Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for March 2023

I'm not going to order 2.0. I'm planning to subscribe to on demand and try them out first. Then if I want them in DVD or download I will pick them up at a Black Friday deal or something.

The internt is finally back on. Some city contractor cut the fiber wire while digging for some other reason and they had to re-lay the wire as it couldn't be repaired.

I did a 40 minute bike ride this morning with trainer Ryan Petry- I like him. I'm not excited about this month's IFit challenges so I'm going to work on finishing up other series I've been wanting to get to and they have a new series coming out of bike rides in Ireland.

I wonder if Carolyn will pull all her Youtube videos once the app releases. I've only done a few of them but they are good strength workouts. I think trainers work up a big following on youtube and then cut over to subscription because its more money for them. (I don't blame them - I've heard its hard to make money off youtube).
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I am back. I did a Low intensity HiiT workout today.

Doreen - that's a good idea to try them before you decide to buy the set. I figured by the time I pay for a few month for a subscription than end up liking it, I pay more than the presale. When I read the article it sounds like she will keep free content for people that can't afford to pay on YT. A lot of instructors have apps or subsections on the side to make money. I don't blame her. Some instructors make good $$$ on YT. Caroline had millions of subscribers.

Have a great weekend everyone. I am done for today.
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I did Flex Train this morning. I had my 2nd shingrix vaccine yesterday and my arm hurts and I am a little achey today so this was good. I really like this one except I subbed chest presses for pushups. Pushups are difficult for me and usually I just do planks instead of pushups.

Belinda, good workout! I preordered STS Tri Sets, Giant Sets and Super Sets. I love these types of workouts. I like total body and can break them up by upper or lower body.

Doreen, glad you got your internet back.

I thought Caroline would do a paid streaming service. She's been gone quite awhile for YT free workouts. Probably getting everything organized. Hope you guys like her new workouts. Hopefully she will keep her YT workouts available. Usually they take about half away.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
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Today I did CDorner 30 minute Low Impact Cardio All Standing //to the beat walking workout no jumping. There are two workouts with the same name that are walking. The other is 40 minutes and I like the music in the 30 minute one best. This workout was 32 minutes, 122 calories, heart rate 110/148, 3,148 steps. I then did the part of another workout that I did the first half of added onto another workout. This was 5000 Steps Low Impact Cardio to the Beat, 23 minutes, heart rate 132/152, 126 calories, 2,110 steps. I finished with CDorner Mobility with a chair, 27 minutes, 35 calories. Total time was 82 minutes, 283 calories, 5,258 steps.

Cam, nice work with Tracey Steen Inner and Outer thighs. I have had workouts that were not what I expected.

Belinda, thanks for the link. I have been looking at the workout clips. I have not seen where they are done with the premixes and stuff yet.

Doreen, nice that you got a ride in today. I am sure it is a relief having the internet back on. I always worry when the workers come out in our yard stringing cable. We have the main at&t box and the Cox box in our yard and they have had to dig in our yard to run the conduit and wires to the newer houses. We still have at&t hanging over the back fence and the box leaning sideways hanging open.

Belinda, nice work getting in a low Intensity Hiit workout in today. I always think if I were to pay for Cathe Streaming workouts that I would still end up buying so why pay that much more. I think the Ice Series I preordered a couple of dvds and gradually purchased the rest. I will say looking at some of the clips I will have to substitute other moves unless there is alternatives. Definitely would be going light. That is why I was more interested on the body part workouts. So at least if one area is causing me trouble I can do the ones that work for me.

Cam, nice work on Flex Train today. I remember when I got my first Shingrix vaccine I got it on one arm and the flu vaccine in the other. Both were sore for a few days.
I forgot to check in yesterday, this puppy is keeping me very busy! Saturday, I did my Max Trainer on Interval mode, 40 seconds on and 40 seconds off and I was dying :) Workout was 14 minutes, I had to stop and catch my breath several times and still had a fantastic workout. I burned 155 calories but the afterburn from this workout went on for a while, I was sweating for some time after the workout. I am slowly but surely building up my stamina, I love how it works my legs. I feel like I get a better leg workout on the Max Trainer than I ever did lifting weights. Also, my back doesn't go out so that is a plus! Today I did an uphill walk on the TM, 45 minutes, traveled 2.5 miles and burned 437 calories. Next, I did BACK. Total workout time was 69 minutes and I burned 621 calories.

Wide Grip Pull Downs-
50# x 12, x 10, x 8
40# x 16 BOS

Narrow Grip Pull Downs-
50# x 12, x 10, x 8
40# x 22 BOS (these were too easy, need to go heavier next time)

1 Arm Rows-
20# x 12, x 10, x 8
15# x 18 BOS

BB Underhand Rows-
35# x 12, x 10, x 8
30# x 16 BOS

My husband is in Mammoth Mountain skiing on a work trip in the high Sierra Nevada Mountains and there is a total of 700 inches of snow! I think this is the most in history for both Mammoth and Lake Tahoe. Crazy, it snowed 10 feet in 24 hours!

Great job on the workouts yesterday everyone! I looked at Cathe's STS 2.0 and I think I will just purchase the weightlifting workouts, maybe I will buy them as a download if available. I do not want to how set, I know I will not use them. I too, am excited out Caroline Girvan's workouts coming out, I am sure I will subscribe. They will be competively priced, so I will give it a go. I wonder when they will be coming out for the public.

Have a great Sunday. My puppy is settling in now so I will be able to get my workouts in going forward.
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We took a walk outside today. DH and I booked a vacation to Fl beginning April. I am super excited. Right on the beach.

Diane - I agree with everything you said. I skipped some resales thinking I don't won't them, ended up paying more. I know better not to skip presale. I also have to go light on those or modify for my current injuries. Great job on your low impact cardio yesterday.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone.
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Today I went for a 2 mile walk and did ICE Low Impact Sweat. Beautiful day in my neck of the woods.

Did Caroline make an announcement somewhere? Her workouts aren't really my thing, but I am curious how much she will be charging.

Good workouts everyone!
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This morning I did DC Fitt's Seated Cardio & Strength Chair workout for Injured again and had a great workout. I did most of this workout with no problems, last time I couldn't do the leg portions of this workout. I did them today.

7 Supersets, 30 seconds each exercise doing the SS 3x's

Superset #1
Bicep Curl/Bicep Curl/Arnold Press: 10's
Right Quad Lift/Kick/Down: 10#

Superset #2
Chair Jacks (I was able to do this but at times did one leg at a time)
Double Arm Rows: 12's

Superset #3
Bench Press: 15's
Left Quad Lift/Kick/Down: 5# (was able to do this as well but only used 5#, not 10#)

Superset #4
Dips (I did lying extensions - 8's
Kick, Kick, Tuck Jump (I was able to do this one today. Tuck jump was just pulling my knees into my chest, not jumping at all. This was seated)

Glute Bridges on Chair (I did Russian Twist w/8#)
Chest Flyes: 15's

Superset #6
Bicycles (didn't do this one, I did Hammper Curls w/ 12's)
Back Flyes: 10's

Superset #7
Lateral Raise/Curl/Press: 8's
Rotate & Punch (I did an exercise Kelly does in Box Sit, worked out good. Used my EW)

Workout was 46 minutes, burned 341 calories and HR was 124/162.

No time for personals, great job on your workouts this weekend! Have a great day!
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Today I had an excellent workout, the sun is shining, and I am feeling happy! I started with a 1 hour walk uphill on the TM, between 5.0 and 7.0 incline, traveled 3.3 miles and burned 555 calories. Next, I did Biceps, and I cannot believe that my collar bone is not hurting anymore, I guess taping it is doing the job. Total workout time was 1 hour and 20 minutes and I burned 709 calories. I bet I will be tired tonight.

Standing BB Curls- 30# x 12, x 10, x 8, x 14 TF

Standing DB Alternating Curls with a twist- 15's x 12, x 10, x 8
Two Arms at a time- 15's x 15 TF

Hammer Curls- 15's x 12, x 10, x 8, x 11 TF

It is starting to feel like Spring here, the flowers are starting to bloom and it doesn't seem as cold even though the temps are still down there. I am going to go to Palm Springs on Saturday to visit my parents and it is supposed to be 85 degrees. I can't wait! :)

Debbie, great job on the workout today. That is so great that you can work your legs now!

Belinda, I bet you will have an amazing trip to Florida and the weather should be fabulous.

Cam, great job on the walk and the ice workout yesterday. It is nice here as well, summer is right around the corner :)

BBL to read the other posts for the day.
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I did a 35 mintute ride on my bike this morning with Ryan Petry. A hill climb interval workou
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I walked outside and did STS D19 CST. Double Wave loading. I had an amazing workout today. I am upping my weights each week.

Diane - I hope you have an amazing workout today.

Debbie - nice job on your weight workout this morning.

Cam - I haven't seen or heard any announcement from Caroline. Hopefully soon.

Jolie - it should be fun. DH and I haven't had a vacation since before covid. Well, I did visit my son in TX last year. Have fun visiting your parents.

Roselyn - what are up to today?

Doreen - whatever you decide to do today, I hope you having fun.

Have a great Monday, everyone.
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Today I had to wait till they came out to summerize our sprinkler system. I needed to talk to them and go over some work to be done. Afterwards I had grocery delivery, and finally settled for a little bit. I had to get outside and get started on some of the trimming plants and shrubs. Everything is starting to bud out. They are all quite a mess since last year dealing with healing, I did not get to it in spring. My foot is really hurting today so I just did some mild work. I did Boss Bands Lower Body and Core premix, 32 minutes, heart rate 94/121, 87 calories. I then did Raw Stretch and Tone 2, 18 minutes, 87 calories, (weird that both workouts were the same calorie burn). I don't remember a stretch and tone 1. This was a bit tough on the shoulders as it is a flow with light dumbbells and all standing. I started out with 5's like Kelly but picked up 3's for some moves. She drops to 2# the second time through all of the moves. Afterward I Did some of Raw Roll it Out, thought I should go to the end of it since I did not the last time. I did my own thing when it was something I thought was not safe, at least for me not safe. Time spent was 64 minutes, 194 calories. I did not track the steps.
I need to find a workout shoe that has lots of toe space. I could hardly wait to get my shoe off this morning. I switched to a bit oversized slip on athletic looking shoe, and it was a bit better, but with it my foot seems to slide forward in the shoe and puts more pressure on my forefoot on the bottom. I changed shoe inserts and no luck. I was looking at some Hoka shoes and a pair they had that was a recovery shoe and wondered if that would work for at least walking around. I dread going to the rheumatologist in April. I have hoped this would stop.

Jolie, you are getting in some great workouts. I am glad your puppy is getting settled in. Those first few days are usually hard. That is great that your collar bone is not hurting anymore.

Belinda, a trip to Florida sounds nice. My husband printed up a map to my youngest brother's house in Florida. It is about 30 miles from the beach. We need to get enough time off to go. I have not been to Florida in years. That is wonderful that you are increasing your weights and your workouts are going well.

Cam, nice work on the walk and Low Impact Sweat.

Debbie, nice work with DC FIt again. I am glad you are able to do more of the leg movements. You go to the doctor soon, right?
This morning I walked on my treadmill a bit, tried to get to 1 miles but only did .75 miles. I walked at a 2.3-2.5 mph speed with only a 1% incline. My knee started feeling it toward the end of the .75 mile mark. Then I did RAW Box Sit again. Had a really good workout, first one over 45 minutes.

Total workout was 49 minutes, burned 504 calories, did 4004 steps and HR was 150/179. I'm wondering why my HR is so high? That is really strange.

Diane - Yes, I go see my doctor again this Friday for my next follow-up. I hope it's the last follow-up. Sick of doctor appointments. Sorry your foot is hurting, I wonder what is causing that? Arthritis?

Belinda - Cool on going to Florida!! I'm sure that will be nice get away for you. I'm starting to want to plan for our summer vacation. I want to go to Mackinac Island again but it's such a long drive. It's so awesome there, though!!

Jolie - Great workout! You are killing it lately! Sorry the MRI didn't show anything, that is truly odd.

Cam - I was wondering if Caroline made an announcement as well. I went to her Youtube channel and nothing.

Have a great day everyone!!
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I did a Penny Barnshaw barbell workout this moring on youtube. I was kinda dragging after a 13 hour day at work yesterday so it fit the spot. Then I took the dog for a short walk.
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Today my legs are feeling the uphill walk from yesterday, so I just did Shoulders, no cardio. My hamstrings are sore from the incline walking, and I love the feeling of getting in a good workout instead of not feeling anything.

Seated Overhead Press- 15's x 12, x 10, x 8, x 12 TF

Upright Rows- 12's x 12, x 10, x 8, x 13 TF

1 Arm Lateral Raise- 10# x 12, x 10, x 8, x 12 TF

Front Raise to Rear Raise- 8's x 12, x 10, x 8, x 9 TF

Rear Flys- 8's x 12, x 10, x 8, x 14 TF (these irritate my collarbone)

Lateral Raise Burn Out- 5's x 35 TF

Doreen, great job on the ride and the workout today. That is a long workday, my husband usually works that everyday too, even on Saturday's :(

Belinda, great job on the STS today! I love that set of workouts; I have used it so many times over the years. I love the Double Wave Loads myself, I will probably start the program again, I like to do it before summer to get some definition.

Diane Sue, I wonder what is causing the foot pain. Gout? Try drinking a ton of Alkaline Water and see what it does. If I get too acidic, I get a lot of joint pain. Nice job on the workout.

Debbie, way to go on the workout. I wonder why your heart rate is that high too, maybe your Garmin is just not reading correctly today. I would have to do some heavy duty cardio to get my heartrate up like those numbers.

Roselyn, I hope you have a great workout today.

Cam, Have a good workout today.

Sunny here today, which makes me happy but more rain is in store for next week! I want summer to come now!!!!

Today I did SBF barre Upper body with light weights. If the wind stops, I will go for a walk.

Diane - you should go to FL if you have a place to stay. We booked a few month ago and had to cancel because of the weather. It should be fun. Plus, we can whip something up quick if we don't feel like going out to dinner every day. Which would be hard anyway, I went full plant based again, to see if it helps my RP.

Debbie - I am excited to go to FL soon. We have a fully functional kitchen and living room. Lots of room for getting a workout in. I had to look up Mackinac Island. It looks so awesome there. Where do you stay on the island?

Jolie - I love STS. I probably will skip M3, can't go that heavy, or I shouldn't push it.

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This morning I did CDorner Fast Basic Step plus abs 80's music, 64 minutes, heart rate 125/162, 4,864 steps, 282 calories. I finished off With CDorner Stretch After Step, 18 minutes, 32 calories. Total time was 82 minutes, 314 calories. I liked this step workout. No slowing down throughout the workout and no fancy choreography. Music was pretty good. There was a couple of songs in there that I like.

Roselyn, nice work with Epic Heat.

Debbie, great job on the treadmill walk and Raw Box and Sit. I did a workout recently that was short and not at all an intense pace, more just light movements and my heart rate was really high. I knew that there was no way that was correct. I was attracted to the workout because it was 70's music. There was even some of the lyrics on the screen LOL. Something must throw off the algorithm sometimes. I only remember going back to the surgeon for my meniscus twice. The first was shortly after surgery and the second a few weeks later. I am pretty sure that most of my foot problem is the rheumatoid arthritis. My foot is changing and their is a bone rising up above my big toe joint and the toe is curving in a bit toward the other. Tight shoes push two crooked toes into each other. I have had some odd feet since I was a kid. Broken toes and too tight shoes growing up. But they are changing for the worse. I will have to do something as I do not want to lose my ability to work out and stay active. The doctor told me what I was taking is not going to stop it. I need something to put it in remission. I was hoping all of the natural approach and keeping to an anti-inflammatory diet would slow it down. I have read a lot of naturopathic doctors stuff that they do for RA patients. It has been raining here this evening. I went outside to try and cut shrubs and clean out planters before everything is soaked. Glad I did.

Doreen, I hope the workout helped you relax after a 13-hour workday. Nice work going home and getting the barbell workout in. I think I would have taken the dog for a walk and skipped a workout myself.

Jolie, great job on the shoulders today. I have cut down to some shorter cardio days with the weights and occasionally no cardio so I can get in the stretching and mobility after a workout. I need to not do so much cardio and maybe I could add some muscle. Instead, I keep losing weight that I need on me. I love cardio workouts though. I do not think it is gout. Even when they put gout in my chart I did not think that was correct. I have went over supplements and what I eat etc. and I could not see why I would have gout. There was a time when the joints in my fingers would get hot and turn purple and hurt and I think that could have been gout. I have not had that happen in several years. Most of my pain is related to bones, and joints. It is getting overwhelming. Over the next two months I see my arthritis doctor and my cardiovascular doctor. The arthritis is affecting my arteries as well. I will keep searching. Oh, and I drink alkaline water all of the time. I buy bottles of Essentia water most of the time. I also was using alkaline greens from ancient nutrition that said alkalize, detox, and digest on it. By the time I was done with that and took a supplement from Ultra Cur people that had broccoli seed and curcumin and stuff in it that was a detox, I needed to back off detox stuff for a bit. I bought proteolytic enzymes as I read, they can help arthritis and allergies. I am pretty sure they are what was causing my stomach pain.
I bought some socks compression socks from Tommy Copper that have zinc and copper in them to see if they make my feet feel better. I am glad the toes of the socks aren't tight.

Belinda, nice work with SB barre upper body with weights. This is our windy month. It has started up some here. Today with the wind it was kind of cold when I was out working in the yard trying to get something accomplished before the rain. I think we have two more days of rain in the forecast.
Once my husband I went out to Florida and went to Epcot and Disney World. Then we paid for a yacht ride out in the gulf, just my husband and I and the skipper. We had lunch on the yacht and watched dolphins jumping around. It was a fun trip.
Did the plant based help with the RP when you did it all out before? I just know there are certain things that set off pain for me. Like valentine candy!! Also eating out and bad greasy food. Most of the time when we go out I get salmon and broccoli or salad. I prefer take home salad so I can use my own dressing on it.
This morning I did another chair workout with DC Fitt. I really like her style and her as a trainer. She's fun and I love the exercises she does. This one was called Dumbbell Chair Workout for Strength, Cardio & Fat. It really was a good cardio and weight workout and I was able to do all of the leg work she did. I went slower with them than she did, but it really worked my hips and butt good.

This is like the others, 30 second each exercise in superset fashion doing 3 sets each.

Hammer Curls/Lateral Raise: 10's
Sit and Stands

Snatch & Press: 15#
Outer Thigh Leg Lifts & Knee in Crunch (done standing, hard to describe but it burned my outer hip) Right leg

Low V (Seated chest raises): 8's for 2 sets, 5's for 1 set
Chair Jacks

Back Flyes: 10's
Leg Kickbacks (these were done standing but bent over with hands on chair - lift leg back. She did one set left, one set right, alternated last set)

Overhead Triceps Extension: 12#
Outer Thigh Leg Lifts & Knee in Crunch (left leg)

Alternate Rows/Both: 15's
Seated Rotate toward opposite leg (sort of like oblique twists but seated not laying down)

Dumbbell Swing & Press: 10's
4 Punches & Leg Lifts: 1.5# egg weights

Great workout, my HR was up the whole time. Workout was 48 minutes, burned 361 calories and HR was 128/165. That's more like it!

Roselyn - Great job with Epic!

Doreen - Good job getting the workout in and walking your dog after you long day!

Jolie - Great workout, you are kicking it! I think my HR might have been up because I didn't wear my Garmin that night because I charged it. Maybe it just wasn't synced with me yet? Not sure. It definitely wasn't right.

Belinda - How long will you be in Florida? Yes, Mackinac is awesome, we were there a couple times. No cars on the island, no gas anything, just bikes and walking. It's beautifully quiet and just a great place to go. The first year we stayed at the Murray Hotel if I remember correctly. The 2nd time we stayed over on the city side and then went over to the island during the day. If we go again, we will definitely stay on the island again.

Diane - I think my Garmin wasn't reading right because I charged my watch the night before and wasn't wearing it while I slept. I think it takes a while for it to start reading right again. Weird. There is no way I burned 500 calories doing those two workouts. I'm sorry you are having such issues, I really wish since we are all so healthy wouldn't get stuff like that. It's disheartening to hear.

Cam - Thank you for directing me to DC Fitt. I will be doing more of her workouts when I'm able to do more than the chair workouts. I really like her style.

Have a great day everyone!
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Jolie- I could not do long days that like every. single. day. I think its crazy. There is no time for anything else in life! I do it through March and April but that's it!

This morning I did a 30 minute hill climb workout with Ryan Petry in Boulder and finished that series. I starred this one as it is a good climbing workout - not so many intervals so you are working hard the entire time - I just wish they were a bit longer somedays. I can't really stack them as the app crashes and takes awhile to reload.
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