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  1. forum_admin

    Get Ready to "Go Behind the Scenes" of the Filming of Cathe's New Intermediate "LITE" Workouts

    Are your ready!!! Starting later today we will begin telling you about Cathe's new "LITE" workouts in our forums, Facebook, Photo Gallery and Pinterest page. Because we have to focus our attention and time on the filming of the workouts right now, updates will get off to a slow start, so keep...
  2. forum_admin

    Pre-Order Cathe's "LITE" Workout Videos Designed for Intermediate Exercisers

    Estimated to Ship Late Fall or Early Winter | Pre -Order Now | Hi Everyone! Are you anxious for the release of a new series? I am too!!! Thank you so much for sharing all of your thoughts and ideas regarding a new series! I read them all and I'm super excited to announce my newest project, the...
  3. forum_admin

    Cathe's Next Filming Project

    Our next video series will be based on our "ICE' series that we first released a few years ago. Like ICE this new series will focus on intermediate exercisers with premix options like in ICE to increase the intensity and length of the workouts as well as many other options. We would like to...
  4. Cathe Friedrich

    ICE 2...Who's In?

    Feeling excited and inspired to create this...who's in??? Share your ideas and let's make this happen
  5. forum_admin

    Announcing Our Next Video Series

    Today during the Road Trip we announced our next video series - "Strong & Sweaty" Plus one extra video. Arrrre you ready?! I’m super excited to announce the details of my brand new workouts- The Strong & Sweaty Series! The name says it all! The workouts in this series will challenge your...
  6. forum_admin

    Coming Soon – NEW Fit Tower™ Home Workout System.

    I have some exciting news to share! I know you’ve all been waiting patiently for the details on my most recent project and I can finally let you all in on the secret! Coming soon (and back by popular demand!) I’m excited to introduce you to the new Fit Tower! Formerly known as Turbo Tower, the...