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I ended up taking a rest day yesterday. I was too tired.

Today I did SBF barre workout(modified).

Debbie - sorry about the school canceling. I would be frustrated too. Thank you.They guy that did my MRI said it can take up to 3 working day's to get the results. I will call on Friday. Great job on your workouts.

Cam - me too. Thank you.Great job on your workout yesterday.

Roselyn - aww..glad you spent time with your grandson and starting in April. How exciting. Great job on your leg workout today.

Jolie - sorry about the rain and puppy training. Great job on your workouts. Yeah, my first appointment was at 4 am. That was early, even for me. Glad it's done.

Diane - I hope you doing well.

Good night.
Today I did Michelle Briehler 50 min. Full Body HIIT No Equipment w/Core Finisher. 35/10 2x. I loved it! Fun and very sweaty. Most of the cardio was low impact, but quite challenging. Good core work too. She has become my favorite "verbal" YT instructor. I like her form pointers and she just has a great demeanor. My only issue is she tends to play a lot of Latin music and I really don't care for that at all.

Belinda, rest is good. I am amazed at the kind of workouts you do with your ailments.

Jolie, you are sure getting nailed with rain this year. My brother lives in Phoenix and he said it was been a cold winter there too.

Roselyn, glad you had fun with your grandchild.

Debbie, good workout today.

Going to take the dog for a walk. Rainy tomorrow so I will get a little nighttime break.
Today I did CDorner Fast Basic Step #274 calorie torching step cardio, 24 minutes, heart rate 149/177, 153 calories, 2,333 steps. I liked this one as it moves at a faster pace, no fancy choreography without a bunch of learning the moves and breaks. I usually do better with ones that do not slow way down or have breaks because my heart rate drops fast and then it takes a while to get it back up again. I guess that is not a bad thing, but if the workout is short there is not much chance of keeping it up. I followed this with CDorner Totally toned legs, 46 minutes, 106 calories, heart rate 91/128, 633 steps. Total time was 70 minutes, 259 calories, 2,592 steps. Sorry I did not check in yesterday. I am battling terrible allergies right now. So hardly any sleep. I did not work out yesterday and went to my ladies group game day. I took allergy meds before I left, which do not do much for me. Barely got home in time to fix my husband something to eat as he had to go to work early. I took some Qnol sleep last night and slept better, but still woke up in coughing sneezing fits. I am headed to bed soon and am hoping to get a handle on the allergies. It is so windy outside and that makes it bad when I have to go outside. I have to take Friday off from working out as well as I have an appointment with my cardiologist office, I think I am seeing the nurse practitioner for a ultrasound and blood pressure check. I made an appointment for my wellness visit with my primary for a week after my mammogram and arthritis appointments next month. Hopefully I get through all of it and can get some help with a couple of things. That coughing is so hard that the ribcage and breastbone area starts flaring up again.

Totally toned legs 45 sec work on the weights and I think it is 30 sec to a min on the stability ball work. Chris does heavier weight than I did. She was holding a 40# dumbbell in front of her for the squats with an option of one dumbbell or holding two down to the side.
squats with heels elevated, 15# dbs
set 2 same except 3 count down up 15# dbs
set 3 super slow down and up squats 15# dbs
1 legged dead lift left slow balance 15# dbs
1 legged dead lift right slow balance 15# dbs
regular dead lift 20# dbs
stability ball
glute roll ins
set 2 roll in count 4 and roll out count 4
set 3 roll in hips up down and out
30 sec hold 1 leg up left then repeat right
30 sec hold with both feet on the ball hips up
single dumbbell 15# db lunge to squat 45 sec, follow with 45 sec same move no weight, then stationary pulses no weight
repeat other leg
stability ball non weighted work I used my bosu ball and boy were my inner thighs on fire holding the ball between my feet.
lying on back with knees above hips and ball between feet raise feet up toward ceiling and down bent. (not straight up and down) so it is bend and extend
set 2 down and up in a count of 1 and 3 down
set 3 halfway up and all the
Variations on the wall sit
set 1 wall sit regular
wall sit with feet together
wall sit feet wide
wall sit with calf raises
Glute bridge lying on the ball variations

Belinda, I have had mri's in the past where I actually fell asleep for a bit. The ones for my neck and shoulders were the only time I ever found an mri to be uncomfortable and painful. I am glad it went well for you. Nice work with SBF today. You probalby neede the rest yesterday.

Debbie, I am sorry that they cancelled the event at the school. How frustrating! I am sure it was a lot of work to get it all arranged and not easy to get things worked out again. Great job on Raw Chest and Back.

Jolie, good use of your time while having your car services. I bet the pup liked it. You did well on your workout today even though you did not get enough rest. It was so dry here last year, that I am trying to really appreciate the rain when it comes. It is supposed to rain here tomorrow. I do hope it is not raining when I go to my appointment Friday though as it is a long drive and I hate worrying about flooded areas. The winds are blowing, and you can hear it whistling through the rain gutters.
I had to train my dog though sleet and snowy weather. It was not fun. It made it take much longer as neither of us wanted to stay outside that long.

Roselyn, I bet you are looking forward to spending time with your grandbaby. I kept all 8 of mine when they were babies.

Cam, nice work with Michelle Briehler Full Body Hiit no equipment.. I remember when I lived in Phoenix and it got cold enough for us to have ice patches on the ground. I wore a heavy fuzzy coat LOL. Seriously it seems funny now.
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This morning I walked on my treadmill for a bit. I still can't do much with cardio yet because I'm not allowed to do high impact until the middle of April or so. I don't want to rush into it. I'm dying to get on my Max Trainer but I'll start doing that when I feel I can.

Workout was 37 minutes, burned 373 calories, went 1.55 miles, did 4067 steps and HR was 147-181. I am concerned that my HR is that high, I don't believe it. I looked at my watch and it said I was at 178 and my heart was hardly beating fast. I was walking at a slow 2.5 mph pace, there is no way my HR was that high.

Jolie - I cannot believe the rain you are all getting and the damage it is causing. I hope it calms down soon. Feast or Famine. Geez! Great job on your workout yesterday even though you were tired.

Roselyn - Great job with Caroline legs!!

Belinda - Hopefully you'll get your MRI results tomorrow. All these health things we have to do now is ridiculous. I had an eye appointment yesterday, and next month I have two more doctor appointments. Sick of doctors!

Cam - I'm not much for Latin music either. Great job with the workout, though!

Diane - So sorry you are dealing with allergies again. OMG, that must be terrible, especially the coughing. Coughing is the WORST. Hopefully you can get it under control. Great job with your workouts, though!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
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I did a GHUTV ladder workout this morning. I like the format because I use my rower as the cardio each round. 4 moves, starting at 10 reps and then cardio. Each round drops and then 10 seconds off the cardio time. I use the rower for cardio.

I did SBF barre mostly upper body plus stretch today. DD and DIL are leaving tonight. We all going out for dinner.

Debbie - thank you. I hear you on the health things we have. I have another doc appointment on Monday for my sinus. I am sick of doctors.

I will try to be back later if not I will catch up in the morning.
It is supposed to snow here tonight!!

Today was a jump hiit trampoline

I hate doctor appointments as well I hate getting all that yearly stuff done especially mammograms!!
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Today I did Raw Arms (biceps and triceps) I wasted time trying to find a just arm workout on CDorner. She is doing one tomorrow that says just arms bit I will be at my appointment. So many of hers say arms and she starts right out saying and shoulders. I decided to do one that I knew instead. I followed this with CDorner 4000 Step high or Low Impact, 36 minutes, 196 calories, heart rate 133/158. I messed up and did the first 5 minutes with the strength setting and paused and changed to Cardio so just added the two together. I finished with CDorner Mobility Flow from yesterday, 28 minutes, 53 calories, 136 steps.
Total time was 88 minutes, 314 calories, 4403 steps. I was tempted to cancel my appointment in the morning, but I need to get these all out of the way. I am worried about ice, but the rain that was heavy let up around 4 o'clock today, so hopefully it dries out tonight, although temps are supposed to get down to 28. It should get up past freezing about the time I arrive at my appointment. Weird weather.

Debbie, nice work on your treadmill walk. I have had some higher readings lately on some workouts that I thought were unwarranted. Monday I hit 173 and yesterday 177. Both were unusual from what I have been getting. In fact last week when I did kickboxing I had a 184 reading for a high. Maybe it is just the Garmin or something. I don't mind :) Although now I am noticing it being more in the range of the bpm that Chris has her music set to. Usually only hit the high that she sets it to for a minute or two though. Yoga stays pretty constant and things like floor work. You don't have too much longer and I understand the want to do more workouts.

Doreen, nice work with GHUTV ladder workout today.

Roselyn, I hope you don't get much snow. We are going to be headed out of state next weekend and I sure hope the weather is decent. We are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary.
I did Tracy Steen 50 min Ultimate Fat Fat Burning Formula Strength & Cardio. This was a great workout. No walk tonight cause it's raining. But I'm tired anyway. It's been a busy week.

No workout tomorrow. Have a good weekend.

Good workouts everyone!
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I got the results from all my MRI's, I am waiting for the doctor to call me today.

Today I did the last STS workout in M2.

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This morning I did RAW 4-Day Split Bi's & Tri's. Had a great workout. This is a shorter workout but it is intense.

1 minute each exercises

Supinated Curls
: 15's
W Curl to Rotate to Front: 12's
Hammer Curls: 12's (slow 4 counts up and down)
Bicep burnout w/Tube - I don't like tubing exercises because it seems like they really put a strain on my elbows for some reason. I used 5's & 8's and just did a burnout set that way)

Overhead Triceps Extensions:
Kickbacks: 8's
Dips - I did Lying Triceps Ext. using 8's
Kickbacks w/Tubing

Workout was 27 minutes, burned 155 calories and HR was 104/132.

I then did some knee exercises. There is a noticable difference between my left and right quad. It's actually really weird but I haven't done a leg workout in months and I have been favoring my right leg for all those months as well. I need to build up my left leg again.

No time for personals, hope you all have a great weekend!
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Today I had an excellent workout even though I was interrupted numerous times with the dogs fighting, so I had to intervene. I started with a 40 minute uphill walk on the TM, traveled 2.2 miles and burned 398 calories. Next, I did DC Fitt 30 minutes Upper Body and Core at home, 45 seconds on with a few second rest in between sets no repeat workout. There were 30 exercises but some how I only wrote down 27 because if she does a compound exercise she counts it as two exercises where I counted it as one. Total workout time 1 hour 31 minutes and I burned 803 calories. I can go higher in weights on a few of the exercises the next time I do the workout.

Hip swing to bicep curl to overhead press- 12's
Front Raise- 12#
1 Arm Row- 20#
Overhead Press to Oblique Rotation- 8#
W Bicep Curls- 12's
1 Arm Chest Press- 15#
Skull Crushers- 12's
BB Deadlifts- 30#
No Planks AB exercise instead
Lateral Raise- 8's
Hammer External Rotations- 10's
Triceps Kickbacks no Burpee- 10's
AB Exercise
Alternating Squat to clean and press- 12#
Standing Hold internal roatation-8's
Rear Flys- 8's
No Planks, Bicycles
Chest Flys- 12's
Lying Triceps Ext.- 12's
Diamond Press- 15's
Leg Raises Dead bug 12#
No Bear Crawls, just 1 Arm rows- 20#
Overhead Press Alternating- 12's
Upright Rows- 12's
Front Raise- 10's
Bicep Curls with a Static Hold- 12's
Overhead Press to Jack (i skipped the Jack)- 15#
DB Front Raise bending forward- 10#
Cross Punches- 8's

This was a great fast workout if you have little time to get in an upper body workout.

Great job on your workouts everyone, I have to run, this darn puppy is tormenting my senior dog and I have to rescue him!!!!!!
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No workout today. I had an appointment and then my husband and I went on some errands and had lunch.

Cam, nice work with Tracy Steen Ultimate Fat Burning Formula Cardio and Strength.

Belinda, good job on getting in the last workout of STS meso 2. I hope you hear back from your doctor soon.

Debbie, great job on Raw 4 Day Split Biceps and Triceps. On the one I did yesterday I think I should have used one dumbbell for the overhead extensions as I held two 10's together. It always feels better with one dumbbell. I try to be conscious of bringing the overhead dumbbells down in front of me and up from in front which is something I read for safety on the shoulder.

Jolie, sorry your dogs were not getting along while you were working out. I have been through that when we had two dogs. They are like having two children that pick on each other sometimes. Great workout today. It looks like a good one. I would have altered a few moves.
This morning I did Heather Power Hour (day 55). It was a great workout and very challenging. More challenging than I thought it would be. 3 circuits focusing on upper, lower and core. 40/20. 2X . Every muscle worked. Plus a few exercises w/ a cardio move or cardio effect. I just don't know why some of these YT instructors like doing jumping jacks with overhead press. My neck says, I don't think so. It seems unsafe. Of course you use light weights, but that move is not for me.

Freaking 15 degrees today with those snow bursts. This sucks for mid March.

Hope everyone is having a good day!
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Today I did another SBF TB workout. I am trying to figure out what I will do on Monday? Not doing M3.

I called my doc nurse on Friday left a message, not sure if she got my message? I will call on Monday or stop by since I am going to the sinus surgeon.

Diane - I hope your appointment went well. I hope you had fun having lunch afterwards with your DH.

Good night.
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Forgot to post yesterday. I did part 3 of the Rift Race on Ifit. Did part 4 (final part) this morning.

Our toilet overflowed in the basement and flooded all the carpet. I tell you what if it isn't one thing its another messing up my workouts. First the internet is out for a week and now we're trying to dry out carpets with huge fans in my workout room! There has to be better flooring for a basement than carpet and pad underneath!!
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Today I did CDorner Super Sweaty Step Hiit, 32 minutes, heart rate 128/165, 152 calories, 1,675 steps. I then did Cathe Muscle Meltdown Shoulders and Back, 41 minutes, 118 calories, heart rate 99/123,175 steps. I finished off with CDorner Mobility Flow with bonus neck and shoulder, 29 minutes, 49 calories, heart rate 80/103, 74 steps. Total time was 1 hr 41 minutes, 319 calories, 1,924 steps. I would have thought I had more steps, but the Step Hiit did have some planks and thrust back and mountain climbers.
I felt the doctor appointment was a waste of a long drive just for them to talk to me and take my blood pressure and heart rate.
Weights Muscle Meltdown
rnd 1 1 arm row 20# 12 reps
pullover 10# dbs 12 reps
one arm wide row 12# 12 reps
1 arm pullover 10# 12 reps
deadlift 20# dbs 12 reps
rnd 2 1 arm row 20# db 12 reps
pullover 10# dbs 12 reps
one arm wide row 12# db 12 reps
one arm pullover 10# db
deadlift 20# dbs 12 reps
rnd 3 1 arm row 20# db 12 reps
pullover 10# dbs 12 reps
one arm wide row 12# db 12 reps
one arm pullover 10# db 12 reps
deadlift 20# dbs 12 reps
rnd 1 8# dbs 12 reps
upright row 12# dbs 12 reps
standing side lateral raise 5's 12 reps
front raise 12# db 12 reps
rear delt on ball 5# db 12 reps
rnd 2 overhead press 8# dbs 12 reps
upright row 10# dbs 12 reps
standing side lateral raise 8# dbs 12 reps
front raise 10# db 12 reps
rear delt on the ball 5# db 12 reps
rnd 3 overhead press 8# dbs 12 reps
upright row 12# dbs 12 reps
standing side lateral raise 8# dbs 12 reps
front raise 12# db 12 reps
rear delt on ball 5# db 12 reps

Belinda I am sorry you did not get a call back. I hate waiting on those things. Nice work with SBF Total Body. We did have a nice time going out to lunch.

Cam, nice work on Heathers Power Hour. I don't get the jumping jacks with any kind of weight. I think it is the P90X 3 that has a warm up with jacks with dumbbells. That is definitely not a safe thing to do. I don't even think it is a good idea to do jacks with weighted gloves during kickboxing.

Doreen ,nice work on part 3 and 4 of the Ifit Rift race. I am sorry that you ended up with the basement flooded. Carpet would no be choice for getting the floors dried out.
I forgot to check in yesterday, I went on a 2 mile walk with my puppy to burn some of his energy! I walked an additional mile on the TM once I got home, once the pup went to sleep. Today I had an excellent workout, and it was a long one and hard. I started with a 40-minute uphill walk on the TM, traveled 2.2 miles and burned 438 calories. Next, I did the Max Trainer on Manual Mode of resistance 5 for 3 minutes and then started alternating it with Bicep exercises. Total workout time was 71 minutes and I burned 748 calories. Total Max Trainer time was 12 minutes. My goal is to work up to 14 minutes any way I can and then start trying to distance. That Max Trainer is so tuff, I am huffing and puffing when I get off it to do an exercise.

3 minutes Max T
Bicep Curls with a twist- 15's x 20 reps
MT for 2 min.
Hammer Curls- 15's x 16
MT for 1 minute
W Curls- 12's x 16
MT for 1 minute
Traditional Curls- 15's x 16
MT for 1 minute
Bicep Curls with a twist- 15's x 12
MT for 1 minute
Hammer Curls- 15's x 12
MT for 1 minute
W Curls- 12's x 12
Max Trainer for 1 minute
Traditional Curls- 15's x 1
MT for 1 minute

My eldest son is coming home from college tomorrow if weather permits him to drive, I am very excited to see him. There has been so much snow and rain roads are closed everywhere in CA. He has less than a year till he graduates with a Masters in Finance and he is coming home!!!!!! I cannot wait to have my kid home again; he has been gone for 5 years!

Cam, nice job on your last workout, it looks like a good one. Boy is it cold where you are, when is Spring coming!!! We had beautiful weather yesterday, 70 degrees and I laid in the sun all day reading while doing laundry and it felt amazing to get some vitamin D!

Diane Sue, nice job on the workout, you are lifting very impressive weights! I hate doctor's appointments; they are usually a totally waste of time unless you are getting some sort of test done. I only have a dentist appointment in the near future, and I am done until my mammogram in the Fall.

Doreen, I am so sorry to hear your basement got some water damage!!! What a pain in the ass! I would put down vinyl flooring which looks like wood, that stuff is so strong and nothing bothers it even water!

Belinda, what have you decided to do for Monday's workout? I think I am going to continue with the DC Fitt workouts, they are a lot like Caroline Girvan's workouts, and they go by really fast.

I hope you all have a great Sunday.
This morning I did a 30 minute leg workout with Lindsay Bomgren - good basic stuff and it was tough.

The carpet is drying - it kinda helps to be in such a dry climate. If we lived in humidity I wouldn't even bother.

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