Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for March 2023

Today I did Michelle 50 min. Full Body Strong. Loved it! Got a great weight workout. 20 moves 45/15, 2 rounds.

Happy Birthday Debbie! Glad your knee is doing well.

Good workouts Ladies!
Today I walked on my treadmill and did some knee PT exercises. Not many, sick of doing them. I've been doing PT stuff since before Christmas. Sigh...

Workout was 36 minutes, burned 379 calories, went 1.5 miles, did 4007 steps and HR was 153/186. High again but this happened the last time I charged my watch and I charged it again last night. So it seems when I don't wear it all night long it doesn't seem like it reads my HR right. I should be good tomorrow. Weird.

Belinda - Good job with your Caroline workout yesterday. Weird that she still haven't announced her plans.

Jolie - Great job with your workout. I was looking at all my Cathe DVD's this morning, I really need to do some of them. I will look over the workout sheets I have and maybe do one tomorrow. I miss her workouts but I always hurt myself when I start doing them again.

Cam - Good workout yesterday! Thanks about my knee. I'm glad to be back to almost normal.

Have a great day everyone!!

Walk outside and SBF TB is done.

Debbie - can you do other stretches instead? I hear you on being sick doing them over and over again. Great job on your treadmill walk. I believe Jolie did a CG workout yesterday. I am taking a break from heavier lifting to give my knee a break. I know I can do just the upper body. It is weird she hasn't made an announcement. I am debating if I want to keep Cathe STS 2..0? The workouts are close to an hour except some premixes. I was hoping for shorter workouts.

Great job everyone.
I did Michelle Low Impact HIIT w/a core ladder. 3 rounds of cardio 40/15. I really like her low impact. She does some fun moves. Will also take a walk with the dog tonight.

Belinda, I plan to do Cathe's, 2 round premix. I don't have a desire to do long weight workouts either. My body just doesn't love a lot of heavy lifting. I'm not entering any competitions, so I just want to stay lean and tone. I think Caroline will eventually release a series. Maybe she is just taking a break and doing her own thing, unless she got injured. With all that weight lifting she might have caused herself an injury.

Debbie, hang in there. You'll be back at it soon.

Good workouts ladies!
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I did STS M1 W1 D1 yesterday - just to try to remember what it was like and see if I wanted to pick it up again. I loved it when I first got it but it was my introduction to true weight lifting. I have to say STS 1 feels dated and tired for some reason. I still haven't decided if I want to order STS 2.0.

this morning I did a 30 minute ride through Ireland and then took the dog for a short walk. I'm so tired of stitting and working all day long. How do people do this all the time is beyond me. At least after April 18th life goes back to normal for me.
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Today I did RAW Box & Pump. Love this one. All Kelly's Box & Pump workouts are good. I'll do another one on Friday, probably. Great mix of cardio and weights.

1 minute each drill

Rows: 15's
W Back Flies: 10's
Overhead press/flies: 8's

Supinated Curls
: 15's
Pledges: 10's
Front/Hammer Run Curls: 8's (killer!)

Upright Rows:
Bent Elbow Lateral Raise: 10's
Bent Over Flies: 8's

Overhead Extension
: 15#
Double Arm Kickbacks: 8's

Chest Press:
Flies: 10's
Face Plant Push Ups - (I did Russian Twist w/ 8# med ball)

Squats: Skipped
Back Lunges: Skipped
Scales: Skipped

Workout was 48 minutes, burned 394 calories, did 2640 steps and HR was 130/159.

Belinda - What do you mean can I do the stretches? I'm not sure what you mean. I do stretch and I'm good with everything except the quad stretch where you pull your foot behind your butt. I can do it but it still feels like theres a bit of swelling because it's hard to pull the foot up. I need to work on that. Yes, I knew Jolie did a Caroline workout, I was just mentioning that I wanted to start doing some of my older Cathe DVD's. LOL! We'll see...

Have a great day everyone!!
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Yesterday I went for a walk at the beach because it was sunny and today and tomorrow it will be raining! Walk was 1 hour and I traveled 3.5 miles, burning 541 calories. Today, I started with a 45 uphill walk on the treadmill, traveled 2.5 miles and burned 481 calories. Next, I got on the Max Trainer and went for 14 minutes on manual mode, resistance 4 and thought I would die LOL! The first few minutes I thought, this is too easy, well no it was not! I burned 157 calories but I feel like it was more than that since I was breathing so hard. My legs were burning, so much more than if I did a leg weight workout. I finished with Chest. I did 100 reps of Chest press using 15's, going to failure each set till I reached 100 reps. Next, I did 75 Chest Flys using 12# DB's. I added in 2 AB exercises at the end, I have to start doing more AB's for my lower back. Total workout time was 76 minutes and I burned 681 calories.

Debbie, great job on the workout today, that one looks great. I want to do some Cathe workouts too, but I think I will do some Caroline Girvan first. I did not do her workouts today because her Chest workout aggregates my collarbone, so I just do my own workout on Chest day. I like the Tabata style workouts, they go by quickly and cover a lot of muscle groups. I thought the Max Trainer would kill me today! I love that machine, boy does it work the legs!

Doreen, I feel the same way about STS, each time I do it I think it is outdated too. However, it still is a good workout series but I think I am sick of it. I do not think I will get the new series with so many good instructors on YouTube. I am going to do more cardio than weights this Spring and Summer just to lean out.

Diane Sue, I hope you are having a fantastic trip.

Cam, great job on the workout yesterday. What is a core ladder?

Belinda, I hope you have a good workout today.

Roselyn, way to go on the workout yesterday.

Raining again and I have a roofer coming in a few minutes to check out a couple leaks that have popped up lately, nothing major but still an issue.

Have a wonderful day.
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Debbie - I mean other stretches like yoga for lower body ? Sorry if I confused you. I know you tired doing the same stretching over and over again. I hope you can figure something out. The one stretch you mention my PT showed me how to do it laying down, instead of standing.

Cam - I feel the same way you do. I will not enter a body competitions at my age, lol. I still have time to decide if I need them. Do I? I hope Caroline G. is taking a break and isn't injured. I hope she comes out with something new soon. I miss her.

Doreen - I still love STS. It's probably one of my favorite Cathe series. I am still on the fence about STS 2.

Jolie - good job with your workout today.

Roselyn - great job with your cardio and bounce workout.

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Hi again,

I had all good intentions to get a workout in. Did some errands with DH, came home and started packing my suitcase :)

Roselyn - yeah, on STS 2.0. Great job.

I will be back tomorrow.
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I did STS disc 2 today, Back and Tris. I do like working my back better so this workout felt better for me.
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I am back and did a workout this morning. I needed to get some movement in after the trip. I will be around, but my husband is still on vacation and we have things we will be doing.
I have read over posts. Today I did CDorner Step and Core which was done differently. It worked plank work into the step workout throughout. This was 30 minutes, 134 calories, heart rate 119/144, 1,142 steps.
I then did CDorner Mobility Flow, 30 minutes, 58 calories. Total time was 61 minutes, 192 calories, 1,211 steps.
Today I walked on my treadmill but was able to do an incline of 3%. I haven't done that since my knee surgery. It felt great and I was able to walk a bit faster as well. So all is good. I can't wait to be able to do other types of cardio. I wonder when I will know that I can do things like step and higher impact workouts? They just told me to wait another month to do things like running but how will I know it's safe to do? I will start out slowly for sure, but I'm just worried something will snap if I do high impact. LOL!

Anyways, my workout was 40 minutes, burned 370 calories, went 1.8 miles, did 4588 steps and HR was 140/177.

Jolie - Did you just do a steady state on the Max Trainer yesterday or did you do sprints? Nice job on that thing, it is not easy. People look at the machine and think it is easy but it's not. That is the hardest piece of cardio equipment I have ever owned. I can't wait to torture myself on it again!! LOL!! Calorie burns are hard to get on that for me, my FB always showed my HR really low and that I would only burn like 98 calories. Used to piss me off. Hopefully my Garmin will clock it better.

Belinda - Yes, I do stretches for the lower body. That I don't mind doing, it's the PT exercises that I don't have patience to do. They are just boring.

Roselyn - Can't wait to hear your thoughts on STS 2.0 when you do them. I loved the first STS series.

Doreen - Nice job with back and tri's.

Diane - Good to have you back, hope you had fun on your trip. Did you guys do anything fun? Great job on your workout!!

Cam - Thanks, I am getting there. Just impatient. I'm happy I can do all that I am doing right now. :)

Have a great day everyone!!
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Good morning,

SBF TB barre is done. I am done packing for FL. We will leave on Monday morning.

Debbie - if you not hurting doing other stretches I would do that instead of the PT stretches. I got bored doing the same old stretches too. I ended up doing yoga/mobility instead. Take things slow. You doing great with your workouts. No need to rush things. Great job this morning.

Diane - glad you had a great vacation and are back. Good job yesterday.

Today I did CDorner Cardio kickboxing sweaty hiit style, 37 minutes, heartrate 135/161, 200 calories, 2,597 steps. I followed with CDorner Legs and Glutes Booty Bands (fabric bands) 24 minutes, 76 calories, heart rate 102/130 heart rate, 682 steps. I finished with Coffey Fit Raw Athletic Stretch 2, 29 minutes, 41 calories. Total time was 90 minutes, 317 calories, 3,279 steps. I sure have a headache today. Hope it goes away.
We mostly relaxed and hung out at the hotel. Our room had a balcony overlooking the lake. A bit chilly though. We went outside and looked out at the lake eating ice-cream and we were soon shivering. Some women came out and said they could not believe we were eating ice cream. We had some great meals. The chef at the hotel made some great dishes. I had a beet and chickpea falafel for lunch one of the days. We did go out to the Wax museum and drove around. We would have liked to go to the Sight and Sound Esther show, but unfortunately Sunday and Monday were not open and Tuesday we had to leave.

Debbie, I understand worrying about pushing too far. Just keep gradually adding on. Generally you will know if something does not feel right. I would think that another month should be fine.
We had a nice time. Most of it was just relaxing.

Belinda, nice work with SB Total body barre and getting your things packed to go on your vacation. I know you will love your trip with an RV. We were tired from the travel.

Roselyn, nice work with upper body, chest, shoulders and back with Caroline.
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Tonight I did Penny 45 min Cardio & Strength Intervals. This was a fun workout. No Repeat. 45/10.

Debbie, I remember having the same feelings after my surgery. I still take it a little slow. It's a great feeling to workout without pain, but I agree with Diane. Just add a little bit and don't rush it.

I'm surprised STS 2.0 doesn't have shorter premixes. I am really glad that I only ordered the 3 I wanted. There is no way I would spend an hour working only a couple body parts. To me that spells dread. I like that the backgrounders are doing modifications.

Jolie, the ab ladder was working down reps. 50 reps, 40, 30 etc.

Good workouts everyone!!
Today I did KCM Cardio Pump Workout #2. This is the total body workout and I actually did the leg work but with BW only. Felt great.

This one doesn't have a warmup for some odd reason so I did the warmup to Power Splits Upper Body.
1 minute each exercise:

Set #1
Alternate Shoulder Press
- 12's
Upright Rows - 12's
Alternate Lateral Raise - 8's

Set #2
Alternate Supination Curls
- 15's
Hammer Curls - 15's
Alternate Front Run Curls - 10's

Set #3
- 15's
Squats Out - BW
Reverse Lunges - BW

Set #4
Lawnmower Rows
- 20's (30 seconds per side)
Standing Reverse Fly - 12's
Run Rows - 8's

Set #5
Overhead Extensions
- 15#
Single Kickbacks - 8# (30 seconds each side)
Triceps Push-Ups (I did Close Grip Bench w/ 12's)

Set #6
Squats -
Static Lunges - (I did Seated Ball Squeeze for inner thighs)
Plie Pulses - (I did Deads again, 15's)

Set #7#
Wide Bench Press - 15
Chest Flyes - 12's
Alternate Run Presses - 10's

Killer! Workout was 41 minutes, burned 333 calories, did 715 steps and HR was 128/171.

I have a crazy day today so not time for personals. Hope you all have a great weekend! So glad it's Friday!!
This morning I did Step Boss IMax 4. This is my 3rd time doing this one. I got the moves down and really was able to work it. A good low impact step workout and my heart rate was up there. This one is definitely growing on me.

Good job Debbie!

Horrible storms heading in. Its almost 60 degrees here, but thunderstorms are brewing.
Have a good weekend!
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