Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2023

My new puppy is a Cairn Terrier, just like the one I have now in my photo on the thread. Rusty is turning 16 on Friday and has zero health issues and is doing well. I walk him 3 to 4 times a day and we must go at least a mile total or more. He is starting to sleep a lot now, but that comes with his age. I just feel lucky to have had him in my life for as long as I have, he has been a life saver for me at times. Today my knee is sore but no swelling. I think my tibula and fibula are out of alignment, the ache is more below the knee now, and is going into my calf. I will have my chiro look at it next week at my appointment. Today was a total body workout, now TM walk, I am resting my knee. I could have gone heavier on a lot of the exercises, but I just do not want to push it and injure something else. Workout with warmup, stretch and PT exercises was 44 minutes and I burned 214 calories. I did the total body workout in a circuit style and did 4 rounds with each exercises x 12 reps except for legs and abs.

Chest Flys- 12's x 12 (4 rounds of the circuit)
Narrow Grip Cable Rows- 60# x 12
Lateral Raises- 8's x 12 (I am weak on these since my injury)
Hammer Curls- 15's x 12
Lying Cross Body Triceps Ext.- 12# x 12
Deadlift BB- 25# x 16
ABS- 4 different exercises to failure

Debbie, I just ordered a posture brace to help pull my shoulders back, it is supposed to help with my collarbone issue. The PT exercises that they have me doing are to help pull my shoulders back to relieve pressure on the collarbone, so I figure why not try it! I hope you had a good workout today.

Doreen, nice job on the workout today. I am happy to get my puppy, but I know it is so much work, it is like having an infant again for a while. I just cannot imagine being home with no dog to talk to and to have for company.

Diane Sue, great job on the workout yesterday. I used to do that workout all of the time, but I used my elliptical for the cardio portion instead. I may have to pull that one out and do it again!

Roselyn, great job on the workout.

Belinda, sorry you have to have surgery on your sinuses, I bet that should be a pretty easy surgery and recovery.

Cam, way to go on the workout, that one sounds good!

Make it a great day.
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Woke up this morning and my head was so plugged up I thought it might be better to sleep a extra hour and keep warm rather than working out. So that is what I did. I feel pretty good right now. I have a cough but its not constant. I hope it stays that way. No chills or anything, just sinuses and the cough. Hopefully it will pass soon.

I haven't had time to catch up with your posts but plan to read them later on. Looks like you are getting some good workouts in!!
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Today I walked outside and did Iron Legs D28.

Diane - thank you. Yes, we talked about the results. I am back in PT. With the surgery coming up and fighting a sinus infection that won't go away, the focus if on the infection. I also had to stop taking Humira until I am done with the antibiotics. Monday I got another CT scan done for the surgery. Great job on your workout.

Jolie - thank you. I hope it will be an easy surgery without any RP flair ups. I had sinus surgery on the left in 2009. That one didn't go well. I will have nasal stents in my noise. Dr. mention a few weeks recovery.

Debbie - I hope you feel better and it will pass on.

Good night.
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Today I did CDorner Intermediate Step Aerobics Party workout 133bpm. This was 41 minutes, heart rate 112/134, 167 calories, 3,551 steps. This was a fun one that she did in a gym with some other women. I followed this with her 30-minute magical mobility flow//get the body moving, 29 minutes, 58 calories, heart rate 86/102 heart rate, 263 steps. I liked this mobility. It was more mobility and movement which I needed today. Not extreme moves, but a flow and work to loosen up enough as you try to do the yogi squat several times throughout to see how much easier it is. It really was much better by the last time doing it. I was worried at her saying yogi squat, but she did not hold these for a long time. My knee did fine with the step, so maybe I can do some lower body work tomorrow.

Cam, nice work with Michelle Briehler yoga hiit. I did one of those before. Probably the same one. At the time it was a bit difficult for my shoulder, but I am getting better at planks and stuff without a pain. Chris has done several workouts that combined several types of workouts with the longer stretch at the end. This was a favorite of mine yesterday.

Doreen, nice work doing a pilates type workout. It sounds like GHUTV has a diverse selection of workouts.

Jolie, I am glad that the knee did not swell. Hopefully everything clears up for you. I am trying to listen to my body as well. My surgery shoulder was hurting last night on the front side and I was afraid I really overdid it yesterday. I think it was a mix of the overhead presses and me doing all of the bench presses and flies. It feels fine today though. I could probably use the spin bike in place of those lower step moves.
Puppies are fun, and a lot of work training them. It is rewarding once you get through the first phase of house breaking and chewing up things.

Debbie, I am sorry that you are not feeling well. I hope it is just a cold and clears up soon for you.

Belinda, nice work getting in your walk and Iron Day legs D28. I understand why you would need to stop the Humira while taking the antibiotics. I hope you feel better before the surgery.
No workout again, just want to get rid of whatever it is I have so I can get that surgery. I have pre op next week so I need to be better by then. It feels good to get some extra sleep and right now my body is in no pain or muscle tightness. Feels great. I am much better but still have a nagging cough. I don't know what it is with my body, but it can't seem to get rid of coughs very quickly. At least I'm not coughing my head off, it's just periodically. Hopefully by the weekend I'll be good to go.

Jolie - How cool about the new puppy!!! Does Rusty like him? This little one may keep him young a bit longer. :) I have a posture brace, I use it when I start feeling myself losing my posture, although my posture is never good no matter what. It does help but can be uncomfortable after a time of wearing it.

Diane - I think they will put me on Tylenol after the surgery, Ohio isn't prescribing opioids anymore, only for people who really need them. I'm hoping to not be in too much pain. I'm sure the first day will be when I feel it and probably the next day as well. I plan to just relax and probably work from home. I'll be doing the scheduling for Solo & Ensemble so that will be easy to do from home.

Hope you all have a great workout today! I'm missing my workouts but just want to feel good and so far I am.
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Today I did SBF UB. I did all my paperwork for my surgery.

I am going through my house for things I can donate to the homeless shelter this week. They also provide housing for low income for seniors. Getting rid of a few sets of luggages we don't use anymore. Cleaned out my linen closet. I am sure, someone gets some use out of them. I am trying to downsize. I also donating all my jeans. I am more a dress girl. I love wearing dresses. The shelter is only excepting winter clothes. Most of my clothes still have tags on. Since I am going through my closets, I am already have bags of donations with summer clothes. I will not buy anymore clothes.

Great job everyone. BBL
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Today I walked outside for 2.4 miles and only walked on level ground. My knee was really hurting today, no swelling at all, but I can feel the inflammation under the knee cap. I rubbed the tendon below the kneecap, it was very sensitive and now it feels great. What is up with that!!! I will be taking it easy till it feels just right, I do not want to deal with a knee issue on top of my collarbone issue. After my workout yesterday, my collarbone lump was quite large and swollen so I iced it and use my red light therapy. It is better today but I do not want to aggravate it more than necessary. I will take tomorrow off, I am meeting my parents for breakfast. I cannot wait to get my MRI so I can see what the issue is so I can fix it.

Debbie, it sounds like you have what I had for Christmas. I do not get my new puppy till March, it is too young to take away from it's mother. I got my posture brace yesterday and it is too big so I have to send it back. When I had foot surgeries in the past, I never had to take any pain meds except for an advil the next day. I bet you will be fine.

Diane Sue, nice job on the workout and be careful not to over do it on the shoulder that had surgery. You do not need a set back like me!

I hope you all have nice workouts today.
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Really fun workout this morning - It was called Ladder 3 and there were 5 moves that we did 10 reps then 100 seconds of cardio (they did running in place or walking in place, I did my rower) then those same 5 moves for 9 reps, then 90 seconds of cardio, etc etc until 1 rep and 10 seconds. It was really fun, moved really quickly and was only 30 minutes long. I would be interested in doing it again and using the bike for cardio.
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Been out of commision with a cold plan on a leg day tomorrow

My breast ultrasound was benign it was a small cyst so thankful

My little grandson Leo is doing awesome
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Today I did CDorner Crazy Fun Dancey Hiit Style Cardio//no equipment, 42 minutes, heart rate 123/155, 202 calories, 3,228 steps. This was fun and modifications for those few moves that went to the floor or had some hopping. It was not hard to come up with something as most was just fun moves. I watched her recent lower body workout last night and it really is similar to a couple of others I have done. I decided not to do it as those squats I did with Kelly the other day made my knee ache. So, I did CDorner 15 minute stability ball abs and a few lower body weight moves I got from youtube to help strengthen the knees without hurting them. This took 30 minutes for both and was 58 calories, heart rate 82/108. Total time was 72 minutes, 260 calories, 3,287 steps.
3 sets 20# db plie squats (not too low as he said to not go so low if you feel it in the knee)10 reps each set slowly
1 set split squat with leg elevated behind holding 15# db 10 reps each leg
deadlift with knees slightly bent 15# dbs 10 reps 3 sets
Not a big lower body workout, but something.
They also suggested kettlebell swings and diagonal leg lifts to the back The guy was not using weight for this. My leg feels fine today and the exercises I did did not bother my knees at all.

Debbie, it is good for you to get some rest so you are ready for the surgery. You will make up for it later. The first couple of days I mainly stayed on the couch with my feet propped up. The first day when I got home from the hospital, my husband had me set up on the couch and went to pick up the prescription and some food. I decided to get up and use the bathroom and remembered there was some crab cakes I had made from a paleo recipe in the refrigerator. I was hungry so popped one in my mouth on the way. I am guessing my throat was swollen from tubes or something from surgery. I thought I was going to die when that got stuck in my throat. It was awful. Fortunately I eventually got it up. I am guessing liquids are a better first food. Beyond resting the first two days, it seems I was soon moving around the house doing things. Knee stayed swollen for awhile and I wore sweat pants because my jeans would not go over my knee. I think that I wore some compression pants that came to the knee. I still have them. That is good that you can do some work from home. I am glad the rest has helped the pain and discomfort.

Belinda, nice work with SBF Upper Body. I love that I can do a lot of my paperwork online before visits and surgery. So much of it can be done ahead of time. I bet it will feel good getting your closets cleared of things that you do not use. I like my jeans,but have migrated to some slacks. Dresses for church and outings. They make a lot of cute dresses. My granddaughters come in with some cute dresses on.

Jolie, I am sorry that your collar bone swelled up again along with your knee hurting. I am sure you are anxious to get the mri done. Enjoy time with your parents. I am trying to be careful with the shoulder. I want to build up strength around it, but it is going slowly. I can get into a plank a little longer now, but push ups are going to take awhile. I do knees for a few reps.
I bought a Tommy Copper Shoulder posture T shirt that works well. I can wear it all day not. It would make me hurt at first. My PT suggested wearing it short periods of time. Debbie told me that about her posture brace. Tommy Copper sells some posture sports bras as well that I have had my eye on.

Doreen, that sounds like a fun new way to get in a workout.

Roselyn, good news that it is benign. My breast care center had me come back for a follow up ultrasound several months after the first and it is a benign cyst as well. It sure does cause worry till we know.
Forgot to check in yesterday. Yesterday I did a Heather 40 min. Upper Body. Tonight I did Michelle 45 min. Brutal Lower Body Met Con. I liked this one. The cardio was low impact and fun and a good variety of strength moves. 3 circuits of 3 strength and 1 cardio 40/15, 3x.

Diane, I will check out that Chris workout. I like those for Sundays.

Roselyn, great news!

Jolie, good luck with the MRI.

Friday is a much needed rest day. Have a good weekend!
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Well, I stayed home sick today. The cough is worse and I had a teleconference with my doctor. She called in a Zpack for me and I just took 2 tablets. I hope it kicks this out of me.

Diane - Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. I sure hope I can get the surgery on Feb. 1. This cough has me worried.

Have a great day everyone!
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Today I did Iron Series D29 FB. One more workout, I am done with round 3.

Debbie - I hope whatever this is will clear up enough for you to get surgery. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers the meds will kick in.

Diane - I do like slacks. I just done't wear jeans as much as I used too. I like dresses, the more comply.My kids buy me a lot of cute workout clothes from lululemon for xmas and bday's. I have a thing for purses, cute workout clothes, shoes and super cute age appropriate dresses. This year I made a commitment not to buy anymore clothes. Wear what I already have. Wish me luck, lol. They sure do make a lot cute dresses.

Good night.
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Today I did CDorner At Home Cardio Kickboxing & Abs, 38 minutes, heart rate 114/151, 163 calories, 2,954 steps. I then did Kelly Coffey Burn Sets Upper Body, 23 minutes, 76 calories, heart rate 99/123. I skipped a little of this one. I finished with CDorner Stretch after step and some of her Neck and Back stretch, 30 minutes, 42 calories, heart rate 76/100. Total time was 91 minutes, 3,584 steps, 281 calories.
I liked this Kickboxing workout. I followed the low impact moves which were mostly needed for the jacks. This is 30 minutes of kickboxing with some core built into the boxing/cardio and then ended with some abs on the floor.
Upper Super Sets
reverse grip press 5# dumbbells 8 reps
lateral raise and extend 5# dumbbells 8 reps
repeat 2 more times

pulse curls 10# dumbbells 8 reps
Pledges 10# dumbbells 8 reps
repeat 2 more times

seated overhead extensions 10# dumbbell 8 reps
tate press 8# dumbbells 8 reps
repeat 2 more times

Reverse grip bench press 8 # dumbbells 8 reps
connected dumbbell press 8# dumbbells 8 reps
This bothered my front shoulder so only did one set

seated rows 12# dumbbells 8 reps
standing cross row 12# dumbbells 8 reps
repeat 2 more times

Burnout with light dumbbells 8's

Cam, nice workouts with Michelle and Heather. Enjoy your rest day today.

Debbie, I hope the Z pack does the trick for you. I am sorry that you are sick. I was coughing when I had surgery on my knee, but mine is almost always due to allergies. They made me get a covid test the day before the surgery I was having the next morning. I would think you should be better by the first.

Belinda, nice job on Iron Body Full Body. I have recently migrated to more slacks than jeans. Jeans are still good when I am cleaning though. I find it a bit of a challenge finding extra small or size 2 dresses that are modest though. I don't want to run around in a skirt up on my things. I have found a couple of brands on Amazon that work well and are cute that come in a midi length. Betsy Johnson is one and Calvin Klein usually works. I have tossed some shoes and find it hard to find shoes for my arthitic feet. I love new workout clothes. I don't get a lot of them though. I have never got Lululemon before. You are lucky.
Good morning,

Today is a rest day from the Iron series. I did ended up doing SBF UB + core.

Diane - fantastic job on your workout.I did find a few cute dresses on Amazon. I really like the length plus they appropriated for my age. I need to check out Betsy Johnson and Calvin Klein on Amazon. I can't wear shoes with high heals anymore. Some of the shoes really border my knees for some reason, I only keep what makes me feel good. With all the health problems I have/doc appointments I forget to return some of the clothes. Oh well, someone else will enjoy them. I know the clothes I donated will be used. I am lucky. My kids like name brands. I do have to admit, I love everything my kids buy me from Lululemon. The quality is great. With getting rid of so much in my house, makes me rethink Cathe's presale. Do I really need more workouts?

Have a great Saturday, everyone.
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Belinda - I have such a hard time finding nice dresses. They either look to sexy or too frumpy IMO. Or just not appropriate for the office - which is about the only place I would wear them.

This morning I did Dirty 30 version 4. About 45 mintues. Two exercises for 30 seconds each, then rest for 30 seconds and repeat that set. They did 8 sets and then ran through all the exercises once. Its a good format. They have a lot of fun formats that they keep putting new exercises into which I guess works well because you know what to expect but it keeps it feeling new.
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This morning I did Penny 45 min No Repeat Strength & Abs. Heavy + Light Dumbbells. Loved it. Ready for the day!

Have a great Saturday!
Today I did a short workout because I had groceries arriving and my granddaughter's husband was coming over to get some things from our garage. I did CDorner 30 minute step aeribics 128bpm// from 2 days ago. I went back a few minutes and did the combined moves a little more time so it was 40 minutes, 111/141 heart rate 160 calories, 3,100 steps. I had a hard time getting my heart rate up will the last few minutes of the workout when everything was put together. I liked the workout though. She starts out showing a rug she bought at Target that does not slide around to show how a person could make it non impact pretending the rug was the step.
Belinda, nice work with SB Upper Body + Core. I got this Betsy Johnson dress for a bargain price of 28 dollars. It was the last one and came in Navy. I have worn it a lot for church and to the last granddaughter wedding. It is pretty simple, but with jewelry dresses up nice. Usually those dresses are a lot.
I look a lot and if I find a bargain I go ahead and purchase. I have two red dresses from Betty Johnson and a couple of Calvin Klein that I got fairly good deals on. I feel like I kind of stand out in the bright fire red dresses from Betty Johnson though. I wear a black cover up over them for church just to break up the color a bit. Anyway, I think they work for my 70 year old self :) https://a.co/d/aUBCxOV
I could really use some workout clothes. It makes it fun. I am still wearing a lot of shirts and tops I got years ago. Other than a couple of sports bras and the last pair of leggings that is it. Maybe I should add some to my wish list. I watched Chris and one of her friends trying on clothes at a Athleta store. The same one they did a workout in. It made me think I need some too. I got a pair of heels for one of my granddaugher's weddings and decided this last one I was wearing flats. Too hard on my feet. I have a couple of fairly new Dansko flat dress shoes in different colors my husband got me a few months ago. Heels are cute, but I just cannot wear them.
I want Cathe's workouts mainly for a few new ideas and the recovery stuff. I am sure that I will purchase eventually.

Doreen, I have looked a lot at styles and come to the conclusion that they are either have too much skin hanging out or are styles that look absolutely silly. I went through all of TJMaxx website during the summer and found two items that I was only marginally interested in as there was no where I would be going in those clothes.
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Today I did the last workout in the IRON Series Finale 30 Min Arms, Abs and Core Workout | Day 30. Those 6 weeks went by quickly. Not sure what I will do for next week? I need to stay off my knee. I probably will do UB only? I haven't decided? Monday in a week is my sinus surgery, I can't start a new rotations.

I am trying to drop off more donations for the homeless shelter in DC. I am glad those things are out of my house. I did returned a lot of stuff at Costco today. I bought a ninja creami to make vegan nice cream. I don't need another kitchen equipment laying around. I have a vitamix which does the same, IMO.

Diane - very cute dress and very good price. Thanks for the link. I'll bet the red dress look fabulous on you. I bought this one for my nieces funeral https://www.amazon.com/Elegance-Hepburn-Dresses-Pleated-Pockets/dp/B07TPBPFPM/ref=is_sr_s_dp_1?qid=1674425251&refinements=p_4:FENJAR&s=apparel&sr=1-1&th=1&psc=1 I got a lot of compliments from my family and friends in Germany. Everyone loved it. It really doesn't look vintage. You can dress it up or down. I love the dress. I also bought a few dresses from England it's called Boden. The quality is very nice. A little pricy. I usually go with sold black for navy blue. They have petite sizes which I need with their dresses. Very nice dresses.

Doreen - I always have a hard time finding cute dresses. I am 5'1, it's very hard finding dresses that are not too long or too short. I agree, most of the dresses are too sexy and too frumpy.

Have a great day and Sunday, everyone.
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