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    Beachbody 21 Day Fix

    Sorry to be a pest, but could you post this list again. The link isn't working. It would be so helpful for me. I'm confused where salmon would go.
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    Anyone Still Here From Early 2000's?

    here from 1999 I was a regular poster in 2003 through 2007 (?) Once I changed jobsI don't visit this site much, only when Cathe is working on a new series. I remember the <----------------- postings each morning. They were too funny!
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    Question on the six month rotation

    Cathe, I'm going to do the 6 month rotation using the squat rack. I was just reviewing the schedule in my calendar and noticed I should do Disk 1, 2, 3 repeat. Would it defeat the purpose if I were to do Disk 1 through 6 (or higher) and THEN repeat? I'm just excited to try them all, but will...
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    I got my notice!

    FINALLY!! I received my confirmation. Happy Day. They arrive tomorrow.
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    I got my notice!

    Wow, flainra and Wendy... I ordered the FIRST DAY it went on pre-sale. I'll contact customer service if I don't have any confirmation in a day or two. I don't feel good.
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    I got my notice!

    I think something happened to my order. :-( Nothing in the UPS tracking, no email either. My order was 17.... I'm only a few hours away from Cathe's gym too.
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    what order numbers have shipped?

    My order number is 17996 and I still don't have an email confirmation, and the tracking page says "UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request." Darn it!
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    mine shipped but no e-mail notification...

    I didn't receive my email notification either and the address has remained the same. I have order number 17996. I'm so excited!!
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    What comes with Pre-order?

    Does the User's Guide have the workout sheets, or do we print those off ourselves? Thanks! Susan
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    STS Update

    This is so exciting to hear! Thanks for the update, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well. Susan
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    WM has a New Engine & some New Features

    Bookmarks? I'd like to bookmark this, like I was able to in the last forum set up. Can this be done now? I don't see that option. Thanks! Susan
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    Equipment for STS

    Nevermind. I knew eventually I'd find an answer! ha ha!! I'll wait for the band from the Fitness by Cathe. Will they be available before STS is released? Thanks! :-)
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    Equipment for STS

    Hi Cathe or SNM, I'm gearing up for STS to come out and wanted to know if the tubing with the handles will work the same as the green bands. The dang green ones keep snapping on me, and I'd rather get something sturdier. Just from looking at the blog, I see the green band used for standing kick...
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    Testing Avatar

    Awww, who can resist that face?!! btw, good one Sarah! ha ha!!
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    Jay Leno - I'm glad I live in America - This is long -

    RE: Jay Leno - I'm glad I live in America - This is lon... Hi Bill, That is such a good picture of you and Diane Sue :) You can really see that for trolls you are in great shape... You never fail to crack me up! Have a nice day Bill. Terri I thought the same thing, Terri! ha ha ha!