Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for March 2023

Getting ready to go work out. I stayed. Up late and got my rebate money from Ibotta transferred to my PayPal. Then pre-ordered the STS 2.0. Some of them I am not sure that I will be able to do, but there are variations in moves. There will be no pull ups for me. Years ago when I started having shoulder issues I was doing lots of pull ups, chin ups. Etc. And my doctor told me it leaves the shoulder in a vulnerable position. She had given me a muscle relaxer.

Debbie, I thought the seated row looked like it might have to be really light as my shoulder might not tolerate it like that and there are two sets of over head presses. I am still hurting in my traps and shoulders so may wait. I was thinking of using my heavy boss loop or maybe two of them attached to my Bowflex weight stand and kneeling for the angle. That is what I did when I did my pt at home since I did not have the cable machine to do standing like I used at the facility. Supplements take a lot of research. I try to avoid ones that use synthetic ingredients. B vitamins are one of them I specifically watch for. It makes a difference in price.
Debbie - my orthopedics is aware of my RP and what meds I am on. I am still on prednisone taper and will be for another few weeks. I can't get off prednisone and all my immune depressed meds. My sinus surgery triggered my RP not in a good way. I did good until my nose was cauterized this week. The cauterizing my nose triggered in my nose and ear. I can't win. I need to get my RP under control before I get surgery on my knee. I would much rather get it done and over with. Thanks for all your info.

Diane - there are some workouts like you mention I will not do in STS 2.0. I am sure, I will find something I can do. I don't think the shot will help heal the torn miniscus, it will help with the pain level/swelling hopefully. They wanted to give me the gel injections on April 5th, we are on vacation. I have to wait until the 26th.
Today I did a workout that I did last week, CDorner 4000 step cardio hi/or low impact 70's and 80's music, 37 minutes, 201 calories, heart rate 133/166, 4,004 steps. I followed this with Perfect Pump Upper some of back, biceps, triceps but subbing more kickbacks for the dips and the extended stretch, 30 minutes, heart rate 93/130, 73 calories. Total time 67 minutes, 274 calories
Perfect Pump Upper
Pullovers skipped
one arm row set 1 20# 12 reps set 2 20# 10 reps
bent over clutch row 15# dbs 10 reps
posture pulls tubing
rapid row toss 15#
standing sweeper curls 15's 8 reps
clutch curls 15's 10 reps
biceps curls 15's 10 reps set 2 15# dbs 12's 10 rep, set 3 10# dbs 10 reps
no shoulders
no chest
overhead triceps extensions 15# db 12 reps
kickbacks 10# dbs 10 reps
2 more sets of kickbacks 10# 10 reps no triceps dips
stretch and extended stretch

Belinda, sometimes the miniscus can heal on its own, but I also understand the need to avoid surgery right now. I am sure your condition right now will make healing hard as long as your body is out of remission.
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Today I did Michelle Briehler 45 min Standing Cardio & Abs. This was awesome. Not so drillish, but more low impact with a kickboxing flair. Really sweaty and fun. She had some good music too. Also going for a walk with my husband and dog after dinner.

Yesterday I did Michelle 50 min Total Body Met Con. That was tough but I finished also went for a great walk in the park last night. It was beautiful weather.

Rest day tomorrow. Have a good weekend!
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This morning I walked on my treadmill for a bit and then did knee PT exercises. Already sick of doing them.

Workout was 37 minutes, burned 324 calories, went 1.46 miles, did 3969 and HR was 132/154.

Diane - I agree about pullups. Used to feel unstoppable when I could do them. Dang, I was up to 15 pullups at one time with no assistance. Miss doing them but I don't think I'll be doing them anymore either. Seated rows are not my favorite, I remember when I did the 4 Day Split RAW workout, she does them in there too but alternates. The next day I my upper back hurts so bad and that pain lasted a good while. Luckily i caught it early yesterday and worked it out with my Body Buddy. I don't think I'm going to do rows that way anymore. Plus, I think it's hard on the back even though she does them because of Sammie's back issue. Weird. For some reason my body can't absorb B vitamins. Probably because of the reason you say.

Belinda - Yea, I guess for now the injections are your best bet. Hopefully it will give you some relieve. Hugs to you.

Cam - The Standing Cardio & Abs sounds like a good workout. Was it high intensity? Or does Michelle do lower intensity workouts? That one sounds like fun, I wrote it down. Good job!

Have a great day and weekend everyone! I will be celebrating my 57th birthday on Sunday (birthday is on Monday). :) Can't believe I'm 57!! Yikes!! I really should upload an updated picture, I certainly don't look like that anymore!! ETA: Ok, I updated it. LOL!
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Good morning,

SBF Keep It Real Spring Challenge D5 BarreAmped Tight work and seat work plus stretch is done.

Debbie - love your new picture. I also have lot of cartilage loss in that knee and arthritis. I am all screwed up. I hope it all calms down a bit. I am sick of all this. I need a break. how long do you have to do those stretches? My husband still doing them daily. You still young. Love your new updated picture. You are so pretty. Thanks for the hugs.

Diane - it didn't sound like the miniscus will heal, mine is on the outside and across. There are different levels. My orthopedics knows/can see what meds I am on currently. I just can't get off any of my meds for RP. I don't seem to catch a break with this disease. I was doing great until I stopped all my meds.

I have an orthodontist appointment. Getting new trays. Hopefully I am done soon. BBL
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Today I had an excellent workout. I wanted to watch a tennis match, so I walked and watched at the same time and the time flew by quickly. I ended up watching the entire match, 84 minutes uphill incline, traveled 4.6 miles and burned 789 calories. Yesterday we had another huge rainstorm and lost power for several hours, no workout do to no power. Today it is sunny and beautiful. I intend to clean up my yard from all of the wind distraction.

Debbie, great job on the workouts, you will be back good as new in now time! I love your new photo; I should add a new one myself, but I look exactly the same lol! Happy birthday to you, I hope you have a fabulous day.

Diane Sue, great job on the step workout yesterday, I love 70's music. I listen to it every day I walk on the treadmill, I am not a fan of today's music at all.

Cam, way to go on the two Michelle workouts, those are great one's! You are in great shape, a lot of the ones you do would kill me :)

Belinda, great job on the SBF barre workout today.

Roselyn, how is your grand baby? I bet you are in heaven having a baby around. I cannot wait till I get to have one myself, I love babies!

Make it a lovely day. My puppy is settling in now, so working out is getting much easier and I am able to do it with no distractions. I have been walking him 4 times a day so I am getting my steps in big time!
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Today I did a Heather Mobility Stretch. I also had a neck massage at work. Our work pays for 4 chair massages per year. I feel really good. I was getting some achiness in my neck and shoulder. The PT that gave me the massage was awesome. She explained that with my fusion why I will have the achiness and not to worry. She was very knowledgeable and I feel much better. I was thinking I screwed up my neck, but she assured me that I didn't. Anyway, she gotvrid of all my tightness.

Debbie, I just had my 59th birthday. My last year in my 50's. I don't know how I will feel next year. But I do have to say, I am in better shape than I was in my 20's. I don't have aches and pains when I get out of bed in the morning. This is the Cardio & Abs that I did. Very doable once your knee heals.

10 inches of snow expected tomorrow! UUUGGGHHH!

Good workouts everyone!

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I am getting things ready to leave in the morning. I doubt I will post for the next few days while I am gone. It will be a time of rest from workouts. My grandson cam over and picked up our dog. She was so excited about getting to go for a ride. She will be worn out when she gets home though. This morning I did Kelly's Cardio Fit workout 1 kickboxing alternating with lower body weight work and then went back and did the cardio kickboxing only with no weights a second time using the premix. This was 45 minutes, 260 calories, heart rate 138/160, 2,555 steps. I used 10# dumbbells and no egg weights or light dumbbells for the boxing. I did not want to end up with neck and shoulder pain when we are gone. I finished with Raw Athletic Stretch #2, 30 minutes, 51 calories. Total time was 75 minutes, 311 calories.

Debbie, I love your new avatar. You look great! Nice work on the treadmill walk. Yeah, those pt exercises get tedious after a while. I still throw in a few from PT for things I am lacking from workouts. I think if a position is uncomfortable and makes a person feel it wrong then it is not for them. I try to pay attention to that. I don't mind the seated rows, but I tend to go lighter than I would if I was standing or bracing a knee on the step. Some supplements need fat for the body to utilize them. So if you are on an extreme low-fat diet they will not be absorbed well. That Life Extension info I sent to you talks about supplements and which food sources to get the best absorption of iron. I think a lot of times vitamin C should go along with it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY early. My 50th wedding anniversary is Monday as well :) I couldn't believe I was 70. I always thought 70 was really old. I am still moving pretty good though.

Cam, that looks like a good workout. Great job with Michelle and the Standing Core work and Met Con that you did.

Belinda, nice work with SBF challenge D5 barre amped . Yes, I knew there were different levels of torn meniscus. I am sorry that you keep having to stop meds to take care of other areas and it is causing you to go out of remission. You really can't get a break to be able to stay on top of it all. Prayers!!

Jolie, nice work today walking and watching a full tennis match. I love the older music. What they play now is generally aggravating more than anything else. Although sometimes Chris (CDorner) plays disco and some stuff that is older like Madonna stuff that I am not really a fan of. But it is better than most workout music used. I put a star by favorites and put music next to it when I put it in my calendar agenda book. I did that workout the week before as well. I am glad your dog is acclimated and you can get your workouts in.
I did ICE lower body blast today.

I re-arranged my entire workout room last night. I have a pile of stuff still to go through and either find a new home or toss. I now have my TM so I can watch TV while walking on it. Hoping that inspires me to use it more!
Today I did Cathe Perfect Pump Total Body Mishmosh Premix. I really enjoy this dvd. A nice challenging, no dread, weight workout. I am getting excited for the new weight workouts.

Wierd day. We had blizzard like conditions this morning and about 10 inches of snow. This afternoon turned sunny and 40. Hopefully the snow will melt fast. Last night, my husband, dog and I went for a fun 3 mile walk on a nice path. It's been fun walking in different areas of town. Tonight I am relaxing. I have had a busy week.

I'm wondering where Penny Barnshaw is? She didn't appear for her workouts this past week. Hmm. Hope she's ok. Maybe she took a vacation. But she didn't have any comments. We'll see if she finishes her calendar next week.

Doreen, good job with your workout room. It always feels good to get rid of stuff you don't use and rearrange things. I did that a year ago, but I think I could get rid of more dvds. I love ICE Lower Body Blast. That is a fave of mine.

Diane, have fun on your vacation.

Debbie, good pic!

I took a vegan Mediterranean cooking class today. I also mad falafels with Tahini sauce, Fruit salad infused with Rosewater and fresh mint, Hummus, Mexican squash stuffed + potatoes and more. I had a lot of fun cooking along. Have a lot of left overs. DH and I also made vegan risotto, we had to use up all the different mushrooms I bought this week. No cooking for the next few day's.

I did managed to get in a workout after the cooking class. I did SBF BC UP + Core + stretch.

Thanks Diane for the prayers! I do need a break. Have a wonderful time.

I will catch up in the morning. I am tired.
Today I woke up feeling good, the sun was shining, and it looks like it will be a beautiful day. I started with a 60 minute uphill walk on the TM, traveled 3.3 miles and burned 600 calories. Next, I did Caroline Girvan's Bicep Blowup, 17 minutes of no repeat exercises, 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off. My Biceps are so pumped right now and it feels amazing. total workout time was 1 hour 20 minutes and I burned 727 calories.

This week I plan on doing Caroline Girvan workouts along with walking and using my Max Trainer. We are supposed to get more rain this week, when will it stop! We have a roof leak in our garage where my gym is located, I have a roofer coming tomorrow to look at it. If it is not one thing it is another when owning a house.

Great job on your workouts yesterday everyone.

Belinda, nice job on the cooking class, I love to cook too! I am making a whole Greek feast today, grilled chicken on the bbq, hummus, tzatziki, grilled pita bread and a greek salad. Yum!

Make it a great day and I hope you all have some nice weather so you can get outside.
Today I did CDorner Int-Adv Step. It was 1 hour and I planned to stop at 45 min. But it ended up being pretty fun and the hour flew. She has excellent music and I wish other YT instructors would pick out the same type of music. I have no idea what's involved with music, other than copyright issues, but she does it right.

I have been spending a lot of time with my mom's assisted living facility the past couple months, monitoring how much she's being charged. It is so infuriating and stressful. They extort money out of the elderly for care they don't receive and they are very shady about it. I have had meetings after meetings with the manager and head nurse and they are such idiots. They know nothing!! The stories I could tell you about what the crapass staff does. Some day they are going to screw up bad and get sued. I feel that it's coming. She's in a higher end facility too. That's what's more aggravating. They cover so much up. True idiocy.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.
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Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone, I had a great weekend with family. Today is actually my birthday but I had to work. :(

This morning I did RAW Box & Pump 2 and had an excellent workout. I haven't done this one in a while. Was able to do the workout as is, even the cardio parts!!

Boxing Drill - 1.5# Egg Weights
Squat Rows: 15's - 16 reps
Run Rows: 8's - lots of reps

Boxing Drill - 1.5# Egg Weights
Overhead Press: 12's - 16 reps
Connected Front/Side Raise: 8's

Boxing Drill - 1.5# Egg weights
Overhead Triceps Extension: 15#
Run Kickbacks: 5's

Boxing Drill - 1.5# Egg weights
Chest Flies: 15's - 16 slow reps
Run Press: 8's - lots of reps
Ab work: 5's
Hammer Curls: 15's - 16 reps
Run Curls: 8's - lots of reps

Workout was 43 minutes, burned 369 calories, did 3364 steps and HR was 137/161.

Diane - You probably won't see this, but I hope you have a great Anniversary get away!! Have fun!

Belinda - They didn't really say how long I need to do the PT exercises for. I don't even feel like I need to do them. I will for a few more weeks and then I'm done with them. They are so boring to do.

Cam - I definitely don't feel 57 years old. I feel more like 37 or 40 maybe. I guess working out all these years definitely has it's benefits. :) I'm so sorry to hear about the place where you mom is staying. That is just crazy that they can get away with that! Take the information to your local news station, I bet they do some sleuthing! Ours would.

Jolie - Great job with your workout this weekend!!

Have a great day everyone!
Happy birthday, Debbie!! I hope you having an arming and fulfilled day today.

Happy Anniversary, Diane! Enjoy your vacation.
Happy Birthday Debbie!

Today I did no cardio, just lifting, my feet needed a rest. I did Caroline Girvan's Superior Shoulder Workout with DB's, Epic Heat Day 2 and had an excellent workout. This workout is 45 seconds on, 30 seconds off, repeating each Superset 2 times. I like this workout because it is lite weights and high reps, perfect for my collarbone issue. I forgot to wear my FitBit so I have no calorie burn to report. It will be 68 degrees today, I am so excited for a little warmer weather. However, it will rain this week for two days but I do not think it will be heavy rain.

Partial Presses- 10's
Overhead Press- 10's

Slow Arnold Press- 10's
Normal Arnold Press- 10's

1 Arm Overhead Push Press- 10#
1 Arm Overhead Press slow- 10#

Other side
Other side

Front Raise- 8's
Alternating Front Raise- 8's

Alternating Lateral Raise- 8's
Partial Lateral Raise- 8's

Front Raise Overhead- 10#
Push Diamond Press- 10#

Alternating Bent Arm Lateral Raise 90 Degree- 8's
Front raise with a twist twist- 10#

1 Arm Rear Fly- 8# (go heavier next time)
1 Arm Horizontal Row- 10#

Figure 8- 10#
Hammer Press Overhead- 10#
Figure 8- 10#
Hammer Press Overhead- 10#

Cam, nice job on the step workout yesterday. I bet it is very frustrating at the home your mother is at when you cannot get answers about being ripped off! What they do to seniors is disgusting.

Debbie, Nice job on the workout today. What do you have planned for your Birthday after work?

Diane Sue, Happy Anniversary!

Roselyn, great job on the Caroline workout!

Belinda, I hope you have a great workout today.

Make it a wonderful day.

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