Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for March 2023


Good morning,

I got my workout in early. I did 20 min SBF stretching. I will walk outside later.

DH and I are remodeling our office. Today the carpet is going out. I can't wait.

I will be back later.
Wow! March already. I can't believe it but I'm getting one more month closer to summer break!!

I woke up with a very stuffy head and lots of snot drainage. Geez, I can't believe I'm getting sick again. There was a time when I never got sick. Hopefully it's just a cold, that seems to be going around at work.

Knee is doing GREAT!! I can walk up and down stairs now with no problem. Incisions are healed and look great. My next follow up is the 10th. Today is my 4 week mark.

This morning I did RAW Box Sit again. I love this workout but it's getting mundane since I've done it so much. But I do really like it, it's a great workout. I was able to do the leg movements in this workout today, last couple of times I tried but felt a little pain and pulling. Glad I am making progress! I might email Kelly and ask her for one more of these workouts but I doubt she'll do another.

Anyways, workout was 30 minutes, burned 275 calories, did 2039 steps and HR was 139/166.

Diane - Me too, I hate driving on icy roads. We are pretty conditioned here to do it safely, but it still scares the crap out of me to drive in it. Today it's supposed to be 65! Great job on your workout yesterday! Wish Kelly would post some new workouts, not like the last few she posted. The treadmill one might be good if I'm ever able to jog again!

Cam - Good job with the CDorner workout yesterday. I've never done any of her strength workouts. I should try one or two of them when I can.

Roselyn - Good job with Caroline's workout. Any word on what she is doing?

Belinda - Glad you did a stretch workout. Hope you are doing better with everything you are dealing with!

Have a great day everyone!
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No internet yesterday so I was unable to post my workout. Yesterday's workout was 20 minute walk uphill on the TM and traveled 1.2 miles. Next, I did Arms and did the last set as a Back Off Set. I did really well with it but it is hard to workout with a puppy crying or crawling all over me. Total workout time was 1 hour 12 minutes and I burned 401 calories. I am happy that I am getting some strength back, my collar bone is good if I tape it while working out.

Traditional Curls-
15's x 12, x 10, x 8
10's x 20 BOS

Hammer Curls with a twist-
15's x 12, x 10, x 8
10's x 19 BOS

W Curls-
12's x 12, x 10, x 8
10's x 13 BOS

Hammer Curls-
12's x 12, x 10, x 8
10's x 14 BOS

Lying Triceps Ext.-
12's x 12, x 10, x 8
10's x 13 BOS

Lying Cross Body Ext.-
12# x 12, x 10, x 8
8# x 17 BOS

10's x 12, x 10, x 8
8's x 14 BOS

The new puppy is a handful but is really cute! I find it difficult to do cardio because he cries if I contain him to stay away from the machine. Yesterday i held him for 1/4 mile while on the TM just so I could finish. Today I will skip cardio and just do weights to make it easier. BBL to post today's workout.

Debbie, I hope you are feeling better as the day goes on. I had a slight sore throat yesterday but feel great today. Great news on the knee healing so well, I am happy for you!

Belinda, great job on the stretch and the walk today. I go on 5 walks per day with my dogs now, but I cannot get the puppy to poop or pee while outside, he is trained to go on a pee mat. I put it next to the door so when the weather is warmer, I can move it out the door and maybe he will then go outside.

Nice job on the workouts yesterday. I am not sure what I will do today but it will be just weights.

BBL to post my workout and have a good day.
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My internet is still out so DVD workout again this morning. I did StepSync. I haven't done a step workout in over a year so I was a little clumbsy at first but it all came back! My dog just left the room and went back upstairs to get out of the way!
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Today's workout was the Max Trainer for 8 minutes and Chest. I did not wear a fitness tracker, so I have no stats to report.

Chest Press-
20's x 12, x 10, x 8
15's x 18 BOS

Chest Flys- (these hurt the collarbone, so I have to go lite)
12's x 12, x 10, x 8
10's x 17 BOS

Incline Chest Press-
17's x 12, x 10, x 8
15's x 14 BOS

Doreen, great job on the step workout today. I have had no internet for the last few days as well, the weather I suppose is causing it. My puppy is so cute but driving me crazy! Hopefully but tomorrow he will be settled in and I can get some cardio in.

Make it a great day.
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Today I did CDorner, Step and Thighs with bands, 38 minutes. 201 calories, heart rate 129/152. I started with Cahte's extra heavy gray loop band and then during the rest of the rounds I switched to the light fabric band and think I could have used heavier. I then did STS Total Body Lowe time saver mix skipping final triset after doing it once. I am not a fan of gliding lunges. This was 20 minutes, 77 calories, heart rate 111/131. I finished off with Raw Stretch Finisher and the standing portion of Raw athletic stretch 2, 14 minutes, 33 calories. Total time was 74 minutes, 310 calories, 2,250 steps.

STS Total Body Lower body
triset 1

squats 20# dbs 16 reps
one leg elevated lunge 15# dbs 16 reps
power deadlift 35# barbell 16 reps
Triset 2
squats 20# dbs 12 reps
one leg elevated lunge 15# dbs 12 reps
power deadlift 35# barbell 12 reps
Triset 3
squats narrow stance 20# dbs 16 reps
static lunge 15# dbs 16 reps
stiff legged deadlift 45# barbell 16 reps
Triset 4
squats narrow stance 20# dbs 12 reps
static lunge 15# dbs 12 reps
stiff legged deadlift 45# barbell 12 reps
Triset 5
side slide lunges 10# dbs 16 reps
one leg slide back lunge 10# dbs
deadlift wide stance 45# barbell 16 reps

Belinda, nice job getting up early and getting your workout in. I do not like carpet. I bet you are really happy. It sure is easier to keep clean.

Debbie, nice work with Box Sit again. It is hard when there are not a lot of fun options out there. You are doing great. I hope for some good ones from Kelly soon. I was disappointed with the foam roller one and I do not have a treadmill. I did like the one weight workout that is not long and uses weights and kettlebell for the moves.

Jolie, the pup will get used to it soon. Just a consistent routine helps. I am glad the pup will go for a walk with you and your other dog. Hopefully you can get it outside soon. What do you do with the pee mat after it is wet? Just curious. I never had one before.

Doreen, what is up with the internet? I am glad you can still get in the workouts. Nice job.
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No workout today, I am not feeling well at all. I cannot believe I have another bug. WTF? I never get sick but it sure seems like since Covid was released, I get sick all the time. At least it's only in my head, I have a lot of sinus congestion. I took a hot steamy shower last night and that helped but this morning I was all blocked up again.

Scary that a lot of you are losing internet, what is going on?

Jolie - I can only imagine what it's like to have a puppy. Lots of work, I'm sure. I have the same problem when I stretch or lay on the floor to do workouts with my cats. They both come near me and rub my head and purr and lay down next to me. It's cute but it really hinders the workout. Oh well, I still love it when they do that. Great workouts!!

Diane - Great job on your workout, the Trisets one from STS looks good. I love that series. I should start those up again when I can do leg work again. Did you order the new workouts from the new STS? Yes, there aren't many good cardio workouts for injured knee people. But I'm thankful I have the ones I do, at least I can get something in. After I go next week for my followup, I should be able to start slowly on other workouts. Hopefully they will say I can.

Have a great day everyone!!
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Today I walked outside.

Debbie - I am so sorry you are not feeling well. I hope you feel better soon.

Diane - I hate carpets. I am glad it's out the office. DH is still working on the room. He is putting down the tiles today. He painted the room too. Looks so nice and clean. Nice job on Chris and STS TB workout yesterday.

Jolie - he is a puppy. It takes time and a lot of patients. Take him out every hour, mine learned quickly to go outside. Usually after they eat they need to go outside right away.

How peordered Cathe new STS 2.0? I am getting excited.

Have a wonderful day and workout everyone.
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Today I woke up with a sore throat!!! I am also very tired so I will take today off and hopefully wake up tomorrow feeling better. I will be walking the dogs a lot today, no wind or rain in the forecast allowing me exercise the pup and hopefully he settles down a little today. He is a maniac! We named him Rowdy because that is what he is, the name suits him.

Diane Sue, great job on the workout, boy your weights for legs is very impressive!!! If the puppy pees on the mat, it just soaks in like a diaper. I change it out every day and there is no smell at all.

Belinda, your office home improvement work sounds awesome! I walked the puppy all morning and he would not go pee or anything on the long walk. As soon as we got home, he ran to his pad to do his business. I will try taking him out right after eating and see if that helps. He will only go on a mat, so I will put one outside too now that the weather is better. Nice job on the walk outside today.

Debbie, I hope you feel better soon, I am feeling under the weather myself, but I have no congestion.

Make it a wonderful day. The sun is shining and I am happy!
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Yesterday was epic heat chest/tris today epic heat flaming legs

Debbie I do not know what caroline is up to but i hope something i love her
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Jolie - We tried to use a puppy pad with my pup but all he would do is chew it up! So I have a whole box of them stuffed in my closet now.

I did Fit Tower total body - legs premix today. Then I realized I don't really like the leg exercises in this one. Oh well - its been so long since I've done them I forget what each one is. At least my internet is back on when I get home! My security cameras came back online so I know it must have been fixed.
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Today I did CDorner Hi or Lo Impact Cardio 90's Party, 42 minutes, heart rate 139/154, 240 calories, 4,900 steps. I followed this with Coffey Fit Raw Shoulders changing up the moves a bit, 21 minutes, 83 calories, heart rate 110/127, 229 steps?? I finished with CDorner 30 minute Relaxing Flow Mobility/bonus neck and shoulders, 24 minutes( I stopped before the end) 47 calories, heart rate 83/111, 49 steps. Total time was 87 minutes, 370 calories, 5,178 steps

Raw Shoulders
4 rounds each move 8 reps
rnd 1
upright row
8 reps 10# dbs
shoulder press (I did these from the front hands facing head) 8 reps 8# dbs
lateral raise (I did these bent over for two rounds and bent arm for two rounds)8 reps 8# dbs
lateral raise bent over 8 reps 10# dbs
Front Raise (I did these thumbs up and arms slightly angled out) 8 reps 8# dbs
repeat for 3 more rounds
Rnd 5 all moves back to back 8 reps each

Debbie, I hope that you start feeling better soon. You don't need that. I was happy to be able to do even a little after my shoulder surgery and the torn miniscus. This shoulder sure is taking a long time to get my strength back. The Physical Therapist said it would be like starting over. If it starts hurting I back off, but seem to be getting in strength for shoulders more and more. Chest has been another problem with weights. I keep reading and trying things said to help build and still protect the shoulder.
I plan on ordering STS 2.0. At first I looked and started picking which ones I would order if I did not want all of them, and at the price per dvd I realized it is cheaper to buy the whole set. I have rebate money that I can cash in that will pay half the cost. It has been hard to decide. I mainly wanted the body parts, recovery, abs workouts. But then I would just end up purchasing them all.

Belinda, nice work on the walk outside today. Do you have any idea how much longer the presale will be for STS 2.0?

Jolie, I am sorry you woke with a sore throat. Pups sure do have a lot of energy. Walking a lot is a great idea and you get the exercise at the same time. Rowdy is a cute name. The pee pad seems like it would be a good idea. Maybe if you put the pad out on the lawn or something he might change. You would think he would sniff where the other dog went and want to mark the same spot.

Roselyn, nice work on Caroline Epic Heat Chest and Triceps and getting in Epic Heat Legs today.

Doreen, I doubt a pee pad would have worked for my dog. She would have chewed it up just like the towels, beds and whatever she could. I was glad when we got the training over. I always forget which Fit Tower Workouts I liked the best.
Diane - it looks like the presale is over soon. This is what it said on the STS 2.0 site: We currently estimate STS 2.0 to ship in the late first quarter of 2023 or early 2nd quarter of 2023.

Doreen and Debbie - Caroline is working on a subscription app. I love her workouts too.

Doreen - was that the Cathe Fit tower? Glad your power is back on.
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No workout again, I am feeling like CRAP! I called my doctor for a virtual meet and one of the nursing practitioners are supposed to call me at 2. I hope they will call in a Zpack or something. I have a spelling bee next week and Honors Festival the week after. I cannot afford to be sick. I hope they will call something in.

Jolie - Did you ever get your MRI results? I don't recall reading what they said about it.

Diane - It does take time to get the injury back to where it was. I'm shocked, though at how long it's taking your shoulder to get back to normal. I am not feeling better and I have so much going on. Makes me mad.

Belinda - Interesting on the paid subscription for Caroline, I figured that was what she was doing.

Have a great weekend everyone. So glad it's Friday!
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Today my sore throat is better but I skipped cardio to play it safe. I went for a 2 mile walk with my dogs and that is the best way to start the day to wear out the puppy. Next, I did Shoulders and ABS.

1 Arm Standing Overhead Press-
12# x 12, x 10, x 8
10# x 13 BOS

1 Arm Lateral Raise-
10# x 12, x 10, x 8
8# x 14 BOS

Upright Rows-
12's x 12, x 10, x 8
10's x 14 BOS

Rear Flys-
5's x 16, x 16, x 16

Front Raise to Rear Raise-
8's x 12, x 10, x 8

Lateral Rise Burn Out
5's x 36

Debbie, I hope you are feeling better today.

Diane Sue, nice workout yesterday! So, you are going to purchase STS 2.0? Maybe I should get it so I can do the workouts with you all. I just want the weightlifting dvd's because I have so much cardio equipment. I will go online and see how they are packaged, individually or as a set.

Roselyn, get job on the Caroline workout.

Doreen, nice job on the fit tower leg workout. I finally got my puppy to do his business outside yesterday, I have to work on it again today.

Belinda, I am going to check out the new STS program, but I only want to purchase the weight portion not the whole set. Maybe I should just get it on demand?

Make it a great day. Happy Friday.
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Debbie, yes I got the results and there is nothing really wrong except for Arthritis and it is out of alignment. I am going to find someone to adjust it and then get the plasma therapy.
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No walk outside today. It's icy and rainy today.

I did STS D18 Back & biceps.

Debbie - I am so sorry you feel like crap. I hope you feel better in a few day's. There is something going around again. I hope your appointment went well today. A lot of people want to support her. I would too. She puts out professional workouts. I can't wait to hear more about it.

Jolie - I don't won't to enable you to buy, lol. By them time you buy all the weight workouts, you can buy the whole set, IMO! I thought about OD, my internet isn't the best. It would frustrate me not to get a workout in.

Good night.
Today I did CDorner Step Class #271 Intermediate/Advanced 128 bpm//music is ladies of the 80's
This was 45 minutes, 225 calories, heart rate 128/150bpm, 3,692 steps. I liked this and had skipped it when it came out. I wanted to do just triceps so I did Caroline Girven tricep workout no push ups, 20 minutes, 48 calories, heart rate 89/127. I only used 8 and 10# dumbbells. I also made a few adjustments. I finished with CDorner Relaxing stretch for tight muscles, 21 minutes, 27 calories. Total time was 86 minutes, 300 calories.
I had a restless night sleep because that rib pain is back. I am still in pain from it. I did not want to push the area with the workout. Caroline does isolate the workout pretty well. Triceps press pushes the front of my shoulders and chest too much.
Caroline Triceps
tate press 10# dbs 12 reps 3 sets
skull crusher 10# dbs 12 reps 1 set
diamond press 8# dbs 12 reps 3 sets
skull crusher 10# dbs 12 reps 1 set
Triceps Press (did kickbacks) with 10# dbs 12 reps 3 sets
skull crusher 10# dbs 8# dbs 12 reps
overhead tricps extension lying down 10 db 12 reps
skull crusher 8# dbs 12 reps 1 set
forwarded to the stretch

Belinda, I will have to order soon then. I looked and did not see a specific date. I was hoping to wait till the end of the month.

Debbie, I am sorry that you are still not feeling well. I hope the doctor can help you get over it. You do have a lot of events coming up. I think part of the problem is the arthritis in the shoulder. Although the other shoulder can lift heavier without a problem. I test it out once in a while. Also, I am afraid to push it too much and have read increase small increments. I think some areas of the shoulder are weaker and more vulnerable than others. Also, I worry as the surgery repair, I had does have a percentage rate of not working, depending on how much tissue they are able to use or something. By now things should have healed together well though.

Jolie, nice work on the weights for shoulders today and the walk with the dogs. I don't think there are any cardio workouts in STS 2.0. From what I looked at it was various strength workouts and then the abs and recovery set.
Today I did Tracy 30 min Inner & Outer Thighs w/ active rests. This was good. Different than what I thought. It was a standing weight workout and thought it would be a floor workout.

Its been a long week. Glad it's Friday.

Debbie & Jolie, hope you both feel better.

Diane, good workouts this week.

Belinda, did you preorder STS? I still like the ease of putting a dvd in. I think these will be really good. I hope we get them before summer.

Doreen, hope you get your internet back this weekend.
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Diane - here is the link with all the info on STS 2.2. If you scroll down it gives you an estimated shipping date https://shop.cathe.com/category-s/207.htm. Nice job yesterday.

Cam - yes, I did preordered. Did you preordered the new series? They should be here soon. I do like the looks of these. Nice job on your lower body workout.

I will be back later.
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