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    Need rotation help

    Start where you are know how to workout since you've had experience. Go ahead and find a monthly rotation you like and just get through it. If you have to take breaks, do it, just move know how it works for your body. Whenever I'm trying to come back I just do as...
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    Best Cathe workouts for runners?

    I've been running 20-25 miles a week for the past few years and I found doing lighter weight exrsices cut my time significantly. I went from a solid 9 minute mile to more like an 8:20 on a regular basis. I've done 50-60# dead-lifts, 30# FULL squats, 25# lunges, double sets of all. I also added...
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    Just a heartfelt "Thank you" to Cathe

    I'll only add that along with incredible gains in physical strength and fitness, Cathe and Crew have helped me grow self confidence as well! What more could a girl ask for? Thanks Cathe!
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    Sooooo hungry....doing something wrong?

    "creamed" or smooth cottage cheese is also a great mayo replacement. I mix it with greek yogurt for a tang. It is fantastic in tuna and in salads like macaroni, potato or egg salad. I do add a little salt though b/c you don't really realize how salty mayo is until you're using a substitute. :)
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    RWH 2 month or Xtrain 90 day Undulating

    I'm getting ready to start a new long rotation. I'm trying to decide between the RWH 2 month rotation (which I've done and LOVE) and the Xtrain 90 day Undulating rotation (which I have not done). I have done many Xtrain workouts and love them too, but I haven't done the heavy lifting ones. I...
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    Doorway Pull Up Bar

    I'm looking at getting a pull up bar that fits in my doorway and would love some input. Do any of you have one? Which one? There are a lot of varieties out there. Pros/Cons?
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    Nia Shanks

    I have a Lift like a Girl - symbol only Tee in size Large that I be willing to give to someone. I ordered a Large b/c tshirts are often so small and I like mine loose, but it it pretty true to size; too big for me. TeeSpring, who printed them is sending me another in my size, but they don't...
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    about Tabatacise

    As a crossover from the favorites thread...this one is another one of my absolute favorites. Not complex, just hard work. Definitely gets the job done.
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    Have you ever tried to smile?

    I mostly smile (and laugh out loud) when it is so hard it feel ridiculous. If I'm really honest, I'm always just so happy to be able to be healthy enough and strong enough to workout, and Cathe is just the person who makes it fun. :) Also, sometimes I think of funny things you ladies say while...
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    Legs & Glutes vs. Lower Body Blast vs. Great Glutes vs. X-Train Cardio Legs

    The Measuredmom
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    Nia Shanks

    Thanks for this recommendation. I ordered Relax into Stretch. I"m excited about this as my flexibility could use improvement. Also, my balance. Any recommendations in this area. I have a Bosu, but don't use it enough. My core is strong so I feel like there's something missing. I would love...
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    Justinef, you inspired me!

    You are both AMAZING!!! Inspirational on all accounts!!! Thanks for making all of our hard work real-world applicable and FUN!
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    What is happening with my heart rate pattern?

    tanyammr, I'm obviously not Cathe, but my first thought is that maybe your fitbit isn't super accurate. I know they are less accurate than a traditional heart rate monitor. I use a HRM and when I do this workout my heart rate is definitely in the anaerobic range for most of it, and I can...
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    Total Body Recommendations?

    Justine, Which program are you doing? I am doing the Train to be Awesome program right now, but I'm also doing other w/os. I joined Gold's for the summer (and will go back to home once school starts again) so I've been doing the Les Mills workouts there; bodypump, bodycombat and body attack...