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Today I did planks with SBF and a nice stretch. I needed that stretch.

Diane - one of the reports wasn't complete. Maybe that's why I didn't get a call. I am sure, he will call next week. Great job on your workout.

Roselyn - glad you enjoy your visit with your son and going to be Leo's godfather. That's so cool. Great job on your upper body today.

Jolie - not yet? Still haven't decided. DH and I will leave the following week.

Good night.
This morning I did a CDorner Step Hiit. I really liked it. I was breathing pretty hard. 3 circuits of 5 exercises 2x. 45/15. Then she got an idea to repeat all the moves 1 time for 20 sec. She finished with abs. It said 30 min but she went for about 50 min. Anyway, it was good, just longer than I had time for. This is one where she hit 10,000 subscribers. A couple years old.

It's supposed to warm up this week. Hoping for some 50 degree days. This weekend is windy and cold.

Good workouts everyone!
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This morning I did RAW Heavy Bag & Shadow Boxing workout, this is the one she does with her son, Zach. Love this workout and so glad I can do it again!! The only thing that bothered my knee was the ab exercise she does at the end where she is kicking her feet up and down to work the lower abs. That really hurt for some reason, sort of worried me. But as soon as I stopped the pain was gone. Really weird. Knee feels great so not sure why it did that.

Anyways, workout was 40 minutes, burned 332 calories, did 2386 steps and HR was 133/157.

I ate horribly this weekend, I need to get back on track. I've been eating good during the week, just too much. I feel heavy so I need to be careful. Not sure why I'm so hungry all the time.

I don't have time for personals but great job on your workouts yesterday!!
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Today I woke up tired from yesterday's workout. I was supposed to do an upper body workout but instead I opted for an uphill walk on the treadmill, I will do weights tomorrow. I walked for 60 minutes, traveled 3.4 miles and burned 549 calories. My puppy slept the entire time, we wore him out yesterday, long walks are the trick with puppies to get them to settle down.

Cam, great job on the workout yesterday. I hope your weather warms up for you, this is a long cold winter this year.

Debbie, great job on the workout this morning, I am so happy that you can do those workouts again! I also cannot wait for you to do the Max Trainer with me, maybe we can motivate each other to kill those workouts! I have lost over 10 pounds since Oct. 2022. I stopped drinking wine except for one glass per week and I intermittent fast, I do not eat after 4pm. It has done wonders for my digestion and my weight. Also, I sleep so much better too.

Belinda, do you have a launch date for Cathe's STS 2.0? I think I might just do on demand to see which ones I like best and then purchase those as a stand alone. I will not use a lot of the other workouts besides the lifting portion of the set.

Diane Sue and Doreen, I hope you have a great workout today!

BBL to read the posts for the day.
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I did this morning SBF Feel good Cardio. Didn't feel like doing much today.

I went and saw the sinus surgeon for my follow up. I been having a lot of bleeding, this weekend it wouldn't stop. He had to cauterized my left nostril. My nose isn't feeling so well. Hopefully it will stop the bleeding.

Debbie - are you eating enough carbs? You still eat vegan, right? I make sure I always eat enough carbs with each meal. I love potatoes.

Jolie - I did the math on buy just the weight workouts, it's cheaper buy the entire set. I thought about trying them out OnDemand. I know eventually I end up paying more, why not get them now since they are cheaper, JMO! I do need more stretching.

Cam - hopeful it will warm up for you. It's kinda chilly in WV today. Everything is blooming outside. Spring is around the corner.

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Today I did CDorner Cardio to the Beat Low Impact 70's Disco, 23 minutes, 125 calories, heart rate 137/166, 2,339 steps. I then did CDorner Total Body Bands and Dumbbells from today, 50 minutes, 113 calories, heart rate 91/135, 500 steps. I finished of with CDorner Stretch from a cardio, weight, stretch workout, 22 minutes, 37 calories, 49 steps. Total time was 95 minutes, 275 calories, 2,888 steps
Total Body is done 45 sec each move, 3 moves that progress in difficulty
Set 1
Rnd 1 Squat slow with 1 db 15# db
bent over row 15# dbs
side bends 10# dbs
rnd 2 squats side to side dbs held in front 15# dbs (holding them in front caused some hurting in my neck and trap for some reason)
bent over row alternating 15# dbs
kneeling side bends 15# dbs
rnd 3 pulse squats 15# dbs
renegade row alternating (did this on my knees instead of plank because my foot hurts)
lying side to side reach
Set 2 Fabric Loop Band
rnd 1 band squat to deadlift 15# dbs
chest press/ bridge 10# dbs
reverse crunch legs to ceiling
rnd 2 band squat pulses 3 into deadlift 15# dbs
bridge with chest press with a rotation 10# dbs
rnd 3 deadlift 15# dbs
crunch with a reverse crunch
Set 3
side to side step with band
hammer curls 15# dbs
side to side step with band
supination curls 15# dbs
band narrow stationary lunge forward lean pulses no weight
kickbacks 10# dbs
skull crushers 10# dbs
Bridge with 15# db
bridge on toes
bridge with knee ins

Jolie, great workout yesterday and today. Glad the pup slept through your workout today. That is great that your son will be coming home. The only one of my children that moved away from home was my oldest daughter when her husband was in the marines. They moved back here when he got out. It was wonderful when we got to go see them. I have been fortunate that them and my grandchildren have all stayed in the area. Although one of my granddaughters husband is from Colorado and am not sure if they will stay or not after nursing school.

Belinda, nice work on the planks and stretch yesterday and SBF Cardio today. I am sorry that they had to cauterize your nostril. I hope you get to feeling better.

Roselyn, nice work. I bet it was nice having your son there and being the godfather to the new grandbaby.

Debbie, nice work on the Raw and Heavy Bag today. I am glad you could do it again. I always worry when I have something hurt after surgery and healing. Today's squats holding the dumbbells in front of my shoulders made my surgery side shoulder hurt on the back and into my neck. I lowered the weights, and it did not help much, like it was in a spasm. I am not sure why that hurt today.
I have eaten badly off and on lately. Too many snacks around from weekend family dinners. I tried to send cheesecake home with someone. I made two and my daughter in law brought over a birthday cake as well. I cut the rest into pieces and put them in containers in the freezer in the garage. I don't need that and it is a favorite if I were to have dessert. I had cheesecake last night instead of my protein bowl I make in the evening. Yesterday was so bad I did not bother to log in on MFP. I am back on track today. I am sure out vacation trip will probably throw me off when we celebrate our 50th.
My Withing app that goes with my scale and blood pressure monitor now tracks my muscle gain, normal or loss. Interesting to know when I manage to gain some.

Cam, good job on CDorner Step Hiit. I usually like her Step Hiit workouts.
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Worked late today and just did Penny 30 min Killer Strength Giant Sets. Fun quick and intense. Each set had 4 exercises for 30 sec/ no rest. After the set, a 30 sec rest. 2x through. She had an ab exercise between sets. My arms are fatigued.

Good workouts Ladies!
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This morning I did Kelly's Power Splits Upper Body workout. I had a great workout, was sweating by the end.

3 sets each exercise, one at a time - 50 seconds on/10 seconds off (although I rested a bit longer between exercises)

Incline Chest Press: 20's
Incline Triceps Extension: 10's
Incline Alternate Row: 15's
Shoulder Press: 12's
Hammer Curls: 15's

Boxing Finisher - Used 1.5# Egg Weights

Workout was 42 minutes, burned 369 calories, HR was 137/173.

Had a doctor's appointment this morning just for my yearly checkup. I am anemic (still). I guess I really need to get this under control. I'm looking for a good iron supplement and heard good things about Pure Encapsulations. I will look there and see what they have. I'm thinking since I don't eat much meat that is why I'm low in iron. Veggies and beans have iron but you have to eat a shit ton to get any vitamins out of them. My blood pressure was sky high, too. It was very high when I had my knee surgery and the time I had my echo. She is now upping my blood pressure meds to control it a bit better. :rolleyes:

Jolie - I also cannot wait to get on my Max Trainer again. Hopefully soon. Great job on your workout yesterday. LOL on your puppy sleeping. You'll have to send a pic of him, I'd love to see him.

Roselyn - Good job with your Quad workout yesterday!!

Diane -I'm sorry to hear your shoulder and neck were bothing you. I can't do front squats, holding the weights in front like that is very uncomfortable to me. I just hold them at my sides, it's not worth it to me. Me too with the snacks. I did gain some weight but I'll get it off soon. I do this sometimes where I just eat junk and then I clean up and all is good. LOL! Wow on your 50th year coming up! That is awesome. Where will you be going?

Belinda - Your sinus issues sounds so painful and horrible!! I hope it heals soon so you can move on from it. I eat carbs all the time, that's all I eat. And yes, I'm still eating about 95% vegan. I eat potatoes almost every day, love them. Sweet and yellow potatoes. I've been making the cheese sauce again and putting it over whole wheat pasta with steamed broccoli and asparagus. OMG is that good. I add a little hot sauce too. YUM!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!
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Today I did SBF upper body then a nice stretch. Keeping it light this week.

Debbie - your eating plan sounds like mine, lol. I love potatoes too. Do you steam your potatoes first before you bake them like French fries? OMG, I love them. They come out perfect. I do need to make another cheese sauce. I was thinking about adding Pure Encapsulations, I think that's the one Kiki promotes, right? Dr. Fuhrman is also selling some supplements I want to check out. They are so expensive. Sorry about your iron and blood pressure. Mine was high yesterday too. The guy that took my blood pressure ask if it's always that high? I told him, I know what's coming, doc will put endoscope down my sinus plus prednisone is raising my blood pressure. Every time I am on it's high. I hope you can control yours with the meds.

Diane - congratulation!! 50 years is a long time. Thank you. I hope it will get better soon.

Have a great day and workout, everyone.
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Today I did CDorner Fast Basic Step plus abs #272. I like this one a lot and no choreography but fast paced and good music. 67 minutes, 298 calories, heart rate 124/149, 5,022 steps. I finished with CDorner stretch after step 11 minute quick stretch, 24 calories. Total time 78 minutes, 322 calories. Afterward we went to pick up out tax stuff from the CPA and picked up Taco Bueno. I wish they still had the make your own bueno bowl that I used to get. I got the salad, but I am pretty sure this is not healthy. Ah well, I do not have to make dinner :)
Thinking of supplements I have eliminated each new supplement that was purchased and of all things the one that has been causing me digestive issues it the new Bone Up because I purchased the Ultra one and it has way more of the type of calcium and k in it. I purchased it just before I had bought a new bottle of proteolytic digestive enzymes and Beta sitosterol both were a new brand. I am fine after stopping bone up ultra.
I ran out of good coffee and my Black Rifle order took longer than expected so I ordered some Bulletproof high achiever coffee off of Amazon and they all arrived this morning. I had just drank a yucky coffee pod that I had here and didn't realize my coffee was on the doorstep at 8:30 this morning. I really like good coffee LOL! I did order some k cups along with whole bean from Black RIfle so I could take the K cups with us on vacation. They surprised me and tossed in two extra boxes that I did not expect.

Debbie, great job on the weights today. I wrote down the moves last night for the new Raw Upper Body workout. Kelly is coaching Sammy through the moves. A lot of them are seated on the step as she has moves to avoid hurting the back since Sammy had back surgery. She is fully recovered now though, but needs to be cautious. I am sore all over from yesterday's workout so will wait to try it.
I am sorry about the iron deficiency. I would think that vegan would be difficult getting enough of certain supplements. I had too much iron years ago, but it is stable now. Pure Encapsulations is a good quality supplement company. You might check out Life Extension which is usually a little less costly or Thorne. Adapt Naturals from Chris Kressor has an organ supplement that covers 3 mg of iron along with B12 and A. Ancient Nutrition carries some new supplements with that in it. But, then you are consuming meat with organ supplements. Did your doctor suggest anything or an amount? When my son was little the doctor had me give him an liquid iron tonic with B in it because he was anemic and said to keep it up. I did till I could no longer find it in stores. You probably do not want the organ supplement though. I try to make sure of the company that makes the supplement and the testing that is done.
My blood pressure was really high after surgery and hung on even after I got off all of the pain stuff and Advil. Now it is perfect and was good at the cardiovascular doctor. Hoping it stays that way from now on.
We are going to Branson for our anniversary. We have never been there and it is not too far to go for 4 days. I had not thought much about it, but realize not a lot of people make it to their 50th. We lost a friend this month to Parkinsons and have been friends with him and his wife for close to 30 years, It makes me sad. My mother was gone well before 50 years.

Belinda, nice work on SBF Upper and stretch. Thank you on the 50th. I love sweet potatoes fixed in the air fryer. When we go to the local barbecue, I always get a big baked potato and tell them to not put the toppings on it. They put it in little cups and I put on what I want.
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This morning I walked on my treadmill for a bit and then did my knee PT exercises. It gets sore when I do my exercises, I guess that's a good thing!

Workout on my treadmill was 30 minutes, burned 296 calories, went 1.25 miles (at a speed of 2.5 mph), did 3273 steps and HR was 145/170.

Belinda - Yea, I don't think we get many nutrients with what we eat unfortunately. Things have minerals and vitamins in them but you have to eat a ton to get any benefits. I supplement with Complement Vegan Vitamins but for some odd reason it doesn't contain iron. I'm still looking into it, I need to get something that doesn't bother my stomach. Yes, I make the potato fries like you do. SO GOOD!! I can see why your blood pressure would go up while they are working on your sinuses, that cannot be fun. I feel so bad for you. :(

Diane - I didn't see the new upper body workout from Kelly, I'll probably do it tomorrow. Cool!! I haven't really been interested in the stuff she's posted lately. I'd like to do the walking treadmill workout but I can't really go too fast yet. I'll do that when I feel like I can handle it. Supplements are hard to figure out. I feel like I'm not taking enough but then I feel like sometimes it's too much. Can't win. Sammy had surgery almost a year ago, she did awesome with it. I checked Pure Encapulations for iron and there isn't much out there. The one they list is too many milligrams for me. Women our age are supposed to have 8.5 mg a day, the ones they have are 15 mg. I'll check out the ones you suggest to see if I can find one. My DH found a site that has one that's easy on the stomach. I haven't had time to check it out yet. Sounds like your anniversary getaway will be fun! So sorry about your friend that passed. So sad.

Roselyn - Nice job with your workouts!

I thought Jolie posted yesterday but now I don't see her post? Weird.

Have a great day everyone!
Good morning,

Today I did SBF cardio plus stretch.

My Orthopedic called me, I have a meniscus tear and a baker's cyst behind my knee. The Orthopedic wants to try injections before I get a full knee replacements. I try anything before surgery.

I will be back later.
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Debbie - I hear you on the vitamins and being a vegan. I am still trying to figure it out. I read omega 3's are cruel, we can't get them from plants and B12. I am still trying to figure it all out without getting sick. My vitamin D is low. I do have to take a supplement and B12. LOL, my blood pressure always goes up knowing what's coming or in my case up my sinus, lol. The thing is do don't feel it. In Germany they didn't give me any meds to mum my noise, I think that's why my blood pressure goes up. I hope you can find a iron bill that works for you.
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Yesterday was a rest day. Today I did Cathe Live, Vertical Loading 2 and had a great workout. I purchased this workout and I love it. Cathe uses the ball but I use a bench instead so I can lift heavier and not hurt my back. This is 3 total body circuits 2 time round before moving on to the next circuit. I had to modify a few exercises for my collarbone but still had an excellent workout. Total workout time was 56 minutes and I burned 453 calories.

Seated Overhead Press- 12's
Standing Bicep Curls- Crazy 8's- 12's
Seated Triceps Overhead Ext.- 10's
Pullovers- 12's
Chest Press- 12's
Squats- 12's

Front Raise- 12#
Incline Bicep Curls- 12's (go heavier next time)
Close Grip Chest Press- 15's
1 Arm Rows- 20#
Chest Flys- 12's
Slide Back Lunges BW

Rear Delt Flys- 5's
Hammer Curls- 15's
Lying Triceps Ext.- 12's
1 Arm Horizontal Row- 15#
Chest Press To Chest Fly- 12's
BB Deadlifts- 30#

Debbie, get Beet chews and Olive Leaf extract for your blood pressure. I recommend and supplement from Life Extension, they are the best comprehensive formulas, and they source the best raw materials. You can get them on Amazon if not on their website. Great job on the workout today and yesterday.

I am running super late for an appointment so I will read all of your posts tomorrow and catch up on what you all have been doing for workouts. It is finally sunny here today, so much rain in the last 24 hours.

Make it a great day!
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Today I did CDorner Step and Thighs which uses the latex loops for the thigh work alternating with basic step, 44 minute, 193 calories, heart rate 125/158, 3,141 steps. I followed with one of her mobility flow stretch workouts, 30 minutes, 63 calories, 69 steps. Total time was 74 minutes, 3,210 steps, 259 calories. I am hoping to do the New Raw Upper Body tomorrow if I feel I have recovered from the last workout. Lower back was achy this morning. I used double loop bands like Chris, using Cathe's extra heavy and the medium. Those are hard to get on and off fast when going from step to putting them on and taking them off. She does all of the thigh moves as 24 reps. Curtsy off step, straddle step step on and off, and she ends with no band inner thigh on the floor. I picked up a 5# db for that part. CHris had put up a couple of older workouts today. I think she is sick. Monday she said she was coming down with a cold and had her neighbor doing the workout while she coached. Yesterday she canceled the planned workouts. I still have not preordered STS 2.0. I guess I need to do it soon and maybe not wait till the 29th after we come back home. It looks like time is getting close. I have been looking at the video clips.

Roselyn, nice work on the Bellicon trampoline workout, and back and biceps.

Debbie, I guess being sore after PT exercises means they are working? I know most PT visits I went to and the stuff I did at home usually caused me soreness. I have bought supplements that had way too much in them. You do not want to take too much iron unless your doctor says to and monitors. I bought a zinc supplement once and one pill was 50 mg which is quite a bit since I notice a lot of supplements ad some zinc. Even things like EmeregenC packets. I kind of wish they did not do that. There is zinc in the bone supplements as well. I have some Soloray zinc and copper and it makes me sick because there is too much and also kelp in it. I used to use Bulletproof zinc and copper and no problem with it. ZInc supplements should have some copper together I looked at Megafood and read one place that they are not third party tested. Then I read that they are tested by some company. Not sure about them. I have used some of their products in the past. Somehow most of their products did not work as well as others so I did not keep purchasing them. I just read that Garden of Life and Pure encapsulations among some others have been bought out by Nestle. When I buy supplements, I start with smaller dose if it says more than one capsule a day and see how I react first. I need to look for another calcium supplement. I may go back Life Extension Bone Restore. I took a blood pressure supplement for a while after surgery. They want me to keep my blood pressure down because I have a leaky heart valve. I try to avoid tablets, but I have cut those in half.

Belinda, I hope the injection helps with the torn miniscus and the bakers cyst. I had a bakers cyst too. I know they can heal on their own if not a bad tear. It would be nice if that cleared up and your knee felt a lot better.

Jolie, great job on Cathe Live Vertical Loading 2 today.
Debbie, I look up a lot of stuff about different conditions on Life Extension.
Here is a link that you might be helpful. You would mainly want to look at the stuff for anemia in it. It really looks to me like maybe a good supplement with different supplements needed along with iron might be best?
Blood Disorders - Life Extension
This morning I did Kelly's new workout - RAW Upper Body and Abs. It was just ok, I didn't care for the exercises all that much. I ended up pulling a muscle in my upper back, left side and have no clue which exercise did that. I worked it out with my Body Buddy and it is ok now. It really hurt after that workout though.

45 seconds on

Seated Overhead Shoulder Press: 12's
Weighted Knee Twist (I did Russian Twist): 12# (the knee thing didn't feel right)

Alternate Seated Preacher Curls: 12's/15's
Weighted Situps: 12#

Standing Kickbacks: 8's
Standing Side to Side Oblique Pulls: 8's

Seated Rows: 12's (I have a feeling this was what did it, hate seated rows)

Close Grip Press to Chest Flies: 15's
Reverse crunch

Standing Shoulder Press: 12's
Standing Dumbbell Curls: 12's
Kickbacks: 8's
Normal Rows: 12's
Bench Press: 15's

Workout was 39 minutes (34 really), burned 174 calories, did 307 steps and HR was 97/133.

Not great. It did have 80's music in it but you could hardly hear it.

Belinda - I'm sorry to hear about the meniscus tear. My advice is to get it fixed, the surgery is nothing. Injecting it only prolongs the inevitable. Is it a bad tear? If not, get it fixed. You've followed my journey, it was seriously nothing.

Jolie - Love Vertical Lifting, that is a great workout. I miss those, when I'm feeling better with my knee I may subscribe to Cathe Live again. We'll see. I already take a blood pressure support. This runs in my family, my dad and mom both had and have high blood pressure. My doctor upped my med and I'm ok with that. Thanks for the suggestions, though!!

Diane - I feel like I take way too many supplements and they don't seem to help me not get sick - I was sick twice this year. I sometimes wonder if it's all just a money game. I ended up ordering iron from www.threearrowsnutra.com and I hope it's good. It has a lot of great feedback but we'll see. All the supplement and what you should take with them is so confusing. I buy an all in one for vegans that I like but it doesn't have iron which doesn't make any sense. I also take a blood pressure supplement. It's not helping. I'll just take the prescription my doctor calls in. I will, however, look into the Life Extension site. Thanks for that!

Have a great day everyone!

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