Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for March 2023

This morning I did an oldie. Cathe's Muscle Max. I don't think I have done this in at least 10 yrs. I really liked it. It wasn't overkill, but a good total body workout. I enjoyed the workout and the music. She moves at a slower pace too, which I love. I don't have a barbell, but dumbbells work fine. I will have to do this again soon.

Belinda, I just finished reading A Stranger on the Beach by Michele something. It was kind of a psychological thriller. It had some good twists in it, but I sort of figured out some parts. I am catching up on some James Patterson books. I love the ID channel and he has a few newer books of short story true crimes from ID channel. I really like them.

Roselyn do you ever do Michelle Briehler's trampoline workouts? She has a lot of them.

Doreen, those DVDs come in handy for wifi/internet outages. Is Boxfit a KCM workout? I have to do more of her older workouts. I always forget about them. I'm addicted to YT.

Good workouts ladies! Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
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Today I did CDorner Step & Strength with dumbells and loop band, 72 minutes(63 as I wrote down moves) 272 calories, eart rate 116/150, 3,298 steps. I finished off with the stretch from her All in one cardio, weights and stretch, 20 minutes, 33 calories. Total time was 92 minutes, 305 calories.

This was fun and each 3 minute step segment was a different set of moves.
format is 3 minutes cardio then 3 minutes of two strength moves alternated

cardio 3 minutes
10 pushups 10 squats with 15# dumbbell alternating for 3 minutes
cardio 3 minutes
10 band pull downs in front with loop band and 15# curtsy alternating for 3 minutes
cardio 3 minutes
10# dbs 10 hammer curls band above knees 10# side to side squats 10# dbs
band above knees (she says lighter weights for overhead) I did squats wit 8s straddle the step 10 reps then overhead press 8's and 5's
3 minute cardio
kickbacks or dips I did kickbacks 8# dbs 10 reps, band side to side lunge 1 db 3 minutes
3 minutes cardio
band with 8# dumbbell side bends for 60 seconds each side
seated bench or floor 8# db seated knee ins holding weight 1 minute

Doreen, nice work today even though your power is out again.

Belinda, great workout with SBF barre workout today.

Cam, nice doing Muscle Max, I have not done that one in years too. I think Cathe has a Muscle Max Live that does not use the step if I remember right. I could be wrong as I have not done live in a long time.
I have a Mchelle Briehler trampoline and weights workout saved to do.

Yesterday I had a great day visiting my parents, I cut my mom's hair and she looks so good! Today I wanted to do cardio only, I got on almost all of my cardio equipment and had a good workout. I started with a 45 minute uphill walk on the TM, traveled 2.5 miles and burned 400 calories. Next, I did the Max Trainer for 14 minutes, I used 2 Interval mode workouts and I darn near died LOL! However, I am getting more stamina as each week passes. Lastly, I used my rowing machine and rowed for 5 minutes on the hardest resistance and that was all I could do. Total workout time was 74 minutes and I burned 662 calories. The only piece of cardio equipment that I did not use was the elliptical. I plan on incorporating it into my cardio days because of the no impact it provides, and my knees do not hurt when I use it.

Cam, great job on the Muscle Max workout! I love that workout and it has been forever since I have done it too! Cathe looks amazing in those workouts, she was in such good shape, and she motivated me to work hard to strive to have a body like hers.

Diane Sue, nice workout yesterday, that was a long one. Thanks for sharing it with us all.

Belinda, great job on the workout.

Doreen, great job on your workout but what is up with the power being off? No good when you all live in a cold climate!

I hope you all have a nice workout today. I will take a rest day tomorrow, I have a early dentist appointment so I thought tomorrow I would just rest since I will be short on time.
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This morning I did DC Fitt's 40 Min. at home Workout, Arms & Core Strength. Loved it, this was a tough workout. I actually had to stop during some of the exercises because I'm not used to doing isolation holds. Wow, what a burner.

This workout was 45 seconds on 15 off but the rests were not that long. LOL!

Bicep Circuit 1
Dumbbell Curls: 10's
DB Isolation hold w/Right Arm, Left did curls: 10's
Prisoner Squats/Alternate Leg Kick (I didn't do the squat part)

Triceps Circuit 2
Kickbacks: 8's
Overhead Triceps Extension: 10's
Lying Alternate Toe Touch

Shoulder Circuit 3
Arnold Press/Regular Press: 10's
One Arm Shoulder Press: 10's (20 sec each arm)
Upright Rows: 10's
Standing Wood Chops: 8#

Biceps Circuit 4
Close Hammer Curls (touching dumbbells): 10's
Dumbbell Isolation Curls (like Circuit 1 switching sides): 8's
Prisoner Squat/Alternate Kicks (I didn't do the squat part)

Triceps Circuit 5
Tricep Pushups (I did Lying Ext): 8's
Skull Crusher (one arm each, then both): 8's
Lying Alternate Toe Touches

Shoulder Circuit 6
Lateral Raise: 8's
Rear Delt Raise: 8's
Front Raise (Both, one arm each): 8's
Standing Wood Chops: 8#

This was a killer. It was 49 minutes, burned 440 calories, did 1376 steps and HR was 140/176.

No time for personals, sorry! I have another event this week so I am pressed for time. Hope you all had a great weekend and have great workouts today!!
Today I did Yvette Fitness Low Impact Cardio and Weights 66 minutes, 305 calories, heart rate 131/173, 4,783 steps. This was fun and no impact cardio for 30 minutes, then a couple of minutes of stability ball cardio movements going into alternating strength and more cardio segments in between. I wrote it all down, but am not going to type it all out. She uses dumbbells ranging from light up to 20#, a 15 # kettlebell for goblet squats and a plie segment, and a stability ball for some movement and a short stretch. I think the gloves she has on are weighted gloves, but I did not wear any.

Jolie, nice job with all of the different pieces of workout equipment yesterday. I am glad you had a nice time with your parents

Roselyn, nice work on the trampoline and the weight work.

Belinda, nice work with STS week 4 cst. I hope the mri goes well for you tomorrow.

Debbie, great job on the DC FIt Arms and Core Strength workout. You are moving along well.
I did the start of a 4 part race series today on Ifit - the Iceland Rift Race. It looked cold and wet during the race.
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Today I did Michelle Standing Strength HIIT. A mix of compound moves and cardio. This was a good one. Just got back from a 1.5 mile walk with the dog. Its cold out for the middle of March. It feels like January. At least the days are longer now. I enjoyed cooking dinner with natural light coming in the kitchen.

Diane, I will have to check that Yvette video out. I used to do a lot of her workouts, but she does a lot of impact and her workouts were kinda long.

Good workouts everyone!
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Dorreen, nice work on the Iceland Rift Race.

Doreen, Yvette said she has had requests for some low impact. Also she talked on this workout about her website and her paid subscription. I gathered she was not taking down what she has up. Not sure though. She said she will be doing 5 new workouts a month on the paid subscriptions.
Good morning,

My MRI's went well today. I am super tired. I am up since 1:30 am. I had an early appointments.

Thanks Diane! I almost felt asleep during the MRI's. I am so tired.

Great job everyone on your workouts.

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This morning I walked on my treadmill for a bit and had plans to do some of the knee PT exercises my doctor gave me last week. Well, around 5:45 a.m. I received a text from the school hosting my event today and tomorrow that school was closed for a snow day which means I had to cancel the event!! So I was on my laptop and phone getting word out to all involved (8 districts!) to let them know it was cancelled and hopefully we can schedule in a few weeks. What a nightmare. And the thing is, we hardly got any snow around here so I don't know why they closed? Pisses me off because if it was an event that involved sports, you can bet your booty they wouldn't cancel it. So ridiculous. So now I'm trying to get all this straightened out with our guest conductors and accompanist.

Anyways, my treadmill walk was 25 minutes, burned 252 calories, went 1.03 miles and HR was 147/173. I understand why my HR was up this morning. LOL!!

Diane - The workout you did yesterday looks good, long, but good. I might try it when I feel more at ease with my knee. The workout I did yesterday sort of irritated it a bit but I'm good today. Nice job doing that workout!!

Cam - Great workout! It's cold here, too, for the middle of March. Spring is right around the corner though.

Belinda - Hope you get your results to your MRI soon. Glad it went well. Take a rest day today!!!

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie- what a bummer - rescheduling stuff is so hard!

This morning I did Penny - superset workout. I liked it - two lower body supersets, one upper and one core (which my dog decided to sit on my lap during - so no core for me).
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Yesterday was a rest day for me since I had an early dentist appointment. Today, I had to get my car serviced so I took my puppy with me, and we went for a walk for 1 hour 10 minutes, traveled 3 miles and I have no calorie burn, I forgot to wear my watch. I took the baby jogger so when my pup got tired, I put him in it and was able to walk fast. I used my iPhone fitness tracker for the distance. Now it is pouring rain again, I am sick of this much rain!

Debbie, sorry to hear about your event being cancelled, I bet you put a lot of effort into organizing it. Nice job on the weight workout yesterday and the walk today. I will do that workout soon; it looks very similar to the one I did over the weekend.

Belinda, wow on getting up so early for the MRI, that would kill me! Get a good nap in today.

Cam, great job on the Michelle Standing Strength workout yesterday.

Doreen, Nice Superset workout with Penny today.

Diane Sue, I love Yvette's workouts! Great job!

Make it a great day. I have little time for personals, but I will have plenty of time to catch up with you all tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day.
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Today I did Tracy Straight Up Strength. I really liked this. Each set had a lower body, upper body, compound movement and ab. 45/10. No Repeat. This was fun and sweaty. Also took a dog walk. I would like some 50 degree weather for walking, not 20.

Debbie, they cancel school before the snow falls. It's ridiculous. Sorry about your event.

Belinda hope you get some answers.

Jolie, good walk today

Doreen, I love Penny's superset workouts.
This morning I did RAW 4 Day Split Chest and Back and had a great workout, this one is tough. I had to go a bit light with back work because it's been a while, but it was still challenging to me.

This was 1 minute per exercise going slow and controlled.

Lat Pulldown
: 8's
Reverse Pec Deck or Scap Squeeze: 8's
Lawn Mower: 20#

Moderated Pullover/Close Grip Press
: 12's
W Bench Press: 12's (this is tough)
Dumbbell Flies: 15's

I then did the RAW Egg Weights and used my 1.5# egg weights. Love this short boxing workout.

Total workout was 39 minutes, burned 292 calories, did 1267 steps and HR was 122/162. My HR has been high lately, even resting. I'm usually around 45-48 and I've been around 54 recently. Wonder why?

Doreen - Thanks, I am still in a flux about it. We have a rescheduled date, but still. Just very frustrating. Nice just with your Penny workout.

Jolie - Good job with your walk, I'm sure your puppy had a great time in the baby jogger. LOL!! Luckily we are rescheduling the event. It won't happen now until the end of April, but whatever. I've never had that happen before in the 12 years I've been doing these events. We've had snow, but never enough to cancel an event. And honestly, we didn't get much yesterday, maybe 2". It's not like we're not used to snow. Oy...

Cam - Yep, they jump the gun with school closures all the time. At least I am able to reschedule. My office is full of t-shirts, though. Not sure what to do with them for another month. Great job with your workout!

Diane - Hope you are ok, noticed you didn't workout yesterday (Garmin told me!) and you didn't check in. I hope all is well.

Have a great day everyone!!
Today I woke up tired, we had a mean wind and rain storm all night and it kept me up and now I am slugging along. I started with a 45 minute walk uphill, traveled 2.6 miles and burned 421 calories. Next, I did Chest only, I just did not have it in me to do any more. I did 3 exercises, 4 sets and I did X 16 reps. Total workout time was 65 minutes and I burned 542 calories.

Chest Press- 15's x 16, x 16, x 16, x 16
Chest Flys- 12's x 16, x 16, x 16, x 16
Close Grip Chest Press- 12's x 16, x 16, x 16, x 16

We have gotten so much rain this year, I think we had 8 inches last year and this year we are over 24 inches! We need it because we have been in a drought for years but I am getting sick of staying indoors especially with a puppy. Try potty training a puppy in the rain!!!

Debbie, great job on the workout today! I am going to start doing more of the DC Fitt workouts starting this weekend, unfortunately I have a lot of appointments this week and I am finding it hard to get in some good workouts, but after this week I have no more to do. Next workout I do will be an upper body workout, it will probably kill me LOL!

Cam, great job on the workout yesterday!

I hope you all have great workouts today, BBL to read your posts for the day.
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Today was Caroline leg workout

i spent time with my grandbaby, he is so sweet,I will be getting to watch him about 3 days a week! Starting April 3.
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