Get Ready to "Go Behind the Scenes" of the Filming of Cathe's New Intermediate "LITE" Workouts


Staff member
Are your ready!!! Starting later today we will begin telling you about Cathe's new "LITE" workouts in our forums, Facebook, Photo Gallery and Pinterest page. Because we have to focus our attention and time on the filming of the workouts right now, updates will get off to a slow start, so keep checking our website and social media sites for pictures, information and the latest updates. We will pick up the pace of our updates as soon as we have a little more free time.
Updates will be posted as often as our schedule permits, so keep checking back often for more details and pictures from the filming of Cathe's New "LITE" Workouts. *Video previews of each workout will not be available until the end of the process, after we have finished filming,editing and authoring the DVDs, but we will provide as many details as we can in the meantime.

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