Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for March 2023


Walk outside and SBF TB + stretch.

Diane - it was windy and cold yesterday. DH did some yard work, I let Sadie play in the yard. My neighbor has 3 huge dogs one is a bit bull. They all attack Sadie every time she is in the yard. Sadie's little face fits through the fence (we have a shared fence) I have to be careful every time my neighbors dogs are outside. Sadie isn't afraid of them either, lol. Well, it's hard to say if the food did something or not? When I went plant based last year, I also had all the covid vaccines. Which did a number on my RP. I will give it a try and see how it goes. I listen to plant based doctors like Dr. Gregor, Dr. MacDoughles about animal proteins and inflammation. You also can check out NIH and inflammation. Very interesting. I will give it a shot and see how I am doing. I have more energy not eating meat, I am not restricting on how much I eat. Google the pleasure trap and sweets. My sweet tooth is gone eating plant based again. For now, I am staying away from the standard American diet. I would like to get off some of my meds.

Debbie - we will stay for 3 weeks. Mackinac looks like a Hallmark movie. Looks really cute. DH and I will look into Mackinac too. I have never heard or been there before. The drive isn't too bad either. If we go, I would stay on the island. I will check out the hotel you mention. Great job this morning.

Darren - great job this morning.

Jolie and Roselyn - have a great workout. BBL
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Today I did CDorner Legs and Booty Blaster, 60 minutes, 154 calories, heart rate 96/125, 463 steps. I followed it with 17 minutes of her relaxing stretch that she had up this week, 25 calories. My time was limited so that is it. Total time 77 minutes179 calories.

Legs and Booty Blaster
there is two staple exercises between each group of exercises
requires fabric loop band & dumbbells everything done for 1 minute

25# dbs staple move throughout
straight leg lunges 15# dbs staple move throughout

dumbbell behind knee pizza press 5#pizza press pulses 5# db, no weight leg lifts cross circle right

knee pull into side right

deadlift 25# dbs
straight leg lunges 15# dbs

floor dumbbell behind left knee pizza press 5#, pizza press pulses 5#, no weight leg lifts/cross/circle, knee pull in to side left

deadlift 25# dbs
straight leg lunges dropped to 12# dbs

fabric band reverse lung leg lift behind, band squat to side cross leg across front cross cross leg back
Band floor bridge feet flat, bridge heels up, bridge knees out on lift

deadlift 25# dbs
straight leg lunges 12# dbs

Thought I would come back and finish before I go to bed. I made a big pot of ground turkey vegetable soup this evening and just finally got it cooled to put some in the freezer.

Debbie, nice work on DC Fit again. Your workout looks great. I did ad her to my subscriptions as I have seen some things there that I found interesting to try myself. I think being healthy has kept me from completely falling apart. I can only imagine if I did not have a goal to work out and eat healthy, I would be in much worse shape. I still have times where everything feels pretty good. The foot is driving me nuts though and when I was working outside I was kneeling on the brick edging on the planter and that really hurt my knees. I need to remember to get something to kneel on. That was a first because I never worried about it before. I turned on another CDorner this morning and I think it is more that her personality is fun and you never know what she is going to say. Although today she was showing how to do the deadlift right and mentioned holding a flashlight between your cheeks going down and shining it when you come up. Then jokes going on about it. She said she thought her mother in law just left after that.

Belinda, nice that you got out for a walk and SB TB and stretch. I think I have read so much information that it is like having one group or another group playing tug o war. I think that each person has their own needs. We need to be responsible when we have health issues in finding what is best for us. I have read a lot about plant toxins. Also how to avoid them, cook right etc.. I have spent time on the needs for quality animal products as well. Have you ever read any of Steven Gundry MD's books or online stuff? He is a cardiovascular doctor. I do not have his book but have watched some youtube videos. I printed up a yes and no foods for energy. He wrote the book The Plant Paradox. A lot is about toxins and particularly lectins. He does allow a 4 oz portion of pastured poultry, grass fed and finished beef or wild caught seafood on his list once a day. For plant proteins he has things like hemp tofu, and pressure-cooked lentils and other legumes, also a few Quorn products but not all of them. I bought some of the Palmini Hearts of Palm Noodles not long ago thinking I would put some Primal Kitchen Dairy free alfredo sauce on it, and it was gross and a waste of money, I should try his book. On the no list he has a few things that you can eat if properly prepared and cooked in a pressure cooker. These are things that can be prepared and make them lectin free. I have a friend that buys some of his food products and supplements. She says she gets discounts after joining his website. He does have cookbooks as well.
I think reading some of the stuff on the Garmin when I have had questions, it definitely works better if worn to bed. I plug mine in while I am taking my bath after the workout. If I forget I do it while sitting eating or something.
I read NIH stuff a lot when researching health things, supplements etc.

Doreen, nice work with the Ryan Petry Boulder hill climb today.
This morning I walked on my Treadmill and did RAW Box Sit again. Had a good workout but getting sick of Box Sit. I wish she had a couple of these on RAW. Oh well, hopefully next week I can do a few of the standing ones again. My follow-up is tomorrow but we are supposed to get 6" of snow so not sure I will be going. We haven't gotten snow almost all winter except right before Christmas and now we get 6"? Crazy!

Total workout time was 46 minutes, burned 408 calories (compared to the 504 I burned the last time I did this duo workout) did 3732 steps and HR was 136/176. I think these readings are more accurate, not sure what happened on Tuesday when I did this workout.

Belinda - Glad you got a walk in yesterday. How are the knees doing? I hope you going all vegan again will help. I think it's a good idea. I find I have less muscle issues when I eat more plant based. I'm almost no longer wanting meats, even chicken. Love the plant based recipes I've been doing and always trying new ones. So much out there it's hard to believe.

Diane - I agree, I guess if I wasn't as healthy as I am my knee wouldn't already feel so good. I actually can't believe how quickly this has healed. I think it is good we follow such strict discipline in our health with food and workouts. I don't think I will ever kneel again. It makes me cringe to even think of kneeling. Don't ask me why, but I just remember how much pain I would be in after kneeling at church or doing one of my workouts. Maybe now that my knee is fixed it wouldn't hurt anymore, but I just feel it can't be good for us to kneel all the time. And if I do, I will make sure I have padding. LOL on Chris and the deadlifts. She is funny and I miss her workouts. Hopefully soon I can do them again. Can you describe how you did the Straight Leg Lunges? Sounds interesting.

Have a great day everyone!!
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Today I was dragging getting out of bed. I did a 30 minute no repeat with Tracy Steen. I love her new haircut! I'm in bad need of a haircut myself. I never have the time.

We found out last night we have to drive 90 minutes to my daughter's volleyball tournament this weekend and be there by 7am. UGH - on daylight savings time morning - even worse!
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Today I was supposed to do cardio and Chest but I just did not feel like lifting weights, so I just did cardio. I started with a 45 minute walk uphill, traveled 2.5 miles and I burned 401 calories. Next, I did two Max Trainer workouts, both Interval Mode, the first one was 5 minutes and the second one was 7 minutes. I love this machine! My legs and lungs were burning so bad, I had to stop and catch my breath during both workouts. Total calories burned on the Max Trainer was 149. Total calories burned for the entire workout was 550.

Debbie, great job on the workout today. I am going to try these workouts that you are doing, they look great, and I am soooooooo bored of my weight workouts at the moment. Same thing all of the time it seems like, and I want to do more total body workouts to burn fat for the summer :) I found a trainer on Youtube that does Senior workouts, but they look great, at least the weight workouts do, and I am going to try those as well. The trainer's name is Senior Shape Fitness. I think if I lift challenging weights, the workouts should be good for me.

Diane Sue, Nice workout yesterday. I am loving cardio at the moment, but it is not going to firm me up :( Cardio makes me happy, and I sleep so well too. I am sick of having aches and pains from lifting weights, I almost want to do a whole month using my TM, Max Trainer, Rowing Machine and Elliptical and add some easy upper body weight workouts into the mix just not to lose mass. The rowing machine really works the back, arms and legs and the Max Trainer does the same thing. Maybe that is what I will do for a while. Do you have any cardio equipment, or did you sell it when you moved to this new house?

Doreen, great job on the workout. Yes, my husband has no life outside of work, but he is a workaholic. That is where he is most secure and does not know what to do with himself outside of work. I am not like this either, I love life!

Belinda, I will not do Meso 3 of STS either, I really never liked to lift that heavy of weights, I always hurt my back. Nice job getting your workouts in with your health issue, this is amazing!

Cam, I am going to try the DC workouts that Debbie is currently doing, they look like fun! Thanks for the suggestion, I know we are all looking for new workouts to do, I get so bored at times.

Make it a great day!
Today I did CDorner Love Your Arms 35 minutes, 89 calories, 94/131 heart rate. CDorner Fast Basic 30 minutes, 143 calories, heart rate 121/140 heart rate. Finished with CDorner Full Body Stretch, 27 minutes, 43 calories. Total time was 92 minutes, 3,093 steps, 275 calories. Raining again today and 34 tonight. Glad it is not freezing.

Love Your Arms
first segment is 4 moves done 3 times
Loop Bands and DBs all moves 45 seconds

10 push ups
front lat pull down (down half up down) medium loop band
pullover 10# dbs
row/turn row/row15's, 12's 12's (fairly quick paced)
repeat two more times

banded biceps curls w/ dumbbells 12# dbs med loop band
banded alternating curls
band front raise
skull crusher holding db's together 10# dbs
chest fly/close bench press 10# dbs
full curl push out alternating arms for the push out 10# dbs
band over wrist lift out behind hold repeat (stretch)

Belinda, I will have to look at the Forks over Knives article. I read some stuff on NIH and WHO about toxins in plants and guidelines to protect people and animals. I think there are small amounts left that healthy people have no problem with. A lot is in handling them, no eating green on a potato etc. I have seen green on edges of potato chips! LOL on you really liking the Palmini Hearts of Palm noodles. I have other grain free noodles that I have used. Some cook up well and some are too mushy and starchy.

Debbie, I think that I was pedaling the spin bike and doing walk type workouts after the first couple of weeks. But, I think you said they had to do a bit more work. You are doing great with getting movement in and some strength work. The straight leg lunge is like a forward leaning lunge where you are stationary leg straight in back and front, bend front into lunge into lunge no moving feet. I hope that makes sense. I have never felt uncomfortable with being on knees till lately. Kneeling to mop floors on my hands and knees is definitely uncomfortable. I do not do it often. I get out a mop and bucket or use the steam mop. I have eyed Kelly's second rebounder workout that she uses for cardio between weight segments. I guess just basic bouncing stuff.

Dorren, nice work on Tracy Steen no repeat today. Daylight savings time and 7 am is an early trip. I hope the volleyball game goes well.

Jolie, your equipment would probably help keep the muscle for sure. My doctor and the place I got my recent bone scan suggested an elliptical. I do not have one though. I still have the spin bike and tread climber. Both hit lower body pretty well. I used to use the Tread climber with Kelly's Ripped and Ride for cardio and weights. She does suggest other fitness equipment for the workouts. I do not use it much anymore though as it is in the room with my husband, and he sleeps during the day. I am not likely to want to get on it at 9 at night. You got quite the intense cardio workout today. Great job on it. I remember when I first got the tread climber, I would do the maxed-out speed for longer and longer intervals. It is amazing how tough it is.

Rosaline, nice work with Caroline Epic Heat.

I walked outside today. DH and I ran a bunch of errands today. Mostly grocery shopping.

Debbie - thanks about the vegan, I am hope it will help. I am going to give it my all. I do feel a lot better when I eat a plant based, whole food, no oil, no sugar and no salt diet. I went grocery shopping today, it took me awhile reading through labels. Everything has oil or sugar in it, WTH? Even dried cranberries. I couldn't find one without Non-GMO, Certified USDA Organic, Unsulfured & Vegan. I started making Rip Esselstyn "Rip's Big Bowl", can't find any without all the unhealthy stuff in it. I am not missing meat at all. I agree, there are so many amazing recipes out there. They are super healthy. How are you doing? I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow. Hopefully you can go. Yikes, on the snow. My knees are feeling a little better. I have all my MRI's next week.

Diane - green potatoes are not good. I have seen green potato chips, I stay away. I do soak and cook my beans through. I don't eat raw potatoes or green beans. I can't eat zucchini, there is something toxins, my stomach can't handle. I get extreme stomach cramping even if I cook it. My DD has the same problem. I am glad zucchini is the only vegetable that will put us in the hospital. I stay way from it. Have you used brown rice noodle? They are not mushy. You have to cook them according to the package. I made that mistake before. I made a vegan lasagna this weekend with spinach, brown rice lasagne noodles, no oil/no salt spaghetti sauce and I made a tofu ricotta. It was so good. My DIL and my DD (they are here for business) will be staying with us Sunday. I will make the lasagne for them. I will make a garlic bread without oil.

Jolie - I don't want to push it in M3. My shoulder is feeling great so far. Be carful, if your chest and breath hurts when doing cardio. Maybe take a rest day. Great job today.

Good night.
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It's been a busy week. In addition to my workouts, I also took nighttime walks with my dog and I'm trying to finish a book. I was tired.

Mon. Michelle Briehler 45 min Superset Burn. Each set repeated 2x, Also a 1.5 mile walk
Tues. 2 mile walk.
Wed. Tracy 45 min. Lots of LUC. Lower body, Upper body & Cardio. A set of each 2x. Also a 1.5 mile walk.

Tonight I did Penny Supersets Power Hour. No walk. We're getting another snowstorm. Ugh. I am ready for Spring.

Debbie, glad your knee is doing well and you are liking DC Fitt's workouts.

Jolie, Hope you enjoy DC Fitt's workouts. She has a new one this week that looks good.

Doreen, hope the tournament goes well.

Belinda & Diane, good workouts!
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Hi all! No workout for me today, I had a spelling bee event last night and didn't get home until late. I could not get up early today. I had my last follow-up and it went well. The doctor said he was very impressed that I never had any pain and that I'm about back to normal right now. He said I can't do high impact for another month, which I'm good with, but he said I can start lifting again. He gave me some exercises to start doing with my surgery leg and work up to using weights again. So I am very happy to hear that. No PT which is cool.

I don't have time for personals since I was gone for most of the morning. Hope you all have a great weekend!!
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Today I had an excellent workout, I tried a DC Fitt workout and loved it and also walked on my TM. I started with an uphill walk on my TM, 50 minutes, traveled 2.5 miles and burned 535 calories. I was watching a tennis match and the time just flew by. Next, I did DC Fitt Arms and ABS, 20 minutes, a time under tension workout and it darn near killed me even though I was using lite weights. No rest at all, just a circuit workout alternating between arms and ABS for 10 reps each and going for 3 minutes each round. Total workout time was 1 hour 28 minutes and I burned 825 calories. I am going to visit my parents tomorrow so No workout for me. Monday, I have a dentist appointment first thing in the morning, a crown is bothering me so no workout on Monday either. I will work out on Sunday for sure.

Biceps Curls Superset to - 12's x 10
Side To Side Wood Chops- 5's x 10

Standing Overhead Shoulder Press- 10's x 10
Front DB Punches- 5's x 10

Kickbacks- 8's x 10
Lateral Raises- 5's x 10

Bicep Curls to Arnold Press- 10's x 10
Front Kick Crunches- x 10

Front Raise to Upright Rows- 8's x 10
Rear Flys- 5's x 10

Overhead Triceps Ext.- 8's x 10
Side to Side Punches- 8's x 10

1 Minute AB finisher 4 exercises

Each Circuit is done for 3 minutes alternating back and forth from each exercise for 10 reps.

Debbie, great news about your knee and the way it has healed!!! I bet you are anxious to get back to 100%, and all of this is behind you. I have an appointment with my Ortho next month about getting the Plasma injections into my collarbone joint, so the inflammation goes away and to get the tendons back strong and stable. Have you done this DC Fitt Arms and Ab workout? It is great!

Belinda, good job with the workout. I love when the lungs burn, it means you are really working, and it is great for the lungs itself :)

Cam, way to go on the workouts this week! Thanks for the suggestion of the DC Fitt workouts, I love them and cannot wait to try all of them.

Diane Sue, great job on the workout yesterday, that looks great! I have my TM and Max Trainer in my dining room right now, I love it inside and we never use the room except for holidays so I am using the space till it warms up some. Have you tried the DC Fitt workouts? I really enjoyed the workout I did today, it went by so fast, and I did a lot in the allotted time since there are no rests in between exercises. I love trying new exercise programs, I tend to get bored fast and so many instructors tend to annoy me for some reason, and I cannot continue with their rotation. However, this instructor was great!

Roselyn, great job on the Epic Heat workout.

Doreen, I hope you tourni goes well this weekend. I am excited to have the time change because I like it lighter in the evenings so I can take my dogs for a walk, especially the puppy to burn some of his energy before bed time.

Make it a great day!
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I did a short bike ride this morning and then took the dog for a quick walk. I feel like I need a "fitness day" where I can do a couple long workouts - but no time for that now!
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Cam - hope your week gets better. What book are you reading? Great job on your workout.

Jolie - I guess, I am not working, lol. I can't let my lungs burn. Good for you.

Debbie - glad you get to lift soon. So happy for you.

Roselyn - great job on your trampoline today.

Dorren - great job today.

Diane - hope you having a great workout today.
Today I started a workout with DC Fit low impact and switched to Tracy Steen Low Impact and both had jumping jacks and I just was not excited about the music so went to CDorner and did the Kickboxing workout she had up yesterday. This one had lots of kickboxing along with the boxing and jacks mixed in, but I did the modifiers. The workout total time with the two I started was 50 minutes, 271 calories, heart rate 135/184, 4,438 steps. I finished off with Raw Athletic Stretch 2. Total time was 80 minutes 313 calories. I was kind of tired and bored when I looked at options. At least Chris usually makes hers fun and I did enjoy the kickboxing. She did not pick up dumbbells with the one today. It is an older one.
Feeling distressed as I saw my dog has a bald patch on her back. Several years ago that happened and it ended up she had bald spots all over. Her beautiful shiny black coat looked awflul. The vet at the time sent me home with a paper about seasonal alopecia in dogs. I used special shampoo on her and still use it most of the time as the vet said I should use it. She healed, but I cannot remember if the vet gave her medicine or not. I remember reading people said they gave their dogs melatonin and it got rid of it, Not sure what to do at this point. Nothing has changed with her diet except added some glucosamine chews to her days. I put Frontline on her back a few days ago and that run across my mind as well.

Belinda, nice work on getting in a walk yesterday along with errands and STS day 21. I know they also say that zucchini can affect allergies and also is not good for someone with I think allergies to latex. I know my daughter that is highly allergic to latex have discussed that. Isn't there something about kiwi fruit as well?
I would like to try millet pasta. I should make a trip to Sprouts because I think I would find it there. Whole foods does not have it. I have used brown rice pasta occasionally. I think Dr Gundry mentions not good rice and good rice. I don't remember the types. I think wild rice is on the no list. I use cassava taco shells and almond flour tortillas. I have made coconut flour tortillas that make a good wrap for things and can be frozen with some parchment between.

Cam, nice workouts this week. I get it on busy weeks. I have some coming up.

Debbie, I bet you are relieved that you can start working back into strength workouts. No high impact would be a given anyway. It was a while before I started doing that.

Jolie, great workout today. I am glad that you enjoyed the DC Fit workout. I wish when workouts said arms and end up being back and shoulders as well. Sometimes they hit everything. I do not think I have found a CDorner workout that said arms and just did arms only. She has one she did recently that was arms and no equipment. I can only imagine it would be dips and lots of moves I do not want to do.
I have what normally would be two bedrooms full of fitness equipment and then the master with the Tread climber. We have one dining room as the main part of the house is all open. The table is not used unless we have guests. I sit on barstools at the counter. No room in the dining room as I have a piano in there. I do think maybe I might like some of DC Fit strength work. I was looking at some of Yvette's workouts when I finished today and saw some low impact with weights I might like to try. Does she have a paid subscription? I saw something saying seasonal discount. Just wondering.

Doreen, you are doing well to get something in each day.

Roselyn, nice work on the trampoline today.
Our internet went out again last night - so Boxfit workout one this morning via DVD. I like the leg workout in this one.
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