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    Workout Blender Success!

    I did a step workout just with the challenges at the end that combine all the routines from all the step workouts that have a challenge at the end. I havent tried it yet though!
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    Barbell weights In High Reps

    Cathe's bar is 5 lbs, the biggest weight is 10 lbs, the medium 5 lbs, and the smallest is 2.5 lbs. So, for example, she uses 15 lbs (bar + 2 mediums) for the warm up and 45 lbs for the rows (bar + 4 large weights) (I think, I'm going from memory having done it last night for the first time)...
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    My workout blender doesn't work

    I made a few workouts which didn't end up having the chapters they were supposed to... I was then told to update Adobe Air and the Blender hasn't worked at all since... It seems to be an incompatibility with the new version of Adobe Air.
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    Love Intensity!!!

    I just finished Intensity as well and loved. I would describe it as... intensely intense so I guess the title for it was appropriate! I really enjoyed the different segments STEP, IMAX, High/HiiT and Low/HiiT was lower intensity which was welcome. I think the hardest blast for me was the...
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    I have both workouts and enjoy them. I would classify them as intermediate when compared to Cathe workouts. They are efficient in the way that they are fun to do and I seem to sweat a lot. I reach for those when I am not very high on energy and know that the hour/45 minutes will go by fast...
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    Are you doing STS lifting 3 days in a row?

    I'm starting my 2nd STS rotation on the 19th of April (after my last recovery week... I'm officially addicted to STS), and this time around, I'm planning on doing the 3 STS workouts 3 days in a row, MTW (Tuesday Legs) with some running or cycling on those days, so I can do a total body...
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    Lurkers Invitation 2010

    Eunice - I'm so glad they are replacing your disc... they are very good at Cathe support. A couple of weeks ago I downloaded the weekly featured workout, and when I put the coupon code in the box and did recalculate, it was telling me it was free! I downloaded it and sent them a message to...
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    Lurkers Invitation 2010

    Good morning Ladies, I know I haven't been very present lately but, let's just say that I didn't have much to report since during my recovery week, I worked out... taratatatam (those are supposed to be drum rolls)... Once! I did Jari Love Ripped 1000 on Saturday and that's it! Not very...
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    Lurkers Invitation 2010

    Sorry ladies, I can feel this is going to be a long one... I've been "thinking" a lot I guess lately and all of you seem to be the ones who can relate the most with a lot of it! First, I'll get the workouts out of the way! Yesterday I did HiiT 40/20 followed by HiiT 30/30, and it was pretty...
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    Lurkers Invitation 2010

    Hello Ladies! I hope everyone is doing well... from what I have been reading, it seems like it! Sorry for not being "around", I seem to have less hours than I need to get half of what I need to get done these days. Anyway, it'll get better, I hope! I have been doing my workouts though...
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    Lurkers Invitation 2010

    Hello everyone! I've been reading all your posts but haven't had the time until now to post! I am having a VERY off week workout and food wise. The only week I've been off track since the beginning of the year. I'm on Spring Break since Friday, we had to go to the restaurant and...
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    Lurkers Invitation 2010

    That was way too long, I'm sorry...
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    Lurkers Invitation 2010

    I am trying the ON thing you suggested Janie, we'll see how it goes... it certainly does help to put everything in order !! Never even noticed this option before. I am quite new to the forum. Eunice, putting weights in a backpack is an excellent idea, I will have to try that!. You are...
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    Lurkers Invitation 2010

    Good morning everyone! I'm sorry it's very long........ feel free to skip! I'll just start by saying that I love this group! I think everyone of you is such great support for each other and it is great to be part of something like this... first time for me. I have always been my own...
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    Lurkers Invitation 2010

    Good morning everyone! I did Step Moves on Sunday, and I must say I love this workout more every time I do it. I can almost do it with my eyes closed now, I actually don't feel like I'm working out as my heart beat doesn't seem to go up very much (although I try to do everything as high...