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Today during the Road Trip we announced our next video series - "Strong & Sweaty" Plus one extra video.

Arrrre you ready?! I’m super excited to announce the details of my brand new workouts- The Strong & Sweaty Series! The name says it all! The workouts in this series will challenge your endurance and your strength with exciting new cardio drills and ramped up lifting techniques!

The Strong & Sweaty 5 DVD Series

1. PHA Training
2. Total Body Giant Sets
3. BootCamp: You Can Do Anything for a Minute
4. Cardio Slam
5. Ramped Up Upper Body

Bonus 6th DVD

Cardio Sweat

Look for complete details coming soon. Pre-sale begins Aug 8th.


Just read the details on the excited for all of these but I'm really most excited for the "Total body Giant Sets" (love the ones from Ice muscle meltdowns) & the "Ramped Up Upper body" w/o sounds awesome too! I was surprised but extremely happy to see it said in the Fall - I was thinking it would be end of year or early next year so maybe before Christmas. Can't get enough! I don't know how Cathe fits everything in her schedule-thank you Cathe-you truly are amazing!

aqua girl

Will you offer a low impact modifier when needed in these? (Like in ICE)??
Pretty please??? :)

I just had to come back and add that I think Marlo would be a great low impact modifier !
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OMG!!! I woke up this morning feeling kind of bummed but when I read that Cathe has new videos that are awesome, well she made my day - I'm happy now - THANK YOU CATHE!!! If the videos come in the Fall, great; if the come at the end of year in December, great - it's always worth waiting for any DVD from Cathe. I am soooooooo happy!!!


This is Awesome News !!!!!

I have been doing the cycle workouts for the last two months twice per week with amazing results in my legs !!!
Soooo Happy to see another Cycle workout coming !!
Very Excited for all the new workouts, and the Ramped up Upper Body sounds awesome !!!

Thanks Cathe !!!

Brigitte :)

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