. The hot flashes always start back up in the Fall and I wonder why?

Debbie, great step workout today. Is your arm and shoulder area feeling any better not wearing the FitBit? I am glad you had a nice holiday weekend and the weather was good!

Great workouts yesterday everyone! I will BBL to read the posts for the day. It is Tuesday already!
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Hi everyone,

Walk outside and Caroline G. EPICIII UB + Push Up practice is done. I really love Caroline workouts, they are slow and controlled.

Jolie -yeah, it's hard to believe my DD is turning 36 years old on Halloween. I am 58 years old. When is your oldest bday next month? Sorry about your hot flashes. I am lucky I never experience any of this. I am dealing with a lot of other crap.

Diane - DH and I will drive to DC again tomorrow. It's suppose to get delivered between 8-11 am. We shall see. I always make workouts work for me, I am dealing with so much crap. If it doesn't feel good, I just do something else. I do want to do her mobility she posted today? Good job as well.

Debbie - glad you had a great weekend. Ours was kinda quit. Good job today.

Roselyn - great job on the leg day yesterday.
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Today I did CDorner 45 minute Low Impact Steady State no jumping, 46 minutes, heart rate 151/184, 297 calories, 4,010 steps. The last segment uses light dumbbells (2#) and I did not do any of the stuff that would hurt. I forget this every time I do it. I then did todays mobility workout. It was a little much on the wrists so I finally did some of the into plank moves on to my forearms. Also, she goes through yogi squat, then shows moves building up to yogi squat and has you do it again. Really I can get there pretty well, but it is hard to stay there for long. Also there was variations of 90/90. She hits neck and shoulders at the last. This is 30 minutes, but I forgot to stop my watch till after my bath as I had some sort of mishap. I am not sure how many calories as it got to 50 minutes.
When I was finished with the mobility, I went to get up and some how my right knee literally got stuck in the joint. It hurt so bad and I sat there for the longest time trying to figure out how to get out of it I couldn't move it without even more pain. Finally going through alternatives knowing even if I yelled no one would here me and my husbands phone is not in the bedroom where he is sleeping. I Carefully worked to lie on my back and got pushed up to sitting and went to try to extend my leg in front of me and it snapped back to the right spot with a jolt of pain and it let up. I stretched and relaxed awhile and then bathed and soaked then put on my freezy wrap. I don't want that experience again. When my Whole foods arrives I am going to elevate and rest my leg for awhile.

Debbie, nice work today. I bet you got a few more calories than that, but good guess as I got 251. That is good for me on a 30 minute workout. I liked it too.

Jolie, nice work with the treadmill and gym style shoulders and biceps. Sorry you ran out of time for back, but you can always do it another day.

Belinda, at least they gave you a day and time frame for the washer and dryer delivery. Today's mobility was slower paced. She does give some options for move some have difficulty with. Nice work on Epic upper and push up practice today and your walk.
This morning I did RAW Shadow Boxing 1 (where is 2? LOL!) and had a great workout. This is a slow and controlled boxing workout with no impact whatsoever. I used my 1# sand weights. I figured I burned about 220 with this one. It was 40 minutes. Music sucked, though, it just didn't go with the workout.

Jolie - Wow, great job with your workout yesterday, you did a lot!! I'm looking forward to going to my PT appointment tomorrow. I hope they can shine a bit of light on what is going on with me. I want to let loose and workout hard again, I'm sick of babying myself. My tricep and upper back gets better, then I workout and it hurts again. I guess I see a bit of difference not wearing my FB but not 100% sure. Hey, I read an article finally about why Gavin Newsom is being recalled. We never heard anything about it here on our news - all we ever hear about is COVID and how bad it's getting yet everything is opened to full capacity with no provisions whatsoever. :rolleyes: Anyways, that guy sounds like such a douche bag. Who do you think will take his place? I read that there are several unknown people running for the position. I didn't recognize any names other than Kaitlyn Jenner. It would be great to have a Republican governor again.

Diane - Is that workout you did with Chris an older one? I remember doing one that was cardio in the beginning and then she uses 2# dumbbells for shoulder work. That was a great workout but I sure felt it in my shoulders and traps. Great job with your workout! OMG about your knee, that must have frightened you!!! I would have been freaking out. Yikes. Hope it is ok now.

Belinda - Great job with your workout. Do you do Caroline's workouts on Youtube or do you have her DVD's?

Have a great workout everyone!!!
Today I went for a 4 mile walk outside, 1 hour 20 minutes and I burned 780 calories. My heart rate was 134/194! I wouldn't doubt it either, I went up a really steep hill and I barely made it to the top. Wow, I will wait to do this walk again when it cools off this Fall or Winter. I had wanted to go further but it got too hot outside and I had to head back earlier than I wanted too. I say a rattle snake and it scared the crap out of me. I carry a water bottle that I can spray and it scares them away. It is like putting Holy Water on the Devil LOL! The rest of the week is going to be very hot so I am not sure what my workouts will look like, I may have to move some of my gym equipment into the house.

Debbie, great job on the workout today! I might do a kick boxing workout this week myself. Good luck on the PT appointment today, I hope they help you get to the bottom of what the problem is so you can get back to working out they way you want to! Gavin Newsom is the biggest idiot on the planet. I voted to recall him and we all want Larry Elder to win. He is always on Fox News as a contributor and he is a God loving man. He is an African American and Gavin said he is a White Supremist!!! WTF!

BBL to read the posts for the day.
Today I did CoffeyFit Raw Kickboxing Outside so that I would not be doing a lot of jumping or stepping. Thisw was 40 minutes, heart rate 147/179, 254 calories, 2,491 steps. I also did the stretch portion of CDorner step, box, and stretch which was 18 minutes, which started at 51 minutes into the workout time, heart rate 74/87, 23 calories, 75 steps, He says you can do one segment or all of them. It starts with step and the warm up, then kickboxing at 31 minutes. Total time today was 58 minutes, 2,566 steps, 277 calories.

Debbie, nice work with the shadowboxing workout 1. Some of her titles are confusing to me. Are the 4 day split workouts newer ones? I kept thinking they were the 5 day workout plan and then I thought maybe they are not. Plus if it is 4 day where is the other two? Yes, the workout I did yesterday is a bit older. Her workout with the step and abs did not work. It pops up something about Hendrix and not allowed in our country. I guess she played music she couldn't use. Although she did not seem to know as during the mobility everyone was making comment about it not working. I have been hearing about Gavin Newsome recall on Fox and the election. I really like Larry Elder and where he stands. It seems the Gavin supporters from the white house are going to go campaign to keep Gavin Newsome. Ridiculous. Having hopes that PT goes well for you.

Jolie, great job on the workout today. Walking in the heat does not sound fun, and the snake would have me cowering in the house till I could convince myself to go back out. Larry Elder would be my choice. I really like his stance on things. He of course has been called all kinds of names by the left. I am glad he is standing his ground and not being intimidated. It they vote Gavin Newsom into staying, there are a lot of idiots out there.

Belinda, I hope things went well with the washer and dryer today.
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The washer/dryer got delivered before 8 am. Once we left, DD called us letting us know the washer wasn't draining. This is the washer/dryer from hell. We are on the phone with Costco and GE. We probably will exchange this one since she already has so many problems. The washer/dryer looks really good, just doesn't work.

I did Caroline G. EPIC ABS AND GLUTES - Dumbbell Workout, Hip Thrusts | EPIC III Day 3

Debbie - I hope you get some answers today. Caroline G. is on YT. Here are the EPICIII workouts I am doing. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhu1QCKrfgPXAMz4TJv5Ub4IFvdXjuFXyI like her style. Some people think she is repetitive.

Jolie - great job on your walk today.

Diane - not really! They gave us the date last week. They didn't had a driver to deliver. Nice job yesterday.

Have a great day.
Belinda, that is terrible about the washer. So the delivery people didn't hook it up and make sure everything was working?
Diane - no, they did and they ran the washer for a second. Once they left we cleaned/sanitized the washer/dryer. DD started a load that is when we realized it didn't drain. The thing happened to her old washer, that is why she bought a new one. We are not taking this one, it's already starting to became a problem. Costco is aware what's going on.
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This morning I did RAW Cardio Crush 2 and had a great workout. Kelly and crew are doing this outside and it looked really hot. In fact, two of her girls dropped out after about 20 minutes. Plus they were doing this on concrete. Nutso I tell you! LOL!! Good workout, though.

Workout was 33 minutes and I figured I burned about 245 calories. That's what I burned the last time I did this one which was over a year ago.

My PT appointment is this afternoon. Of course most of the pain is gone now. WTF? Still, I'm going. Something is causing this and I need to find out what.

Jolie - Great job on your walk and hill climb. I don't know how you do those, hills are a killer. We are all flatland here, wish my area had a few more hills around. My PT appointment is this afternoon. I hope Larry Elder wins, something has to change there in CA, I hope he gets in.

Diane - That workout stretch you did from Chris sounds interesting with the three parts to that workout. I want to try it out. Yes, I think the 4 Day Split workouts are new. There are three of them which covers all body parts. Not sure why it's called 4 day split, though. I want to do those too but afraid to lift weights right now. So sick of this. I hope they can figure something out today but I'm not holding my breath! LOL! Anyways, I can't believe YT stops workouts due to music being used. She used one from Lionel Richie and I guess she wasn't allowed to play that one either. That was a while ago.

Belinda - Thanks for the link, I will check her out. Wow on the washer/dryer. How frustrating. They better get it resolved for your daughter. That is ridiculous.

Hi to Doreen, Roselyn and Roxie.

Have a great day and workout everyone!
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Today it is going to be a HOT ONE!!! I started my workout early hoping it would be cool in my gym room but it was still warm. I did Cathe's Gym Style Chest and Triceps and had a fantastic workout. I love these workouts, they are slow no faster than a 2/2 count. Maybe I should pull out the slow and heavy series and just do lighter weights? No wonder I was never injured back in the day, no swinging and rushing in these older workouts. Cathe focuses on form and no rushing, something she does not do much in her Live workouts. I wonder why she has changed her stance on lifting so much? Also, I am getting my definition back, something I wasn't getting with the Live workouts. Next I will probably switch back to Caroline Girvan since those are slow and controlled as well. Workout was 45 minutes and I burned 284 calories. I did not do the pushups, I can't with my shoulder issue so I just did bench press along with her on the floor.

Debbie, good luck today at PT. They will figure out the problem, I am sure you are not the only one experiencing this issue with pain. Nice workout today. I cannot workout in the sun, I would drop dead!!!

Belinda, nice job on the workout today. Is Fall in the air in where you live?

Diane Sue, Great job with the kickboxing workout yesterday. I am looking forward to some kickboxing workouts myself.

Thursday night football starts tonight but if I see someone take a knee, I will turn it off. I will not tolerate that behavior! God Bless America is my moto!!! Be back later to read the other posts for the day.

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