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    Perfect 30 Update - 8-3-20

    Hi Everyone, We have now finished filming all of the Perfect30 workouts and you can now go behind the scenes of Cathe's new Perfect 30 workouts. We've just started posting the first pics and information from the filming of Cathe's new Perfect30 workouts. Over the next few weeks, we will post...
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    LITE Project Update - 11-19-18

    With the Thanksgiving holiday just a few days away we're happy to report that we're almost done authoring all of the LITE workouts and expect to finish within the next few days. Then we will have to spend the rest of the week and weekend proofing all of the DVDs. Next week we will make any...
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    Get Ready to "Go Behind the Scenes" of the Filming of Cathe's New Intermediate "LITE" Workouts

    Are your ready!!! Starting later today we will begin telling you about Cathe's new "LITE" workouts in our forums, Facebook, Photo Gallery and Pinterest page. Because we have to focus our attention and time on the filming of the workouts right now, updates will get off to a slow start, so keep...
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    Fit Split Project Update - 12-10-17

    As we mentioned previously in our newsletters last week the Fit Split masters are now at the duplicator and we're waiting word on when our production run will be finished, but hopefully it will be soon and we will certainly let everyone know as soon as we hear the news. We've also started work...
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    ICE Updates in One Place

    If you want to see all nearly all of our ICE updates in one place go to Our ICE Pinterest Board at: https://www.pinterest.com/cathefriedrich/ice-workout-series/ *If you would like to learn more about Cathe's ICE workouts, or to take advantage of our pre-sale, just click on the following...