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    DVD is skipping

    After years of use, two of my DVDs are starting to skip. What's recommended for this?? Is there a guarantee on the DVDs?
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    Awesome success story!!!

    Awesome success story!!!
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    Any Cathlete out there who has tried Jillian Michaels

    Thanks for the input!!!! I'm going to go for it and see how it can fit into my morning routine. I'll keep you posted!
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    Jillian Michaels

    It's ironic! I just posted a question about Jillian Michaels and her workouts and I found this thread!! I guess there's no need to reply to my post. I have my answer:-) Thanks ladies!
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    Any Cathlete out there who has tried Jillian Michaels

    I don't really care for her personality from the clips that I've seen, BUT does she give a decent workout?? I want to try it in the mornings before work! I've got to get back in shape and since her total body workout is 28 minutes, I think I can squeeze it in. I am just wondering if it's worth...
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    Those wonderful 40s

    Haven't had a chance to check in for a LONG time, but things are going well! I've been on a total rhythm with things...I'm thinking it's got to be my desire to stay in shape with all of the holiday eating!!!! And the fact that a pair of my favorite jeans are getting WAY TOO TIGHT!!!!!! So, I...
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    40's and Over

    Sorry gals, I've not been online for a few days. All is well. Congrats on completing the run Murphy. Just checking in like this has kept me accountable to myself. Doing legs today from Meso 1
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    Fab 40 check-in

    Ladies, ladies, I am only 41 but I've been having night sweats for a LONG time. I figured out the pattern...I sweat the worse the night before my period is going to start. For two or three days leading up to it, the sweats are mild. It's almost like sweating is a barometer for when "aunt Flo" is...
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    Fab 40 check-in

    I don't feel the greatest today so, I was planning on IMAX3, but might just walk or simply rest instead! I am not sick, but just experiencing that extreme fatigue I seem to get when I start my period. I've been pushing through it since I've been on this renewed workout venture, but I might just...
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    workout energy and periods

    ligaments are more stretchy? That makes sense!! I was going to push it today, but since I just started my period and I am EXHAUSTED I am going to listen to my body and REST!!!
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    Crazy Strong and Loving It for Nov 9, 2009

    I'm doing IMAX3 when I get home this afternoon:-) I just have to stick with a good plan to get this weight off!!! I've got 10 pounds to lose and I've got to STOP eating all this morning coffee cake at work!!!
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    Crazy Strong and Loving It for Nov 9, 2009

    Actually, I am just glad to read that there is someone out there who is not sure what workout they have planned to do! I need to stick with a rotation!! I start and then throw in the towel for some reason...
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    The mighty 40's

    Hi Ladies, I've noticed I can't stick to a rotation for a full four weeks. The only thing I ever stuck to consistently was Mesocycles 1 and 2 (with the active recovery week). I noticed such a difference (that was this Spring) and as you all know, I gained 6 pounds from April to Sept (doctor's...
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    The mighty 40's

    Thanks everyone!! I am back on the workout wagon. My problem??? The chocolate candies at work!!! And when I'm stressed here, I snack. But if it were out of sight, it would literally be out of mind!!!! I am trying to tackle one problem at a time, though, so, I'll stick with getting in regular...
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    Commit to get fit and lean for Nov 3, 2009

    Thanks so much! Encouragement is really what I need. None of my close group of friends or coworkers workout or try to keep track of their workouts. I won't beat myself up about LIC. Today, I am doing cardio from BM2. I am trying to do one of the rotations I found, but I know I won't stick to it...