Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for SEPTEMBER 2021


I did Carline G. UB and SBF Barre workout. I have an ENT appointment to morrow morning.

Doreen - thank you. She is a cutie.

Debbie - Sadie defiantly picked us. As soon as, I saw her I knew she was coming home with me.
Glad the PT is helping you.

Diane - I am glad she is housebroken. She lets you know when she has to go outside too or wants anything. I still can't understand how she ended up in the shelter. It's beyond me.

Good night.
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No workout today. I am so bummed. I am applying for a new job which I never thought I would do at this stage in my life, but opportunity knocks. Anyway I did a resume, which I haven't done in many years. So i went to upload my resume, it didn't work and it knocked all my previous info out. I took off work early to do everything, but by the time I actually tried to send was after 5 p.m. so maybe the site won't accept after business hours. Anyway I will have a have a time doing this discreetly tomorrow at work. Ughh! Me and technology don't work. This is a big position, so maybe this is a bad sign. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I was working off a tablet and I think I should use my desk top at work.

Diane, glad you tried Tracy Steen. She's my fave. She used to be overly chatty in her older workouts but really toned it down over the past couple years. I like the fun factor she delivers.
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Today I did CDorner's All Standing HiiT Cardio, No Jumping workout that was posted on Wednesday I think. It was a lot of jacks and moves I didn't particularly care for, but it was a good workout. She is in a jewelry store and there are a few other people in there working out with her. Like Diane said yesterday, there is one guy dressed like Richard Simmons. He was funny. There was an older gentleman that I felt bad for, he couldn't really do any of the moves, I was wondering why he was even there? I think Chris should have done easier moves for this, those people looked lost during most of it. It was 3 rounds of 15 moves for 45 seconds each. I did only 2 rounds because I ran out of time and my knees started hurting. Way too many jacks. I did like the fast feet and the tire one. I guessed I worked out around 40 minutes.

Diane - That HiiT workout was crazy. I don't blame you for not continuing with it. It didn't bother my upper body too much, but my knees certainly didn't like it. I need to get back on my Bowflex Max Trainer, that thing doesn't hurt my knees - but it does hurt my tricep so that is why I haven't used it in a long time. Hopefully soon. I actually started out this morning wanting to do the fast step workout. I probably should have done that one instead. Was it fun? This chair isn't much better, by the end of yesterday my middle back was hurting like crazy as the stupid thing was pushing me forward. After I adjusted it, my lower back didn't have support anymore. I CANNOT win with these chairs!! Today I brought one of my lumbar support pillows so I'll see how it goes with that. I really like the chair, but if it's not comfortable, what is the point? I, for some reason, thought your ladies day was in the afternoon. I wish I had friends that did that once in a while. I do things with my cousins, but we haven't gotten together in some time. We are all going to a tea room on Oct. 2. I'm looking forward to that.

Cam - Good luck applying for the job, those sites can be tricky. I've been applying for a few jobs around here but nothing is paying what I'm making here. Hope you have better luck today!

Jolie - Hope your toe is getting better!!!

Belinda - That is how we pick the perfect pet, we let them choose us!!! Now you're making me want to get another kitty! LOL!!

Have a great day everyone!
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Today I went for a 2 mile walk to see how my toe would do and it did not bother me at all so I went another 2 miles. 4 mile walk, 1 hour 19 minutes in the hill and burned 801 calories. It is a tad bit cooler today so it was not that bad but I did get out a little earlier than usual. Heart rate was 148/185. Believe it or not, my left toe that I broke at Easter hurts way worse because it has bone spurs in it and it is always aggravated. Has any of you tried the Hoka shoes? I need a really stiff shoe so my toes do not bend and that will help them heal faster. I looked at some yesterday but want to see what the reviews say. Everyone around here wears them, they are great for the joints.

Debbie, nice workout today. Funny that it was filmed in a jewelry store!

Cam, good luck with the job interview! How old are you? I am 55 and I think I am going to get my Real Estate License so don't worry about starting something new at any age. Good for you!!!

Belinda, nice job on the Caroline G workout today. How is Sadie doing? My first horse was named Sadie too!

Diane Sue, great job with the workout yesterday. Remind me how P90X 2 is, is it more plyo moves and metabolic training? I like just weight lifting workouts and then the walking on the alternate days. P90X 3 are 30 minute workouts but there is a lot of jumping and I could no way do that anymore. Heck, I couldn't do that type of workout 10 years ago either because of my back.

Doreen, have a great workout today.

Roselyn, how is your mother today? I hope you get a chance to get a workout in just for your own sanity and stress.

Make it a great day!
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I did CDoerner's step and weights this morning. After the leg workout yesterday I'm a tad bit sore!! But the step moves were just easy to follow to get the HR up. I liked the add-on rep style she did for the lifting as just something different.
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I had an ENT appointment today to rule out a sinus/ear infection. I been having pain in my noise/around my sinus since I relapsed a few weeks ago. My ENT doctor can't see any infections. I don't have a stuffy noise. She thinks it's still related to the problems I experienced I a few weeks ago.

Roselyn - I will keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers.

I will catch up on personals tomorrow. Feeling kinda down since I saw the ENT.
What a week its been. Glad tomorrow is Friday.
Today I did Penny Barnshaw At Home Strength. Loved it! 1 hour of 3 sets of 4 upper body exercises, 3 sets of 4 lower body exercises, another new set upper folliwed by lower and the she finishes with 3 sets of 4 core exercises. She hit all the muscles and I am feeling the fatigue.

So update on the job situation. I filled out a lengthy application which included 8 lengthy questions uploaded my resume (found out I couldn't use my tablet to apply that's why I had problems yesterday). Anyway I get to the end to submit and it declined. It said position no longer available. What!! So I called HR and she said they pulled the position due to covid and they decided the money needed to go elsewhere this year. She pulled it 10 min. before I finished. Oh well. I just wasted a week of stress trying to get everything done. All for not.

Good workouts everyone!
Cam - I have that one saved to do when I have a full hour to workout- it looked good!

This morning I couldn't decided what to do - I started a couple different step workouts but wasn't feeling it and finally did a couple combos from Step Sync and called it a morning. I'm really at a loss on what to do with my puppy when I workout in the morning. Its too early (and dark) to take him out much earlier, but he has so much energy he jumps on me and inturrupts my workout (forget pushups or anything laying on my back). If I let him out of the workout room he goes upstairs and gets into everything and barks at the window... ugh- puppy stage is cute but Hard sometimes. I wish he would just chew his toys or something calm and wait! (just venting)
This morning I did RAW 4 Day Split Shoulders and Legs and wow, what a great workout. I need to start working my legs again, it's been a long time.

This goes like the other 4DS workouts - 1 minute per exercise and then after the group of exercises is complete you repeat it. This is what I did:

Heel Front Squats
: 15's
Deadlifts Down/Squat Up: 15's
Bulgarian Split Squats: 15's

Shoulder Press
: 10's
Lateral Raise: 7.5's
Front Raise: 8's
Bent Over Lateral Raise: 5's (30 sesconds for this)

This was 24 minutes but I rested a bit more between repeated sets.

I also did the old RAW Ab Finisher Kelly does where she uses her sons music. I skipped the standing portion and just did the floor work. Excellent ab work and that song is growing on me. LOL!

Stretched afterwards. Had a great workout, I am so happy to be back with the weights. I am being careful and next week I will attempt the EPIC workout from Caroline. We'll see how those go.

Jolie - I had a pair of Hoka shoes and although they were great in the beginning, within a month I could not wear them anymore. And for the money I spent on those things, they should have lasted a lifetime. Not happy with them at all. Right now I'm wearing Brooks and I love them. I'm glad you were able to walk 4 miles yesterday, that is awesome!!! Hope that toe heals well.

Roselyn - So sorry to hear your mom isn't showing any improvement. I wonder what happened? Are they sure she didn't have a stroke?

Belinda - I didn't know you were having sinus issues again, that isn't good. I'm sorry you keep feeling crappy and receiving news about your health you don't want to hear. I wish they can just help you get rid of all the stuff your body is going through. Hugs to you, hope you are in better spirits today!

Cam - I'm so sorry to hear about that job and all the stuff you went through. How frustrating!! I don't know why they make the application process so difficult. What happened to just sending your resume out with a cover letter and then getting a call back? LOL! I miss those days. All this stuff they do on Indeed to weed out the people who aren't fit for the position is ridiculous. I always wonder what happens when you want to change careers? How do you tell them that when you apply? Anyways, sorry you went thorugh all of that for nothing. :(

Diane - Where are you? Hope you are ok, its unusual for you not to post.

Happy Friday everyone!!
Hi everyone,

I walked this morning and did Caroline G. DEMANDING Glutes and Hamstrings Workout / Knee Friendly | EPIC III Day 13.

We just found out Sadie is only 2 years and 10 month old. Her birthday is November 4th. I love her so much. It's like she always been with us. She loves going for walks.

Debbie - thank you. Besides having relapsing polychondritis I also have acute sinus/ear infections for years. My rheumatologist wanted to rule out a sinus infection. Haven both RP/sinus/ear infections it makes it difficult since both very similar. I sure, didn't wanted to hear her say my left ear is changed a little :( Not the news I wanted to hear. There is no cure for RP. They only thing they can give me is immune depressed medication. My body is attacking my own body. That's what's causing all this problem with RP. Thank you! I am considering signing up for the NIH RP study. Maybe one day they will find a cure for RP. The first case of RP was in 1926. They still don't know much about the disease since it's so rare.

Jolie - I love Caroline G. Sadie is doing fantastic. She is a joy.

Today I couldn't wait to get up and workout! How long has it been since I felt like that!? I started with Les Mills Combat 30 Kick start workout and I used 1 pound gloves and killed it. This is a 30 minute workout. Next I did P90X Kempo X, I love this workout because it is a lot like taking a karate class minus the Katas and the sparing, but it is so great and I was drenched by the time I was done. I used the 1 pound gloves for this workout as well. Total Workout time was 1 hour 15 minutes and I burned 603 calories. Heart rate was 130/177. I bet I will not be able to move tomorrow from all of the kicks and punches, I mean hundreds of each!!! I took Karate, several different forms when I was young for around 13 years so I love this type of workout. My brother used to be a 3rd degree Black Belt and used to fight, like cage fighting now days, and boy he could really knock the crap out of his opponent. We used to go to Las Vegas all of the time for karate tournaments, he and I both did them. It felt great to do this kind of workout again. I have to say, my toe does not hurt at all anymore so I am so happy I can get back to my regular activities and walking.

Debbie, nice job on the lifting workout today!!! I hope you feel ok later, I am sure you will. Thanks for the insight on the Hoka shoes, after reading reviews I see that they wear out really fast. I will look for something else.

Roselyn, how is your mother doing today?

Belinda, I am sorry that you are not feeling well again, the sinus thing must be a pain in the butt to deal with. Do you take MSM? This is really great for a lot of things, check it out.

Diane Sue, I hope you have a great workout today.

Cam, nice workout! Dont worry about the job, there will be so many open positions due to companies not being able to fill their openings. It is good that your resume is updated so when you see something you like you can jump on it asap.

Doreen, I used to have to crate my puppy up while I worked out otherwise I had the same situation that you are experiencing. I would first take him for a walk and then crate the little rascal up for some piece and quiet. I started P90X and am really liking it. I think you need to find something totally new and that will help you get excited about your workouts again.
Have a wonderful Friday!
Jolie - it's not my sinus. I have a no cure/rare autoimmune disease called relapsing polychondritis. I also have acute sinus/ear infections for years. The problem isn't my sinus, I have no infections in my noise/or sinus. Relapsing polychondritis and sinus infections are similar. Except with a sinus infections I have an infections like nasal decongestant/runny. I don't have any. I wished I had a sinus infection instead my ENT telling me it's from RP. Not what I wanted to hear. I am on high does of immune depressed medications. I can't take anything over the counter without letting my Rheumatologist know. Most over the counter stuff will interfere with MTX and RP. I have to be careful. I will ask my doctor about it. I have to be careful with herb/vitamins too.
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I don't know why I keep thinking that I posted and I come the next day and my post was not posted.
Today I did CDorner Dance Cardio "Get Physical" 55 minutes, heart rate 141/177, 300 calories, 4,801 steps. I also did Coffey FIt Raw Stretch finisher which is lower body stretching, 7 minutes, 10 calories. Total time 62 minutes, 310 calories. I also did minutes of Dr Jo youtube for rotator cuff pain relief. I needed to go out to Walmart. I am getting tired of this rotator cuff issue. It hurt last night and today shopping was not good. I have quit buying the super size water packs and picked up gallon jugs of water. The big thing today was I saw they had out turkey and I picked up a 25# frozen turkey and that was a big problem. I did not take the heavy things out of the cart at the register. I just had her scan from the cart. I was a bit worried the turkey would not fit in the side by side freezer. Anyway, my hand even felt numb on the way home as it hurt all the way down from my shoulder. I am really tired of it. It used to be would have been nothing to pick up. I am tired of doing just cardio most of the time.

Debbie, I think some of the moves in that workout that you did yesterday would have been fine, but the boxing was a no for me, and I also just couldn't get in to it. I saw that older guy in the back trying to do jacks. Reminded me of those terrorists that have our equipment left behind in Afghanistan flopping around trying to do jumping jacks. I liked the Fast basic step. Maybe not as much as the last shorter one that she did, but still a good work out. Maybe it was a little slower though. I got a great reading from it though.
I am sorry the chair change is not working out so well. I understand. Nothing seems to work perfectly for me either. That should be a lot of fun getting together at a tea room. It has been a few years since I have been able to do that.

Belinda, you never know. Maybe someone had a death in the family or something. A lot of the times though family will take the pet. Or a move that they couldn't keep her. In any case you and Sadie are lucky to be together.

Cam, I am sorry that you lost what you had put together for your resume. When that happens it is so upsetting. I hope that you get the job.

Jolie, that is great that the walking did not bother your toe. I have looked at Hoka shoes, but have never tried them. I have read mixed reviews on them, and I think like any other brand, a particular model may fit better than another as we all have different feet. I have heard one person say she loved hers and wears them to work all of the time as she works at Home Depot. They always look like they would be good, but I am never sure as I need lots of toe room and a narrower heel so they don't slip up and down.
Hard to find the perfect shoe.

Doreen, I have liked several of CDorner's step and weight workouts. I wanted to preview before I try that one though to see how much play there is on the shoulder since the picture shows her in a plank looks like doing a row. I know I could do something else as a sub though.
Diane - the yorkie belonged to the daughter which went off to collage. The mom didn't had time to take care for Sadie. Nobody died. Sadie is very young, a lot younger than the shelter told us. She is only 2 years and 10 month old. Her birthday is November 4th. I am very lucky to have her. She is so adorable. She goes everywhere we go. I love her to pieces.
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Last night I woke up and both shoulders and elbows work throbbing. I got up and stretched and worked on it. I Finally got in a workout. I did Coffey Fit Raw Ripped and Ride September which I used the spin bike for and lower body. Kelly used 5 dumbbells, but I used 's. There is a lot of non weighted work in this one. I thought it would have me using very little of my shoulders and arms. This was 47 minutes, heart rate 119/149, 199 calories, 1,637 steps. I then did Raw Glute Finisher with the medium strength fabric loop like Kelly's, 23 minutes, 66 calories, 882 steps. 97/147 steps. I finished off with CDorner 15 minutes, stretch mobility, 19 calories, heart rate 73/86. Total time 95 minutes, 284 calories, 2,519 steps.

Cam, sorry that they pulled the job after you did all of that work and had all of that stress.

Doreen, sorry about the puppy phase of trying to work out. It takes awhile to make all of those adjustments and they are trustworthy. Gertie ate her bedding and tore up things and I remember it being difficult.

Belinda, I am sorry that you are having those problems in the sinus area again. With all the meds you are on you would think enough immune suppression would help stop that from happening to you. I hope they can come up with something. Each individual is different with these diseases and what works. Praying they find a solution for you. I am glad that you got Sadie and she will bring you lots of joy having her around. Good work out today.

Debbie, nice work today. I am copying these off for when I can try them. I wondered if she would do the legs and shoulders separate so I could just do legs for now. Funny on the song on the ab finisher growing on you. I posted yesterday and thought that I had sent it. I need to check back and make sure I sent the posts from now on. This is the second time recently. I looked at Kelly's Raw lower body limitations workout and thought it odd that it appeared to be upper body work. ?? Since Upper Body Limitations was upper body, it seemed funny to me. I was looking for things that did not require much from my arms and shoulders today.

Jolie, great workout combo that you put together. I am glad you are back at it. We have a friend whole daughter was got a black belt. She said watching her competition to get the belt was rough. I really do like the Les Mills Combat workouts. I like the kickboxing workouts a lot that Susan Chung does as well. I wish I could get back into them again. Do you have any Susan Chung workouts?
Planning on doing Supercuts this morning. I like that one. I really love PHA 3 on Saturdays, but I don't want to get tired of it. Have family in town this weekend but they are fitness people so I don't feel guilty working out. They love my fitness room too and get their weight workouts in.

Not crazy about CDorner having all these people in her workouts lately. It's distracting and though I get what she's doing, I can't seem to get motivated to do the workout. Her 60 min full body from yesterday looks good and the guy has good form from what I saw, but not a fan of amateurs in workouts. The jewelry store was a huge turn off. That's ok. I have so many YT workouts I want to do. Tracy Steen and Penny Barnshaw are my go-to's lately.

I am not real sad about the job. I have a good paying job and like my boss and people I work with. Just looking for more of a challenge. Sometimes things are for the best, but the HR person said the position may be posted next year, so we will see. I refuse to work anywhere that I would have to wear a mask. I think that's a joke. I believe more than the government handouts, people don't want to wear these ridiculous masks. Ok, I will stop there.

Have good workouts today everyone! Beautiful weather in my neck of the woods.
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I couldn't decide again what to do this morning - I started an Extreme Cardio on the Gymbox but then lots of pushups and lunges and I decided no. I put on a Michelle Dozios Fit Body Challenge and finished out my workout with that. I did have to put the puppy in the crate this morning because he was jumping all over me again. I feel bad putting him in the crate so early in the morning because he spends all night in the crate. Its too early and dark for me to walk him before I workout. I wish I had time to walk him in the morning but I have to be ready to leave by 7:15 to get my daughter to school weekdays.
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Today I did CDorner Step#151, 59 minutes, 270 calories, heart rate 127/162, 4,414 steps. This was disco music. It was okay, I had a hard time at first getting my heart rate up for some reason. Maybe because of all of the allergy meds and upping the hydroxychloraquine to the 2 per day prescribed as I try not to take the full amount and usually use 1. I was wiped out when I went to bed last night. I also did Cathe Step Boss Total Body using the chapter menu and doing the warm up, lower body sections, and stretch, 30 minutes, heart rate 90/120, 75 calories, 608 steps. I finished off with CDorner Neck and Shoulder stretch 17 minutes, 18 calories, heart rate 70/79. I also did Cdorner Hips and upper back foam roller not using my watch. Total time 1hour 47 minutes, 363 calories, 5,022 steps.

Belinda, it is sad the girl's family did not want to spend the time taking care of Sadie. It is your gain though.

Cam, I tend to do some workouts till I am really tired of them. That is nice that your family is into fitness too and that you can still do your workout. My children and grandchildren are all fairly close. Some have their own equipment and workout space. My grandchildren used to like to workout with me all of the time since I took care of them summers and took them to school mornings. They are all adults now. I think that Chris is a bit distracted and her workouts are a bit lighter when she has guests. I looked at some of the weight work with the couple. Too much getting down into plank and that sort of thing for me right now.
That is good that you have a job that you like and pays decent. I agree with you on the other. Maybe you wouldn't like the other job anyway.
It is beautiful here as well. 80's is perfect to me.

Doreen, I know how you feel with the pup. I still feel guilty with Gertie when she comes in and I try to work around her, but she does not generally jump around anymore other than when I do heavy bag or fast feet stuff. When I do that she gets crazy excited. She is just so trusting I won't step on her or anything and lies right in the way. If I nudge her she will go, but I feel sad for her. Jumping pups are tough though. Getting up early and taking to school would make it difficult for sure.
Good morning,

Sorry for not checking in yesterday. I decided to take another rest day. I don't feel well, I don't want to push it. DH and I took Sadie for her first outing yesterday. She did very good being around people and other dogs.

Today DH and I will officially adopt Sadie. She is such a love bug.

Diane - it is a same they didn't wanted/couldn't take care of Sadie.

Of to get ready.
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