Coming Soon – NEW Fit Tower™ Home Workout System.

I will be able to make one for the more conditioned audience (such as our more advanced Cathletes). While the three that I just filmed are great, well produced and easy to follow workouts (that I highly recommend for the appropriate audience) it might not quite meet the intensity needs of our more advanced Cathletes as I would describe the intensity of the advanced "Lean and Mean" DVD as a "low end intermediate" workout for the more conditioned Cathlete audience

"I'm planning on filming future Fit Tower DVD's (however not all in one shot, but over time) for various audiences. Those who are beginner, intermediate, advanced and "Cathelete advanced"

I am not quite sure where VELOCITY and TEMPO we have been accustomed to all these years fits in all levels mentioned above;)
but I utterly believe Cathe is not done yet. We, some of ordinary mortals are not only fine cycling intensity from time to time but are also
willing to take on further challenges. So pretty please bring on fun stuff to play with our heavy steel toys:)
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Ok, I love, love, love all of Cathe's exercise DVD; I have practically all of them. For some reason, I am not excited about this new one like I have always been with her other DVDs. Maybe because it's not geared towards the advanced Cathlete until later. So I am going wait to see what the reviews from my fellow Cathletes say about the new DVDs before I purchase. I guess I wanted some Step, weight workout, or something of that nature. This new DVD looks like too much "ballerina" type exercise, which is just not my thing at all. Anyway, I have plenty of my favorite instructor - Cathe -- DVDs to keep me interested, challenged and happy. :)
This is exciting!! and even more so since we know that future (ahem, more "Cathlete Advanced"!!) Fit Tower/Cathe workouts will follow over time. I also start planning the next vacation the day after I get home from a trip. I need something to look forward to :-D

Does anyone know if the Fit Tower, with the barbell hooks, can be used like a squat rack to hold the barbell in prep for doing hip thrusts? I've managed so far without a rack, putting the loaded bar on the floor and scooting it up over my legs, but I would like to go heavier sooner or later.

I haven't seen any price point info - did I miss that? No matter, I can't wait!
I regret not being able to participate in a chance to win a new fit tower becouse I leave in Italy. I hope that in the future it can be ship also outside the USA. SO SORRY
I have some exciting news to share! I know you’ve all been waiting patiently for the details on my most recent project and I can finally let you all in on the secret! Coming soon (and back by popular demand!) I’m excited to introduce you to the new Fit Tower! Formerly known as Turbo Tower, the new Fit Tower has been updated with a sleeker and sturdier design and much smoother adjustments! Along with the tower I’ve created a 3 DVD workout system that will help exercisers at all levels improve flexibility, strength, posture and range of motion in the comfort of their own homes. I hope you’re as excited as I am with the new workout possibilities that come along with this product! This is just the beginning!

You asked, we’ve listened!

The Fit Tower™ Workout System combines elements of Pilates, yoga and ballet as well as traditional strength training and cardio exercises - targeting the entire body for a stronger, longer, fitter YOU! System includes a patented 10-level Fit Tower™, 3 progressive Fit Tower™ Workout DVDs, resistance bands & an exercise mat.

I’ll have more details for you in June on how to pre-order the Fit Tower.


Any update on when these workouts will be available to preorder? Just finished Turbo Barre - love it! Can't wait for these new workouts. For the last couple of months I've been doing TB 2 to 3 times a week and my legs have gotten hard as a rock!
Anyone know if she announced how much they are? And when we can order? I really want one but I need to get idea how much so I can beg hubby to get for me. We are really struggling since we moved our payments are Doyle so I may not be able to get this after all! [emoji53]. I been waiting on this since 2011 after I bought STS! Now I may not even be able to get it and when I save up they will be sold out or she will stop making them! Ugh my luck

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Well, it sounds like we will hear more about it in tomorrow's newsletter. Hopefully we'll find out on the price. I'd like to know so I can plan accordingly.
What time does the newsletter come out? Ugh, I'll probably be at work so I won't be able to find out for awhile ! Having major water line
problems at my house, so I might not be able to get.... :( Of course, had the info come out sooner, I would have already luck !
I don't understand the wait sometimes.......
What time does the newsletter come out? Ugh, I'll probably be at work so I won't be able to find out for awhile ! Having major water line
problems at my house, so I might not be able to get.... :( Of course, had the info come out sooner, I would have already luck !
I don't understand the wait sometimes.......

Newsletter just came out, here is the blurb about the tower cost:
We had initially planned to start the pre-sale on 7-1-16 anticipating that the units would have been manufactured, passed quality control and shipped. This is taking a little longer than projected, which is typical for a new product, so we’re going to delay the start of the pre-sale by a few weeks until the units have actually shipped.

Once the pre-sale begins you will be able to pre-order the Fit Tower™ Bundle (which includes, Fit Tower™, 3 Workout DVDs, Yoga Mat, Loop and Stretch Band), or you can order just the DVDs, the bands or the yoga mat separately. We want our customers to understand that these DVDs were designed for the “general population” and are not specifically geared toward our usual audience. This means that the DVDs will be more straightforward in their offerings and will not have premixes and other extras you are accustomed to on our typical DVDs. The workouts will also be easier than what you’re used to from me. However, in the future, I plan on making DVDs and videos using the Fit Tower that are more tailored for my current audience.

Since this is an outside project the 3 workout videos will not be available on Cathe OnDemand and the DVDs will not be available on our site. The Fit Tower™ and DVDs will only be available from our partner’s site and they will be handling all shipping and customer service questions.

I’m not at liberty to announce the pre-sale prices on the Fit Tower™ Bundle and DVDs until the production of the units is completed and they have shipped, but I can tell you that there will be a 30 day money back guarantee on all orders and that shipping will be free (estimated $50 savings). So there is no risk to you in ordering.
Ok, is it just me but I'm a little sad that we are not getting a new Cathe DVD this year (it looks like it). I personally don't think I will jump on the preorder for the new Fit Tower since I have the original tower and will wait to see what the opinions of those of us "Cathletes" here on this forum have to say about the DVDs. I don't know why but just don't feel as excited when it's just Cathe's DVDs because I know for sure that she is bringing something awesome - I always preorder if it's just Cathe. Anyway, maybe we will get something later this year but it doesn't look like that will happen, Cathe's a busy lady. :)
Yeah, I'm thinking at this point if I get anything, it will just be the DVDs. I have
The first tower, plenty of loops & bands and a couple mats so........some of the
Excitement has worn off :(

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