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    1st cathe workout tape

    Actually "Step N' Motion" is available, and can be bourght here: Cathe Downloads| Step N Motion #1 Workout Download This was my first Cathe workout, 20+ years ago, and it is highly recommended:) . It's tough, even by today's standards. My VHS version still works fine. -- David
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    55 years old -depressed...

    Susan: I second the notion of buying the LI series. Also, you might want to try some of the Firm's "pink series" -- rated as "medium difficult" and not to hard to do. I sometines go off the wagon in the winter, anf find these a useful starting point before trying anything harder. I was...
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    I just do what Cathe and the crew do, and use a three-riser step as a bench, and use a towel on top of that. One can take off the risers from one end to put an incline to the bench. -- David
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    STS total body or High Reps???

    I agree with people on this thread...High Reps is thoroughly enjoyable, and I have put it in my regular rotation. It is easier to do, of the two, as well as having a very positive enjoyment factor. Before HR, MIS and PH were by favourite strength, HR for sure:). -- David
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    Where do I begin??

    I have "Power Hour" (PH) and Maximum Instensity Strength" (MIS) in my current regular rotation, but the other strength videos are great as well. If you are brave and up for it, try the STS system. -- David
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    Weight Limit Question

    I just want to add my congrats, Abbyka, as to your wonderful 100 lb weight loss! Very good! You are an inspiration to me, and I'm sure to others too. -- David
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    What are your favorite "Cathe-isms"

    I think it is on "Muscle Max", but at one point while suggesting modifications, she says something to the effect that, "It doesn't matter what you do, but DO SOMETHING!". A spontaneous line, but it does have an important message: don't worry so much about technical issues, but just keep...
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    Low Impact Workout Without Lunges?

    I am working from memory here, but I own nearly all of Cathe's strength videos, and from what I know all have lunge segments. One thing you might try is to substitute squats in place of lunges. I am an older exercizer, and not that strong in my lower body, and when I do lo lunges I use a...
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    power hour question

    Yes I agree with the comments here. PH is a workout I do on a regular basis. It is similar to MIS, and both are great total workouts, both well worth the price on a single DVD. One point: the lunges segment on PH is fairly tough, much tougher than MIS. -- David
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    Congrats to coming on board and your recent weight loss. I agree with some of the comments on this thread that STS might be a bit pricey to start with. If you are interested in building a bit of muscle, with a modest weight gain, you might try to start with Cathe's Slow and Heavy series and...
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    What pneumonia does to you

    Caitlin: Also, talk to your doctor about getting a preumonia shot -- it is like a flu shot for pbeumonia. I had mine about 15 years ago after my bout with pneumonia and I have not had it since. And I have not even had a chest infection, something I had numerous times before the shot. My doctor...
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    I do not have a curl bar, since I am thrifty as to buying weights, and don't want to own a barbell specifically designed for curling. I won a 15-lb barbell, and a set of plates to use. But like you I find that an empty 15-lb barbell is to heavy to lift for curling. So I use ether a 12-lb body...
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    Muscle gain?

    Not an expert here, but generally recommended rotations suggest to do strength DVDs every other day, and pure aerobics every other day. One thing you might try is to do more pure aerobic DVDs -- every other day -- and mixed aerobic DVDs every other day. I am not an expert at Cathe's various...
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    Anyone go lighter with STS weights?

    In my case I am getting back into regular exercizing after a 6-month time-off period. I am going through an STS DVD once and a while, and find I must go wel below my 60% IRM just so I do not overdo it. Besides I am 63 y.o. Love the STS approach, though:). It's an enjoyable workout to do. -- David
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    Workouts you just CAN'T get into

    Great thread, and I agree with everything Mini-natty said. Strange, but in the big box stores, there are too many Pilates and yoga DVDs -- too little of anything good to buy. -- David p.s. Just received my Low Impact "Afterburn", and it's terrific. Highly recommended. No nice-and-easy stuff here.