Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for SEPTEMBER 2021

Saturday was my second rest day for the week, which I needed because I was sore from all of the kickboxing that I did the day before. Today I went for a 5 mile walk outside, 1 hour 38 minutes walking in the hills and burned 858 calories. My feet are sore today, I have to get a shoe figured out but nothing feels good on my poor long narrow feet. I might get a trail shoe because those have a lot of cushion and seem very durable. I do go on the trails as well as pavements or sand so those might work out well for me.

Great workouts yesterday everyone!

Diane Sue, I feel so bad that you are having pain issues again. I hope you work through those quickly and get back to sleeping better and experiencing no more pain. I used to have the Susan Chung workouts but I gave them away when I moved the first time. I want to find a used set of Beach Body's Core De Force, it is a kick boxing workout and it looks good. I might find one on FB Marketplace. Have you done that workout by any chance?

Belinda, I hope you feel better! I am so happy for you that you love your new doggie.

Overcast weather and cooler today but it gets warm again next week. Off to watch football all day long and food prep while watching. :)
I did Boss Bands Glutes & Core. I used weights with it this time. My legs are feeling the fatigue. I really like this workout. I got a good sweat going. Not sure about the Total Body yet.

Jolie, finding the right shoe is a challenge. Have you tried Saucony's? I like their trail shoes. Not sure if they are narrow enough for you. I have a wide foot with a high arch, so I have tbe opposite problem. Finding dress shoes or a casual shoe is no fun. As far as crosstrainers, I seem to be having some luck with Ryka, but I wish they had more crosstrainers in stores. Ordering is tricky.

I will hopefully not be suffering through the Packer game tonight. Maybe Aaron Rogers found a bar of soap today. As much as he has irritated me and most of Wisconsin, I have to cheer on my team. Enjoy the games!
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Today is my rest day. I have done very little today. I did not sleep well and was up and down, so listened to the sermon instead of going out coughing and sneezing. I took a nap and am just relaxing. My shoulder is still not good. I see my arthritis doctor next month. I need to see what doctor I can get for my primary as mine quit my office and went to something else. This is difficult and I looked at my clinic and they only had two doctors left. The one my doctor suggested that is new to the clinic does not show up on the website. I found her somewhere else, but when checking for medicare coverage it said it did not have that insurance and to call the office. So, I guess I really do not have a doctor, just a facility. I will work out tomorrow. I ordered the Boss Bands hips and glutes workout yesterday. I did not pre-order when I got the total Body and the long bands. I did not want to purchase the loop bands since I already had a set. I feel better not picking up much for weights and the bands help get a good workout in without lifting much. Will see how this week goes.

Belinda, good idea to take it easy if you not are feeling your best. I hope you feel better tomorrow. That is wonderful that Sadie was good with other dogs around. Gertie still whines and goes nuts on leash when other dogs are around. She hangs with the other dogs in the family and you would think that she would not act like that when I am out somewhere like the vet or walking. You will have to post some other pictures of Sadie.

Cam, that sounds like a good idea with that Boss Bands workout. I have done the Total Body one several times now. Cathe does well at finding some creative ways to use those bands. I just have problems with the overhead stuff so follow some of the suggestions she gives. Two bands together for biceps is tough!!
Ordering shoes is always tricky unless you have an exact model and brand. I did not mind so much when I had a UPS store right around the corner for returns, but now I have to drive to a nearby suburb to do returns in a busy area and really do not want to have to do that. I usually get Dansko for dress shoes as I can find ones with decent toe room and arch support.

Jolie, nice work on the walk and great calorie burn. It is so hard to fine perfect shoes. I tried going to get fitted once and that didn't go well. They said one foot was a bit longer than the other and just told me to loosen the shoe strings. Weird! That was a at a new Balance store. I just do it by trial and error. Neither of my current pair are perfect. One is a bit snug in the toes and I have to wear really thin socks. The other has more room, but even with the Super Feet athletic inserts, they tend to not be comfortable.
No, I never purchased Core D force. I have looked at it though. We watched OSU play yesterday. My husband was not pleased with their performance. We won though.
This morning I did Caroline Girvan's BeastMode Leg Day which is workout #1 in this series. All I can say is WOW. Not sure how long my body will allow me to do these types of workouts, but I'm going to give it a try.

She does two exercises, 4 sets each at 40 seconds on/20 seconds off and then after they are complete she does a Staple exercise which is a 90 second wall squat. Holy moly. She uses 27.5# dumbbells, I used 12's. She is insane.

Here is how it went:

Heel Elevated Squats: 1 1/2's: 12's
Static Lunges: 12's
X4 (two times each leg)
Staple: 90 second Wall Squat (killer)

30 seconds rest

Staggered Squat: 12's
Bulgarian Split Squats: 12's (used one riser and the topper for this)
Staple: 90 second Wall Squat

30 second rest

Lateral Lunges: 12#
Slow Heel Elevated Squats: 12's
Staple: 90 second Wall Squats

30 second rest

Elevated Rear Step Lunge: 12# (used one riser & the topper for this)

BW Finisher for 30 seconds each no rest:
Wall Sit March (wall squats doing alternate leg extensions)
Elevated Squats
Wall Squat Hold

Fun but very hard. I haven't worked my legs like this in a LONG time. Plus I did legs on Friday so I was still sore from that.

Workout was 49 minutes and I started early enough to be able to use GS Legs as a warmup. She doesn't do warmups apparently.

Belinda - I hope you are feeling better, so sorry to hear your RP is getting bad again. It's so weird how that gives you so many different problems. And I was really hoping the vegan eating was helping. I have to say, I do like the FOK planner but I won't renew it. I only make one thing a week and make enough to get the through the week for my lunches at work. Then I usually make one of Hungry Vegan Mama's recipes because they are so easy to make. I do enjoy most of the foods I've made from FOK, though. I will keep them and reuse them for sure. I think my subscription is over at the end of this month. Are you still following it?

Jolie - I thought you couldn't do kickboxing because of your hips? Be careful with that. And I totally get the shoe thing, I have messed up feet as well and it's an act of God for me to find a good shoe.

Roselyn - I did the same workout you did. I'm curious, what poundage of dumbbells did you use? That was a tough workout but I'm not used to those kinds of workouts anymore. Hope your mom is doing better.

Diane - I am so sorry to hear about your shoulder and the issues you are having lately. You know, I thought my rotator cuff was the culprit of all my pain and it ended up being a pinched nerve. Has anyone looked at that for you? I know you have other issues with bone and such, but just wondering if this could be a factor in your pain? I feel bad for you, I still have upper back knots here and there and my tricep still hurts but I can feel myself getting better finally. A light at the end of the tunnel (at least I hope). I just wish you could find that as well. I will say a praryer for you, my friend.

Cam - Nice job with your workout this weekend!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!
I did Strength and Stamina KCM this morning premix with both workouts combined. Actually had a great workout. Zion ran off about 10 minutes in - I'm assuming back upstairs to climb in "his" chair and sleep - and didn't come back down until I was about 5 mintues left. I didn't check on him because all was quiet and I couldn't hear him!!
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Hi everyone,

Sadie is officially ours since yesterday. I couldn't be happier. She is such a fun little one to be around with.

Today I did SUREFIRE Shoulders Unilateral Workout - Dumbbell Delts | EPIC III Day 16. Had a great workout.

Debbie - thank you. I was too low of a dose with MTX. It's my fault, I went against my doctors advice. He wanted me to say on the medication. I wanted to get off MTX. I learned the hard way. Maybe it was too soon? I am still going to eat plant based food. I love it. Yes, I am still cooking FOK's. I did had to reduce the amount. Like you said, it's a lot of food even for the 2 of us. DH loves it. If you don't use the planner I wouldn't keep it either. I need to look into Hungry Vegan Mama's cook book. I love Caroline's workouts. I like following a rotation rather than doing one here and there. I actually did her Beast mode.

Diane - it appears Sadie is dog friendly. My DD is coming this weekend with her dog and another dog. We shall see. I just didn't had the energy to workout this weekend.

Jolie - thank you! Sadie is ours :) I am very happy. Hope your feet are feeling better

Roselyn - how is your mom doing? Great job on Beat Mode. I loved it.

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Today I had a fantastic workout! I stated off on the TM, 20 minutes uphill walk, 6.0 incline, 3.2 speed, traveled 1.2 miles and burned 198 calories. Next I got on the Elliptical and ran on Interval mode, 2 minutes high incline at a higher resistance then it goes down for 2 minutes at a lower incline and at a lower resistance. This alternation went on for 11 minutes, traveled 1.2 miles and burned 130 calories. Then to my weight workout, I did P90X Back and Biceps and had a fantastic workout. A lot of pullups but there are so many variations. I used my cable pull down machine and it worked out perfect. I will start writing down my workouts going forward, I just wanted to get a feel for the workouts to see if I would like them, and i love them. I can go at my own pace and down the rep count that suites me. Total workout time was 21 hour 30 minutes and I burned 646 calories. My back is still a tad sore from all of the punches I did last week kick boxing.

I ordered some new Saucony shoes, they have a really thick sole like the Hokas, so lets hope they fit. They do not arrive till late this week. I bet they wont fit, I really struggle finding a shoe that works for my feet. I have a pinched nerve between two toes and that is a real problem for me. If the heel drop is too low it pushes on the nerve so I have to find a shoe with a 10mm heal drop or higher.

Debbie, My back is feeling really good lately so I am just easing into kickboxing. If it goes out then I will think of something else to do but so far so good. Nice job on the Caroline G workout today, she is a beast!!! I just went lite weights and loved the workouts. I will get back into those again probably later in the winter or after I do P90X.

Belinda, I hope you are feeling better today. Nice job on the Caroline G workout, those are tuff stuff! Congrats on Sadie being all yours too!

Cam, I went with the Saucony shoe, I have use the Guide in the past but not lately because I haven't liked the latest 2 models.

Doreen, yeah that your puppy behaved today during your workout and I am happy that you found something that you liked this time.

Roselyn, How is your mother doing? Praying for her each day.

Diane Sue, I watch a couple of football games over the weekend too! I am off to the store to get some things to make Tuscan White Bean Veggie soup! Yum

Make it a great day!
Today I did CDorner Step and Strength from 6 days ago, Cardio Intervals. 2 minute step segments with weight intervals(mostly lower body) 58 minutes (6 min extra for stops) 219 calories, heart rate 114/156, 2,977 steps. I then did CDorner Back and Neck stretch plus a 5 minutes of a another mobility flow workout that I stopped when she was doing a 1 arm 1 leg balance and twisty stretch. My shoulder could not take that. 36 minutes ,45 calories, heart rate 74/100,121 steps. Total time was 94 minutes, 264 calories, 3,098 steps
Step and Strength
warm up
squat/deadlift alternating moves for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 reps ending with 1 slow reps each move 15# dbs
biceps curl with a twist/ row 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. reps each 12# dbs( I dropped to 10# last two sets)
squat/lunge off step 1,2,3,4,5 reps alternating15# dbs
kickbacks/reverse fly 8# dbs (dropped to 5's the last set) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 reps alternating move
squat knee up/curtsy knee up on the step alternating 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 reps ending with 1 squat extra right
squat knee up /curtsy knee up on left side
balance knee up/ reach balance leg raise behind
cardio of all cardio moves done
floor abs crunches with feet crossed/ reverse crunch

Debbie, that looks like a tough leg workout. I am sure you will be feeling it. I am glad that you are finally getting better. I am not sure it is a tear in the rotator cuff. There are other issues that it can be in the rotator cuff. I have lack of strength, pain that runs down to my elbow and sometimes tingling in my wrist. I still have range of motion. I can do those lying on the foam roller lengthwise and slide my arms from my sides overhead keeping my hands on the floor. I have movement. I can feel something raise up and sort of like it rubs or something with some things like lateral raises or bringing my arm from behind me out front. Here is a link to some other things that could affect the rotator cuff:
Signs, Symptoms and Treatment Options of Rotator Cuff Disease - ActiveBeat

Doreen, I guess that is positive that Zion left you alone and was quiet. Gertie does makes trips out the doggie door and I can look from the window and see her sunning herself in the back yard. Then she brings her smelly outdoor self in and flops down by me when I am doing ab work. The fun of loving a dog and having it love you back :)

Belinda, I love that you have Sadie to make you happy. I hope that she loves being around the other two dogs. You probably needed to rest as your latest doctor visit was not so encouraging with the sinus. Nice work out today. That will be fun for you and your daughter doing the halloween road trip. I saw it, but do not think I will do it.

Jolie, great job on the workout. I used to use the lat pulldown on the Bowflex in place of pull ups for a lot of those workouts. Tony uses tubing with the door attachment in place of pull ups for those who do not have a pull up bar with P90X3. It would be hard to purchase shoes online with a particular heel drop. I find something I like and works and will repurchase till suddenly there is a change in the shoe or the model is no longer available and then I am back with the search again.
I need to make some soup. I ate all of the bowls of frozen soup I had stored up.
Today I did CDorner 40 min Tank Top Arms and Cardio. Great arm workout and liked the cardio drills mixed in, though I changed up the cardio to add a little variety. I would do more of her workouts if she didn't get so giggly. I really tuned her out as much as possible to keep pace with the workout. Overall she is very talented and delivers great classes but less laughing and talking would be great.

Has anyone tried Michelle Dozois streaming subscription? How much is it? I was perusing her site and didn't see a subscription price. I imagine it's pricey.

Diane, I definitely want to do another Step & Strength of hers. I did a couple awhile back and liked them.

Doreen, Strength & Stamina combined premix is my favorite KCM. Love that vid. The time flies and I get a great workout.

Jolie, hope the Saucony's work for you. I have 2 pair and they are awesome. I didn't pay a lot for them either. The quality of shoes seems to be going downhill.

Debbie, good job on Beast Mode. Maybe one day I will be motivated to do Epic. I sense dread for myself but who knows I might like it. Maybe you will be my motivator.

Good workouts everyone!
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One of my cousins has contracted COVID and is in the hospital on oxygen. She refused whatever treatment they wanted to give her because she said it would mess up her kidneys. I hope she doesn't choose her kidneys over her life. Yikes. Anyways, she's not on a ventilator yet and we are all praying she doesn't get that bad. Please say a prayer for her, I would appreciate it. Her name is Jenny.

This morning I did CDorner's #147 - 30 Minute Intermediate Fast Step workout and loved it. I did this one last week, I think, and it was more fun this week. It goes by fast and all the moves are really fun. This workout was 30 minutes.

Then I did the standing portion of RAW Ab Finisher. I did the floor part last week so today I did the standing part. Workout was 10 minutes.

So I just applied for an Administrative Assistant position at a landscaping company right around the corner from where I live. I am so torn about leaving my current job but this education stuff is really scaring me with all that is going on. Plus I'm getting sick of organzing all these events. It's not fun anymore but I'm scared of leaving, too. It means I lose my summers off, my two weeks at Christmas and one week for Easter. It means so many things and I am so confused. I hate feeling this way.

Belinda - I understand not wanting to be on meds forever but I guess with what is going on with you, you should probably just keep taking it for now. I was looking at Surefire, those look good. I might do those next. I liked the Beast one I did yesterday and looking forward to the other ones. Cool on signing up for the virtual road trip. I can't believe Cathe still does those!

Jolie - Excellent workout yesterday. I do remember loving that P90 series, those are fun workouts. I should get mine out again. I don't remember you doing Caroline's workouts. Which series did you do? So far I really like her but I just wish I could find some good lifting workouts where they aren't timed. What happened to just doing a certain amount of reps? LOL!! I'm old school, I should go back to my old school workouts. How is that girl you know who was in the hospital for COVID? Is she out yet?

Diane - I had those same symptoms, though, and it ended up being the pinched nerve - that is what causes the tingling in the fingers and elbow pain. My rotator cuff finally feels normal again and so does my elbow. There was a time when I couldn't bring my left arm behind my back. That was a while ago but still. My rotator cuff still cracks and makes noises but it doesn't hurt anymore. Your issue does seem to be a bit worse than mine, though, so maybe it is your rotator cuff? The step w/weight interval workout looks fun, I'll have to try it. Chris puts out so many workouts it's hard to keep up. Believe it or not, I'm not that sore today. I thought I wouldn't be able to walk. LOL!!!

Cam - I agree about Chris giggling through her workouts and it is distracting. Especially when she's chatting with everyone, that is sort of annoying because she'll stop the workout to talk to them. I don't get why people talk to her through a class anyways, aren't they working out with her? LOL!! Great job on your workout yesterday!!
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Cam - I got an email for Michelle's streaming service a while back - Or maybe it was for her next round of Peak 10 she does virtual. I do remember thinking it was pricey and I think the classes only stay up for 72 hours until the next class loads.

I did CDoerner's Advanced step this morning. I liked it - good moves and the workout kept moving. The dog ended up sitting at the end of my bench for the last half and I had to work around him but since he had done a good job entertaining himself most of the workout I didn't care!
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Good morning,

Caroline FIERY Bodyweight & Dumbbell Lower Body Workout | EPIC III Day 17 is done.

Debbie - I will keep your cousin in my prayers. I hope she will take the treatment. Sorry about your job situation and being confused. I know it's hard and confusing leaving your current job. You will figure it all out. Good luck with everything! Great job this morning. I talked to my rheumatologist this morning, he wants me on meds long term. He increased my meds again plus he put me on more medications. I hate taking the meds they also not good for your kidneys. I have no choice. I don't want to experience what I went through the last few weeks. I am having really bad pain in my noise and cheekbones. I am going to take part of the NIH study for RP. My doctor is putting together my paperworks. I hope one day they will find a cure. One of the Rheumatologist at NIH also has RP herself. The RT should be fun. DD and I had a blast the last time.

Diane - I probably pushed it too far. As far as with my current medication. I was doing great for a year with hardly any problems with RP. My doctor is putting me on even higher dosage. He also wants to see me regularly. I talked to him about joining NIH study for RP. He will put my paperwork in for me. I have such an amazing rheumatologist. He is a god sent!! I couldn't ask for a better doctor.

Doreen - Brawler destroyed my carpets in our bedroom in TX. Been their done that. Hang in there.

Roselyn - how is your mom doing?

Cam - if you want something slower I would highly recommend Caroline's workouts. They are slow and controlled. I used to do Michelle's workouts, they are too fast for my these day's.

Jolie - thanks about Sadie! I am so happy she is ours. I agree, Caroline's stuff isn't a joke. I love her workouts.

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Getting ready to go work out. My neck and traps hurt so bad this morning and I think it is because I coughed so hard last night because of these allergies and my head literally was bouncing off the pillow. I took some natural cough syrup before bed and it did nothing. You would think with all of the anti-inflammatory stuff I take that allergies would be helped as well. I really have had more days free of symptoms over the last year. It just finally hit again. Doctors are not helpful with it.

Debbie, I will be praying for your cousin. I hope the doctors can find the right stuff to help her get over it without worrying about her kidneys.
Today I did Coffey Ft Raw Step 2, 42 minutes, heart rate 147/184, 3,645 steps. This has a stopping point or you can go on to the portion with boxing and standing ab work. I did all of it, but for the cardio boxing, I did a lot of the same moves for the just step. A few upper cuts and hooks. Punches are just to rough on my shoulder. Not a smooth move, the other I can use my body more. I also did CDOrner Full Body Daily Routine for flexibility and relaxation, 32 minutes, heart rate 82/110, 56 calories. This had a flow to it as she put some moves together with some balances, then she goes to the floor. Some different moves here and some were a bit hard on my shoulder so I had to adjust and modify. I also did the upper back foam rolling. I did not count it in the time. Workout was 74 minutes, 314 calories, 3,645 steps.

Cam, does that arm workout have all just arms or does she do the entire upper body? Everytime I have tried one that said arms it has shoulder work and back work in it as well. So far I have liked most of the step and strength workouts. The one I did yesterday was not bad on the step as she added on and a bit of variety of moves. Sometime of those workouts get repetitive on doing the same moves over on each cardio break from the weights. I don't mind the laughing and chat that much. Most of the time I am busy with the moves. I just notice when it is mobility and she keeps chatting. Oh, and it does bother when she leaves you working out on the step to go look at what someone said or something. I do love her workouts though. You can tell, I do them all of the time.

Debbie, does your cousin have kidney problems? Great workout today. I really liked a couple of those last shorter step workouts that Chris put out. I think she is putting up another tomorrow after she does the lower body?? If it wasn't for my shoulder I would have tried the kickboxing one today. It is all standing. I kind of like that Raw ab finisher. I think that Jolie mentioned the girl that was in the hospital after the vaccine finally getting out recently, but with some medical problem that she has to live with the rest of her life. Maybe she will say again. I always thought that your shoulder and arm issue sounded like mine. I get so sore in the trap and neck area as well if I let down my guard and do not work on it all of the time. That is the reason I rolled today, even though I had done the mobility which kind of hurt on the floor part. She has you lift up the upper body like superman with both arms up but bent palms down and somehow has you pull them in under you and back palms up. My shoulder was not liking that one at all. I don't blame you on the job since there is so much going on with the schools. It is taking a chance, but maybe you will love the new job. Schools do have the perk of more days off during the year. I hope things change, but with the agenda, it will take a lot to undo the damage. Maybe a private school would have openings? Our churches school had to close down less than a month before school started as they did not have enough teachers. One was supposed to be coming from Canada, but was having a hard time getting her visa to come here. She was supposed to cover two grades. It was sad for the families that had to figure out what to do at the last minute.

Doreen, I have gotten pretty good at doing step with a dog or small children around. Actually Gertie was better than small children. With her now, if I just cannot work around where she is at I can nudge her a bit or just say scoot and she gets up and move. She used to bring toys and put them on the step or rebounder. She gets excited over the rebounder. Even now and she is 8. I like most of CDorner's advanced step workouts. I look forward to those longer Saturday ones that she does. The one this last Saturday did move pretty smoothly without lots of slow stuff.

Belinda, nice work with the Firey Bodyweight and Dumbbell Epic. I think when we are feeling better, it is easy to make the mistake of cutting back on what was working. I have done that so many times and end up having to go back to what was working after figuring out what I am doing differently. I am sorry that they feel they need to increase your meds to even higher dosages. They have to really monitor how the meds are affecting the kidneys. MTX also causes a deficiency in vitamin D, so I am sure that is why they had you taking a lot of it. I pray for you daily. I am truly sorry, for the relapse. I hope being in their study helps and maybe they can try some other ideas from studies that will help. I am glad that you have a really good rheumatologist. The center I go to has a main doctor that is the one I think my doctor wanted me to see and was surprised when I got another in the center. I gather from talking to others that the main one is hard to get in to. I wish I would have had his name down when I called. My primary showed me a picture of him and said this doctor. I didn't have my glasses on so didn't read the name. Anyway, I was talking to one of the women at the eye care center we went to close by, (for my husband) and her and her daughter both use the same Arthritis center and she was raving about the care given there. They got a different doctor too, but she said everyone says all of their doctors are excellent. From my experience, the main one goes over all of the mris and reads them and does the paper work on what he sees. Also, I asked at the eyecare place and they said they do the field vision and everything and would send results to the arthritis center for me. That is a relief as I was not looking forward to driving the distance to my other eye doctor/surgeon and driving home with my eyes dialated when it is in a busy area.
Well I am joining in on the Caroline frenzy today.
Belinda, I did the same workout. I am sure I will feel it tomorrow. I may try one of her upper body workouts tomorrow. My thoughts, yes it was slow and controlled and a burner, but there was a bit of a dread on the 2nd round. My back also got a little achey. I'm not sure if I could stick to a program but may do random workouts here and there.

Diane, she hit all muscle groups. My arms were pretty fatigued. I liked it and her partner. She had good form too.

Roselyn, I hope your mom gets stronger. I understand what you are going through. Very stressful. I hope she has good hospital care. That makes a big difference in their recovery. Is she still confused or has that gotten better?

Good workouts everyone!
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Roselyn, praying that your Mom keeps getting better.

Cam, thanks for the info on the arm workout. I generally don't take the time to preview workouts so sometimes I get started and have to go find something else.
I wanted to do the next Beast workout by Caroline but had to be in early due to leaving early for my PT appointment. So I decided to do RAW Boxing & Drills. I really love this workout, I've done it several times but it's been a while. It was nice to do it again, I worked hard through it and was drenched by the time I was finished. Great workout. It's only 28 minutes but so intense. I used my 1# sand weights for the boxing part.

My cousin is being released today because her daughter told them she could take care of her at home. They are sending home the oxygen machine with her (which is odd, never heard that before) plus a hospice nurse that will care for her until she recovers. I found out last night that my cousin has COPD so that is why she has COVID so bad. I sure hope she recovers, her daughter is sort of a nut case. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. I'm at least happy that they are letting her go home.

Belinda - I think it's great that you want to be part of study for RP. I hope something can be figured out soon on how to make it just go away. It's like cancer, all these hundreds of years of study and nothing. Doesn't make sense to me but not much does anymore. Thank you for your prayers. Great job with FIERY yesterday. Looking forward to doing her Beast Upper Body workout tomorrow.

Diane - No, I don't think my cousin even has kidney problems so I'm not sure what that's all about? She has COPD which none of us even knew. I pray she gets better, she is such a sweet person. I also get very sore in my shoulder, neck and trap area. Whatever my PT is doing, it's helping a tremendous deal. Today I'm going to ask her to concentrate on my tricep more now, it is just not healing. There are days it's fine and other days it hurts all day long. I hope she can do something about it. I don't really want to work for any schools anymore, I'm tired of it. Just too many things to worry about all the time. I guess I'm just getting tired of this job and although at one time I thought it was the best job ever, now I'm not that into it anymore. I just want to be an administrative assistant somewhere, go in, do my job and go home. I'm tired of organizing events and going places and then having my boss make my justify my job. I have to write grants just to get paid and no one told me I'd have to do that when I took this job. I've been doing that for 7 plus years. I HATE writing grants, I am not a grant writer. Do you know how much a grant writer makes? They certainly don't pay me half that much. Just fed up I guess. I hope that place I applied to yesterday calls me. If so, maybe it's meant to be. If not, then I will move on. The thing I'll miss, though, is working with the teachers. They are all great people. Hope your shoulder is better today, wish you could get that figured out.

Roselyn - I was supposed to do the full body one today but didn't have time. It looks like she doesn't do much chest work in it, actually none at all. Wonder why? Glad your mom is doing a bit better. I'm still praying for her.

Doreen - Good job on your workout yesterday!

Cam - Good job with yours as well. I'm liking Caroline so far, but I have to admit, I have a dread factor as well!!

Jolie - Waving hi!!

Have a great day everyone!

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