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Hi everyone,

I got a dog. My husband and I went to the shelter (the one that is 1.5 hours away) we wanted to adopt a dog on Friday. Today we called them I really wanted that dog. They told me he was in foster, since he was in foster they have first pick. They pretty much told us he would be adopted. We ended up going to the shelter looking at other puppies and older dogs. There were 2 we liked. One of the puppy we liked we couldn't Forster until next week. They had to treat her with medication. The other was a big puppy, he would have been a big dog at least full grown 70-80 pounds. We didn't wanted a big dog. The shelter didn't allow anyone in the building. The shelter was connected to an animal clinic. They didn't wanted their dogs to get exposed (since they were puppies) to diseases. I ask if they had any yorkies by chance..one of the girls said they didn't had any small dogs. Another lady that works at the shelter heard us talking about small dogs, she said someone just surrendered a Yorkshire Terrier 40 min ago. They haven't even progressed her. I was like can I see the dog? The brought the dog outside, I fell in love with the Yorkshire Terrier, she is 3 years old and only 5 pounds. A woman surrendered the dog to the shelter when her daughter went to collage. The dog belonged to her daughter. The dog was too much to take care off. The dog is the sweetest thing. She is very quit, she hasn't parked once. She is so stinking cute! I will post a picture of her tomorrow. She loves to cuddle. Did I mention she is so tiny :)

I will catch up


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Roselyn, I am so sorry that you can't get your mother to eat. That is so distressing. Sending prayers.

Jolie, nice work today. I have all of the sets of P90X, P90X2, P90X3, and P90X+ I never do them. I like the kickbox workout on P90X3 except he never takes consideration for mirror image and I end doing some of it on the wrong side. I guess I never considered them fun, just efficient and the do produce results.

Belinda, the yorkie is so cute. My brother's wife and daughter have several yorkies. They live in NE.. I am so glad you got what you wanted :)
Belinda, cute dog! I wish my Yellow Lab were smaller. She's a horse and isn't a good walker. She pulls and lunges at dogs, deer and anything with 4 legs. Yeah, if I ever got another dog it would be smaller.

Roselyn, I feel for you. Hope things improve soon. Glad you're able to be with her.

Tonight I did Tracy Steen 50 min. Sculpted Arms and Cardio Hiit. It was awesome. Fun arm work and the time flew.. i love adding a little cardio to weight work. It keeps my heart rate up.

Diane, my neck surgery went really well and my neck didn't hurt at all, but my throat hurt for about 3 days. That was the worst part. I wore a neck brace for a month, so that keeps the neck from hurting. I have no regrets.

Good workouts Ladies!!
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This morning I did RAW Just Step - the first one as I didn't have much time to workout because I had to go into work early. I'm leaving a half hour early for my PT appointment so that is why. Still have tightness in my upper lats but not too bad. I hope these knots will eventually go away. Just sitting here in this chair is what makes it start hurting every day. I feel good in the morning when I wake up and workout, but then when I sit here, I start aching. I need to stand more and did yesterday. That helped.

Workout was only 25 minutes, perfect for this morning. We are supposed to get a butt load of rain today and tomorrow, like 4" tomorrow. That is a lot for us.

I checked out Caroline Girvan's workouts, the lifting ones look good. I looked at one of the Hiit ones and it's all dropping to the floor and doing a pushup and then jumping back up and you just keep doing that for 45 seconds, then you do another one where you drop to the floor and jump back up for 45 seconds. Insane, I wouldn't do that if I was 20 years old!!! She even looks like she's on the verge of hurting herself. Oh well, I only want to do her lifting workouts anyways and I do like how slow and controlled they are.

So when I went into my workout room last night to find whatever died in there, the smell was gone. Weird. I cooked cauliflower and broccoli on Sunday, maybe the smell got in there and that is what it was? I keep the door closed so that could be what made it smell like that. Sometimes those veggies can smell yucky. I swear it was the smell of death, though. I know what that smells like because we've had dead mice in our house before. Oh well, at least its gone now.

Diane - I've tried chairs with no back and then my low back starts to hurt. I can't win. Those gutter guards are a waste of money if you ask me. It's just easier to clean out the gutters when you need to. Sitting is just not good for me. Nice job with your workout yesterday.

Jolie - I need to dig out those older Cathe workouts, those were the best. Pure Strength was never my favorite, but I need to check it out again. I don't know what it is with her and her fast lifting workouts anymore. They are just dangerous and you're right, I never get much muscle or definition doing them. Kelly does cardio and weight workouts and I like hers a lot better, not sure why. I want to do the slow and controlled workouts for a while, though, I need to get some muscle again. I have mixed feelings about P90X, I loved the workouts but they were sort of frantic if I remember correctly. Maybe I'm getting those mixed up with some other workouts.

Belinda - Your dog is so cute! I'm so happy for you, the perfect dog finally came along for you to love!! How cool!!!

Roselyn - So sorry to hear your mom still isn't doing well. I wonder what is going on with her, that is so odd? Hope she improves soon.

Cam - Nice job with your workout. I don't know who Tracy Steen is, but the workout sounds good!!

Have a great day everyone!!!
Roselyn - I am so sorry to hear about your mom

Diane - she is so sweet and cute. She hasn't barked once. She acts like she has been with us for years. She is very comfy around us. She also is housebroken.

Cam - my last 2 dogs were big dogs too. My lap was 13 years old and my German Shepard was 17 years old. He passed in May this year. My lab always thought he was a lap dog. I walked both my dogs a few times a day from the day we adopted them, they didn't pull me. I also ran with both my dogs. Both my dogs were of leach trained by me. I had a Yorkie 25 years ago, she was my running partner. The ran off the leach.
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Today I was supposed to walk but yesterday I was walking through the garage in the dark and kicked my workout bench with sandals on and broke my right big toe!!!!!!! Remember at Easter I broke my left big toe!!! It is swollen and black and blue but it doesn't hurt too bad so maybe it might be jammed or a fracture. I hate my feet. I have had 8 surgeries and it is all because of my fault. I have the longest toes and feet, very narrow and they just get in the way I guess.

Today I did P90X Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and had the BEST workout. Boy I love these a lot, they are TF but at your own pace and own rep number. The Chest part was almost all pushups so I modified doing all different types of chest presses, different styles and different rep counts and boy was it effective. Tony doesn't drive me crazy like I have heard other people say so I am going to do it for awhile along with Cathe's old dvd workouts. I like slow pace and focusing on form. I used my FB and I burned 387 calories, I was fighting for each rep at the end even though I used lite weights because my reps were high. I got a totally new P90X program from a lady for $20 and the box was never opened. I am going to see what else I can get on Offer Up in regards to older workouts for dirt cheap.

Debbie, you would probably like P90X again, it is slower and you can do what you want in the time period that he gives us. Great job on the workout today, and good luck at the PT today. Wow, on the rain, I wish we could get some here in CA. It will be HOT here the next 4 days.

Belinda, your dog is sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!! What is his or her name? I know you will love it to pieces, that dog is very lucky that you adopted it.

Roselyn, prayers for you and your mother. I am glad she is eating a little bit. Make sure they give her IV drips with tons of vitamins and nutrients so she stays healthy. How about bringing her some sort of protein smoothie or green juice? I did that for my mom when she was in the hospital and loved it.

Diane Sue, I loved my workout today. I never got the other workouts like you have but I will be looking for some online. Nice job on your workout yesterday. I am not sure if your husband watches Oklahoma State Football games but the back up Quarter Back named Shane Illingsworth played Pop Warner football with my youngest son since they were 5 years old. His dad played in the NFL. The game between them and Boise was great Saturday night!

Cam, great job on the workout, I do not know that instructor. Did you mean Tracy Stahl?

It is my youngest sons bday today so I have two boys that are 20 years old for the next couple weeks since they are 11 months apart. I am going to make a cake for him and I am sure he will love it.
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Jolie - my German Shepard was a mix. He looked like a German Shepard. Isn't she so cute! Her name was Fancy. We didn't like it. We renamed her Sadie. Fits her much better. She hasn't barked once. She is the sweetest dog. I already love her to pieces. It's almost like she always been with us. I think I need to get her a pet stroller when we take out walks especially when the pavement gets too hot for her little paws. Happy birthday to your son. Oh no..on your toe! Hope you heal quickly.
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Belinda- congrats on your new pup!

Jolie- ugh- so tough to hear about your toe! But great find on the P90X.

We went camping for a quick overnight this weekend. Hiking, paddleboarding. My husband caught fish that we grilled over the fire - so yummy!

I did a Lindsay Bomgram YT workout this morning, strength and cardio. It was good except the stream quality was cutting out and she didn't have any music on it...
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I did ICE Chiseled Lower Body + Blizzard Blast. I really like this one. I use heavier weights and find this pretty challenging.

Roselyn, glad your mom is doing better. I have experienced similar with my mom and she miraculously gets better. If they have her on antibiotics, that can mess with their mind and effect elderly different than us.

Debbie, you are right about the gutter guards. They suck! I wish I could get motivated to do Caroline's workouts but I think she's a little overkill for me. Maybe if I were younger I would find her style appealing. Maybe some day I will do Epic.

Jolie, glad you are enjoying P90X. Too bad about your toe. Sounds painful. I do Tracy Steen pretty regularly. She rarely has a workout I don't like.

Good workouts everyone!
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I did a Tracy Steen this morning that I had saved in my "watch later" list in Youtube. A Lower body EMOM for reps workout. Three circuits, loosely a lunge, squat, pulse, deadlift, cardio format that were repeated three times. It was a good workout because you work at your pace and use the rest of the minute for rest before starting the next exercise. The format worked really well and I liked the moves.

Workout: 10 alternating front lunges 10 front squats 15 db swing to squat 15 deadlifts 20 squat jumps 20 reverse lunges 10 goblet squats 10 box jumps 20 plie pulse squats 10 clean and snatch/hand 10 curtsy lunges/leg 20 pulse glute thrusts 10 prisoner squat jumps 20 jumping lunges 20 bear jacks x3
From yesterday, (I forgot to post it :oops: ) Getting ready to go do a workout today.

No workout today. I just got up and ready and left for a day with my ladies group. Again it took me an hour to get there since it was 8 in the morning and a little less time coming back. We had a really nice time making cards today. We didn't get to playing games. Tomorrow I hope to get a decent work out in and somehow get out to a grocery store.

Cam, my lab does not get out on leash often, but once the excitement settles down she will walk just fine. I used to take her out through some woods first by our house and run back then walk the side walks after she got a bit of it out of her system. She tried to drag me from the car at the new vet monday though. There was a lady bringing her dogs out to their car one at a time and they had several, so she was ready to go check them out. Nothing like having a messed up shoulder and a dog that wants to jerk your arm off :oops: That is interesting that the surgery didn't cause a lot of pain. The only suggestions I have got from my arthritis doctor is an epidural in between the areas in the neck. I am really wary of that after a needle biopsy I had a few years ago in my neck that I think damaged a nerve. It is wonderful that you are doing so well.

Debbie, nice work getting in Just Step this morning. Funny that it may have been cauliflower or something left over smell. I used to get that at our other house as cooking smells would migrate to the back of the house where the master bedroom was. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and still be able to smell garlic and curry or whatever other strong smell that I had cooked. Funny how broccoli, cauliflower and that sort of thing taste good, but do not smell good. I even think sometimes strawberries smell up my car when I am taking them home. I never could figure out how they had such a peculiar smell that did not make you think of how they would taste. Better a food odor than dead critter!! My back gets tired of sitting up straight and starts to hurt as well. That is why I get my pillow out to put there to provide some relief when it starts bothering me. I wonder why it is so uncomfortable to sit up straight for long periods of time. I don't think sitting is good for anybody for lengthy times. Somehow man created all of these devices that have us sitting a good portion of the day. That includes televisions as well as computers etc.. I have other workouts like that that have you doing lots of stuff from floor to standing and I used to do them, and for some reason one always sticks in my mind where they kept adding more reps of burpees to standing with jacks and back to the floor that were exhausting and seemed to go on forever. I am sure it is still here, but I have no desire whatsoever to do it again. Come to think of it, it was one of the Hammer and Chisel workouts that was done with hanging pull ups and down to a burpee and back up then followed into jump push ups, that caused me to go to the doctor the first time with this same shoulder. I really do not think it ever completely healed. I have not used a pull up bar since.

Belinda, that is so nice that you got a dog that is housebroken and so good natured. I bet she will love being there with you.

Jolie, why do we walk around in the dark. I do that all of the time, and every once in awhile I will find something to run into or stub my toe on. We used to have a couch with a center leg that kind of jutted out and I was always forgetting that leg and jamming my toe into it. My toes look like they have been in some sort of battle. Ice it up and hopefully it will feel better quickly.
I have not done P90X in years. It seems I remember Tony doing some show off antics here and there. Didn't he do some push ups with 1 arm or clapping push ups or something? I think he quit showing off as much in his later versions though. P90X 3 is all around 30 minute workouts with a huge variety of everything. He used tubing with a door attachment if you did not have the pull up/chin bar. There was even a yoga and a pilates workout in the set. There was also a leg one that I kind of liked that was not a lot of weight work, but was standing work. Hard to remember it all though. I used a P90X app that was good for tracking.

Doreen, there is nothing better than fresh fish grilled outdoors. That sounds like a nice weekend outing.

Roselyn, I will keep praying for your mother. That is good that she seems better. Hope this continues and she gets her appetite and strength back.
Today is going to be rest day #1 for the week. It is so hot here already and I was supposed to walk but I cannot because of my toe and I hate walking in extreme heat. Maybe tomorrow I can get a short walk in and see how my toe does. Boy am I sore today, that workout yesterday really got in there good!

Doreen, I need to check out this instructors workouts, Cam is doing them as well. They look kind of like Caroline Girvan's workouts. I like these types of workouts, working at your own pace and your own rep count.

BBL to read the posts for the day.
Today I did RAW 4 Day Split Bi's and Tri's and had an excellent workout. I like this workout a lot but I wish she would have done some different tricep exercises. I don't care for any of the ones she does in this one. LOL! I did them, though.

This workout was 1 minute for each exercise:

Supinated Curls
: 15's
W Curl to Rotate to Front: 10's (I realized this was the exercise that strained my right wrist last week, I started doing it and felt the snap. I still did it but was really careful. Wrist is ok right now)
Hammer Curls: 15's (slow 4 counts up and down)
Bicep burnout w/Tube - Alternate Curls

Overhead Extension
: 15#
Kickbacks: 8's
Kickbacks w/Tubing
(burnout set)

I also did the RAW Heavy Bag Finisher and really like that 10 minute finisher. I had time to preview 4 Day Split Legs and Shoulders and will do that one on Friday.

PT went well yesterday, she worked on more knots in my traps and down my left arm. I am feeling better and better. Someone also gave me a new chair today at work and I am trying it out right now. So far, so good!

Jolie - Wow on your toe, I can't believe you did it again!! OUCH! Nice job with P90X, I might go back and look at my workout sheets to see what those entail. I do remember it has a lot of pullups in it. I also heard Tony got on people's nerves, but he never bothered me. The dude from Body Beast drove me nuts, though.

Belinda - That means you picked out the best dog for you and your DH!! When you feel like that, and the dog seems so content with you, that means she picked you!! I'm so happy for you!

Roselyn - Glad to hear your mom is a bit better. Hope she continues to be better!!

Cam - Nice job with ICE legs yesterday. I will try a couple of Caroline's lifting workouts, they look good. I'm going to start doing them next week. Her cardio is out, though! Yikes!

Diane - Glad you had fun with the ladies, why do you do it so early in the mornings? It is weird how smells get into certain rooms. I always keep the door of that room closed but had the air conditioning on so it probably got it there from that and then got stagnant because I turned the A/C off that night. Oh well, it's gone so that it is good.

Doreen - Great workout today!

Have a great day everyone!
Jolie, I forgot to answer you on the OU football. Yes, we watch the games. We pay for the OU Sports Channel every year just for the games. I will have to tell my husband about Shane Illingsworth. He was upset Saturday when he realized he had been so busy getting our desk put together that he missed the game so had to go back to it.
Today I did Speedy Fast Basic Step #150 after starting and doing 4 minutes of the Hiit Cardio which was soon a big no. So this was 36 minutes(step was 31), 226 calories, heart rate 149/184, 3,515 steps. I then did CDorner Full Body Mobility Flow for tight muscles, 29 minutes, 48 calories, heart rate 80/94. I also did my usual upper back foam rolling. Total time was 65 minutes, 274 calories. My shoulder was just not up for weights or the Hiit workout today. The hiit lists moves that are done for 45 seconds each and is all standing work, no burpees. It has jacks and boxing moves and I just stopped quickly. Besides it was done in what looked like a coffee shop or deli and she had several other people working out with her. One guy looked like he was trying to be a Richard Simmons look alike with striped shorts, tank and a head band.

Jolie, enjoy your rest day.

Cam, nice work on Chiseled Lower Body and Blizzard Blast.

Doreen, that does look like a brutal workout. It looks like it would be fun though.

Debbie, I hope that the chair works better for you. Great job today. I think I could do that one. If twisting and turning moves bother me, I just do a straight move. Not worth pain. Glad the smell was something that was easy to get rid of. The ladies group always did 9 o'clock even before I started doing it with them. Usually it is always on the 2nd Tuesday. This month they had to change it though. Sometimes too many have appointments and things and cannot be there, so we adjust to another Tuesday. I generally try to leave Tuesdays open when I make appointments. One of the ladies had to take her husband for a test, post chemo to check if the cancer is gone. There was 3 that could not be there.

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