Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for SEPTEMBER 2021

I did the Penny Barnshaw 30 Min Barbell Hiit this morning. Some of the breaks get long so I start early on some exercises. Its a good one for an express workout.

There are 2 circuits + a finisher to work through. Circuit 1 is upper Body Focused & Circuit 2 is Lower Body Focused. Complete each circuit 2 x through - 40 secs work/20 Secs rest. Complete the finisher for 2 rounds of 40 secs work/20 secs rest ____________________________________
Circuit 1 - Upperbody Focused 1️⃣BB Row 2️⃣BB Curl & Press 3️⃣Blast Off Push-up 4️⃣BB Chest Press to Tri Ext 5️⃣Ab Roll Out to Press 6️⃣Plank Jack Shoulder Tap . Circuit 1 - Lower Body Focused 1️⃣Squat Clean & Press 2️⃣1 1/2 Back Squat 3️⃣Pausing Jump Lunge 4️⃣BB 2 Step Reverse Lunge 5️⃣Sumo Deadlift 6️⃣Russian Dancer Kicks . Finisher Double Jump Burpee Over Bar 3 x40/20 BB Up and Under Abs Workout Complete Burn 217 calories

Sorry I did not check in yesterday, I took it as my rest day #1 for the week. P90X is so great and I am really sore with DOMS and I love it!!! Today I went for a walk in my new shoes and they were great for my feet but they made my right knee a tad sore. I think they just put my feet in a different position compared to the previous shoes so it may take awhile to get used to them. I got the Saucony Endorphin Shift 2 and they are really cool. They are a stability shoe where as my Adidas were a neutral shoe that I put stability insoles in for more support. They are like a Hoka but firm and responsive instead of soft like a marsh mellow which I hate. Anyway, I walked for 1 hour 44 minutes, traveled 5.4 miles in the hills and burned a whopping 1,004 calories. I had my husband drop me off at the bottom of a 1 mile hill, which has a high incline and did that on top of the walk I usually do, that is why my calorie burn is so high.

Debbie, prayers for your cousin!!! It is normal for them to send home oxygen because it can be difficult to breath due to covid. That was really smart of them to do that since she has COPD. I would take what Donald Trump took if I got it but that is just me. The girl that I know that was in the hospital is out but had to have a pace maker put in at the age of 27!!! I cant believe what the vaccine does to some people. Great job on your workout today! good luck on the new job interview, that sounds like a great job since the construction industry is booming! Did they mention if you have to get a vaccine? I would ask right off the bat so you don't waste any time if you have to get one. Most smaller companies do not care I have noticed. I did Caroline Girvans workouts last winter and just chose random ones to do. I like P90x better and will probably do Cathe's STS Meso 2 again since those workouts are per rep per set type of workouts and at a slow pace.

Diane Sue, I hope you are feeling better and the pain is subsiding today! great job with the workout yesterday.

Cam, way to go on the Caroline Workout! They are tuff stuff but very effective.

Roselyn, nice job getting a workout in with the stress of your mother's health. I am so happy she is doing better.

Belinda, I hope your new meds make you feel better, it is so hard to figure out what your body needs when it needs it, right! Great job on the workout!

Doreen, thanks for posting that short workout, that looks great!

Make it a wonderful day, Fall is in the air and I love it!
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I did a late workout today. Just as I was getting ready to go do CDorner's step and maybe some band work, the power went out. I finally contacted the company and they texted back saying it would be back on at 2 this afternoon. So, I read, and when I went out to get the mail my Boss Band Hips, Glutes, and core came. I did that one when the power came back on. I could have done a dvd using my laptop, but my energy levels are rock bottom, and sleep is terrible. I tried to take a nap and that did not happen either. Anyway, the Boss Band workout was 51 minutes, 140 calories, heart rate 102/135. I liked the standing part. Floor work was typical floor work. Standing gave a bit of cardio with it. I will probably use that more as an add on to workouts. I used my medium band for the workout.

Debbie, I hope that you get the job and love it. That is good that they sent someone to care for your cousin and the oxygen home. Is your sister home all of the time? When I had Covid my daughter brought over a bunch of stuff and left me an inhaler of some sort just in case. I still have it and never needed it. I am sorry that your cousin has copd. I will keep her in my prayers. I hope PT was helpful today.

Roselyn, nice work with Caroline Given today. Praying that your mother gets better.

Doreen, that workout looks like a good one. I never jump over weights. I am afraid I would trip or something so use a band or pretend there is something there. I never get the benefit of jumping over something. I like ab roll outs with the barbell. Good ab move.

Jolie, great workout today. I hope that you are really happy with the shoes. I need to shop for some new ones. I put on my old Reeboks this morning because they work better for balance and I like them for weight work. Plenty of toe room and a wide base.

Belinda, I hope that you had a good workout today.
I did a Heather Robertson vid today. No Repeat Cardio Hiit. It was about 40 min. 30 sec cardio/10 sec rest. Loved it and it went quick. I don't really click with her workouts, but this one was a good one. Hi/low impact with core intervals mixed in. I just don't like high knees nor should I be doing those right now anyway, so I sub for a fun drill. Heather had a pastel green outfit. I liked that. Her set is dark and she tends to wear drab colors. I know it sounds shallow but that is one of the reasons why I don't like her workouts. Her set is uninviting.

Roselyn, A good sign your mom is moving to rehab! They will keep her moving and engaged. My mom was always tired by the end if the day in rehab. They will keep her busy.

Doreen, glad you got a good Penny workout in. Sometimes her breaks are longer than needed and then sometimes I wish they were longer. She has a longer barbell workout that is excellent. I used dumbbells, but it was awesome. One of her first ones.

Jolie, glad the shoes worked out and you had a good fitness day. I am thinking of getting a new pair of Saucony trail shoes. Mine lasted a long time.

Belinda & Debbie, my glutes are a little sore today!

Forget to add that I also walk 2 miles at lunch and 1.5 mile walk with my dog at night. Weather permitting.

Good workouts everyone! See ya tomorrow!
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Hi everyone,

Had a busy day today. I did Caroline ALL ARMS & ABS Workout - Bodyweight / Dumbbells | EPIC III Day 18 this morning. Sadie had a lot of fun jumping on my chest while I did abs. She is so silly.

Debbie - I been thinking about joining the study since I was diagnosed a year ago. I was in remission until recently. RP is an uncommon disease that affects approximately 3-4 individuals per million people. The disease is very rare. RP is so rare, the first case was reported in 1926. They still don't know much about the rare disease. I hope one day they find a cure for RP. My rheumatologist visits NIH for RP once a week. I hope one day they will find a cure for cancer too. Have fun with Beast Mode UB tomorrow. Great job today.

Jolie - the meds I am on are the same I have been for the last year, except I am on very high dosage until RP calms down. I should have stayed on the dose my doctor had me on, I felt somewhat normal. I pushed to reduce the dosage, now I am paying for it.

Diane - I thought I don't need the meds, I could cure RP with eating a vegan diet. I went against my doctors advice a few weeks ago, I was the one wanted to get off. My doctor monitor my kidneys. I had a high reading a few weeks ago while I was on the lower dosage. I have to get blood test tomorrow. My doctor will monitor my kidneys regularly. Thanks for the prayers! I probably will never get off the meds completely. My doctor goes to the NIH for RP once a week for. My rheumatologist is amazing. I am lucky, he is the one who diagnosed me when I was hospitalized.

Cam, Roselyn and Doreen- great job today.

Good night.
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I went to my PT appointment yesterday and I was in some pain when I got there. My muscles seem to be back to where they were when I started and I'm pretty sure it was the weight workouts last week and the stupid chair I tried out Friday, Monday and gave up on on Tuesday. She really worked on the tightness again and I had a lot of relief when I was done. I feel pretty good today but now that I'm sitting, it's all coming back. I hate this. I will be standing to work in a few mintues.

I walked on my treadmill this morinng for about 30 minutes and then did CDorner's 20 minute Shoulder and Neck Stretch. Love that one.

Please say a quick prayer for me that I get an interview with the place I applied to. Really want to get out of here.

Jolie - Nice job on your workout yesterday. Damn girl, you are really getting some good workouts in. I had a set-back, but will try again next week. Sick of this. I don't know what treatment my cousin turned down, I think it might have been the drug Trump took but not sure. I'm glad that girl you know at least is back home but now she will have a lifetime of problems. I don't have the job interview yet, I just applied for it. I saw they had 114 applications as of yesterday. Say a prayer for me!!! And I will definitely ask about the vaccine.

Roselyn - I think it's good that your mom is in rehab, hopefully they can help her out.

Diane - I don't have a sister. My cousin's daughter is taking care of her until she recovers, I don't think she works. I feel so bad that you are having trouble sleeping. I sleep like the dead most of the time. I wonder what is causing your insomnia? How is your shoulders and neck today? Mine are at least better, man was I tight again yesterday. Ridiculous.

Cam - Great workout and my glutes and hamstrings are still sore! LOL!

Belinda - Great job on your workout yesterday. I want to do those so bad. Hopefully next week I'll start back again. I'm not giving up!!

Have a great day everyone!
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I tried a new to me trainer this morning. Fitness_KayKay on youtube. I picked a band workout to try different stuff with my Boss BAnds... I liked this one - kinda a strength, stretch type workout with the bands.

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Today is a forced rest day. I had the worst nights sleep for whatever reason and now I have ZERO energy. I am listening to my body and it says NO!!! Tomorrow in the a.m. I am dropping my dog off at the animal hospital, we decided to do the surgery to get the tumor out of his mouth. He is having a hard time eating and drinking so I have to do something to help him out. It may come back and it may not but I will not take off part of his jaw to get the so called cancer out completely. I did some research and I am going to have the Cryo "freeze" the cancer cells once they remove the tumor and it should help kill them. They do it for skin cancer and they told me it was most likely a Melanoma so why not do it in his mouth? They thought it was a great idea and said it would probably help the wound heal as well. It is right up front under his tongue so It is easy for them to get to thank goodness. Please say a prayer for my Rusty Body, he means the world to me. He is the dog in my picture on my posts. I love him! I will try to tomorrow after I drop him off if I am not too distracted and stressed out. He will be home tomorrow evening.

Debbie, prayers coming your way for the job interview. Call them and tell them how excited you are about an interview and make sure they see your resume. I have hired over 200 people in my career and the people that speak up and show how important it means to them were the ones that got hired, even over people with more experience. I would only hire people that really wanted the job and were serious enough about it to call and beg for an interview. Great job on the walk and stretch today, you needed it. I hope the pain goes away soon. I stood at work for 6 years except when I was in a meeting, I know what you are going through with the pain from sitting.

I hope you all have great workouts today, I will BBL to read the posts for the day.
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CDorner Low Impact all standing today, 41 minutes, heart rate 149/178, 258 calories, 3,923 steps. I also did CDorner 20 minute quick and intense ab workout, 21minutes, 51calories, heart rate 87/120, 28 steps. I finished with CDorner Full Body deep stretch, 21 minutes, heart rate 74/86, 26 calories. Total time was 83 minutes, 335 calories, 3,951 steps.
I almost quit the low impact workout. I just did not like the music and was bored I guess. I kept checking the time on my watch. It felt long. Maybe it was just my mood. I needed something more lively. The abs was "abs". reverse crunch variations, oblique twists and bicycle variations, one plank segment on forearms, some on side moves and superman lat pulls. I had to adjust the last move. I doubt I will go back to it again. I will be back to finish reading posts.
Raining here today and I needed to get outside and put up trashcans and stuff while it has let up.

Cam, nice work yesterday. I understand on sometimes not finding a workout inviting. I am the same way. Little things can turn me off of them. Music, attire, lack of inspiration. Today's mobility that I did, I keep telling myself even though it is good moves, I just do not like hearing the conversation over and over. Some of it bothered me the first time and I forget till I get started the next time. I need to remind myself somehow that this is the undies and sock one and Hunter dancing to the raining me. Seriously, I have heard it too many times.

Belinda, nice workout with Sadie jumping on your chest LOL. Funny, that when I was starting Chris workout her dog Louie came in and was standing in front of her watching and Gertie was doing the exact same thing except Gertie is a lot bigger than Louie.
I have read many websites and stories of people with certain nutrition plans that claim fantastic results. I have learned from experience they just do not work that way. It must be a rare experience or stories are made to look so good to make extra money. I figured the woman that I read cured her RA with diet and eliminating foods probably put it in remission. I have never read any real medical sites saying you can cure an auto-immune disease. Only can go into remission and the progress stops for the time being, which is why the meds and careful tactics. Granted, I think a bad diet and lots of inflammatory food will only make things worse, so diet is important. I still read different doctor's and authors sites for ideas to help. You are trying so hard. You, are lucky your doctors are doing such a good job. I understand not wanting the meds. They mess with making us feel normal or something. I always feel kind of weak and a bit fuzzy with the medicine. I think I am getting more used to it though as I don't feel the need to go lie down for awhile after taking the morning does that I had quit taking. Night, no problem other than sleep. I looked it up and hydroxychloraquine can affect sleep. Now I quit taking it at bedtime and moved it a few hours earlier to see if that will help.

Debbie, I am sorry that all of the sitting at work and weights are causing the same problems. I have a tendency to sit at the computer a lot and I am not working. I have finally got where I get up often and go do a task, go outside for a bit, or something. My shoulder really hurts this morning. It was better yesterday. Chris used light weights with the last part of the workout today and I did not do overhead and shoulder moves. Rolled some before I did the stretch. I would love to get this to all stop. Changed some brands of supplements this week and reordered my multi collagen before it was out, but for some reason it has taken Ancient Nutrition a long time to get it here so I have been using Bulletproof bovine collagen that I had left over from quite awhile ago. It does not work as well.
As mentioned above, I think that maybe it is my arthritis med that is making sleep worse. Along with coughing which makes my neck and traps sore, and then the arm. Multiple things.
I guess I misread you post. So it is your cousin. I hope that her daughter is responsible.

Doreen, that is an interesting looking workout. Definitely something different.

Jolie, praying that this works for Rusty and it does not come back. I am glad that they thought your suggestion would work. We really do love our pets and do not like them to suffer.

I went for a short walk today. Caroline G. has a rest day scheduled today.

Debbie - I will say a prayer for you! Good luck with the interview. Sorry about the pain being back. Take it easy, girl.

Jolie - glad you listen to your body. I will keep your fur baby in my prayers. Please keep us updated.

Diane - I don't like taking all the meds, I don't have a choice. I need to get RP under control again. I agree on the diet part. When I first talked to my doctor about he said there isn't any medical research that will cure RP with a vegan diet. He did say it wouldn't hurt eating this way. I was in remission until I a few weeks ago. I got my blood test done today. My doctor said, if MTX doesn't work they have other meds I can try. Sadie is funny. I love her to pieces.

Cam, Roselyn and Doreen - great job!

Good night.
I did Tracy Steen 40 min Fierce Upper Body Sculpt. It was a good one. I like that Tracy usually throws in rounds of cardio with upper body. My arms are fatigued. So many workouts I missed when my neck was messed up. I am starting to go back and check out ones I missed. I almost did a Caroline upper body from Circuit Series, but maybe next time. I also took 2 walks.

Doreen, I saved that kay kay band workout but haven't tried it. I will have to try that soon.

Diane, I usually like her standing cardio. Guess I'm not missing out. I have noticed Chis has people working out with her a lot lately.

Debbie, good luck! I'm sure you'll get an interview.

Diane and Debbie, have you had MRI's?

Jolie, rest is good. You get a lot of exercise!

Good workouts everyone!

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